Top 5 Mobile Games to Kill your Boredom at Work (IOS)

Here are the 5 Mobile games which I pick up from some of my game list. Sometimes mobile games are not as fun as console games but still, you will need it sometimes to kill your time at work or while relaxing on the bed.

They are on IOS, But you can also check out android users.


Super Mario

Remember this game? This was my favourite game since I was a child! It was so popular in the 80s or 90s? Playing with Nintendo. Now is out on mobile. And one thing that makes me irritating is they want you to buy the game after playing certain levels. That was so annoying. But if you love this game, just try it or just play the free version. Not as fun but still kill your time.


Fight List

This game was quite popular once since it was out, but until now I think some people stop or maybe still playing? or maybe there are new updates in the game! So just check it out! It still can kill time when you are bored I believe.

This game have the most randomly words that you totally won’t thought of it. It’s super challenging, but if you like challenging just give it a try!

Connect with friends and take the challenge!


Tsum Tsum

Tsum Tsum is a Disney characters game which most of the people know what Tsum Tsum are I bet. This game are super adorable! When get to see then get together, just like collecting them all. Super addictive and fun! Totally can kill your time while you are waiting for someone or at work to kill your bored-ness! They will have daily goals to complete and Bingo cards to clear and get level up or even get new Tsum Tsum! Stay tune for their up coming events which happens every months or randomly.

This want have to connect with line account or facebook in order to play! Challenge your friends now!

Pac – Man

This was also the 80s -90s console game. This was also quite fun. And now it’s also out on mobile version! If you are interested why not try it! So far the game was good. I haven’t really play yet but I did try out some stage.

The quality is almost the same I guess? The only thing different is you can change the background to different games background like the “Crossy road” background.


Words Cookies

This game is kind of fun, it test your brain and it’s quite challenging when you play with friends! It comes out with some words that you don’t even thought of it and it totally like any words! Sometimes when you bored, have some brain alive with this game! It will kill your time.

Hope some of the games bring you back to your childhood moments! Enjoy gaming, do leave me feedback or comments! I would be glad to hear it. 🙂