Events / Happening in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

One of the fun thing to have is entertainment like events and festival! I think this is one of the important part to have in life. Yes. So let’s hop in to what are the events happening in Story of Seasons POoT!

Dog Run

Dog Run will held in Summer and is the very first event you get to go. If you Upgrade your Tent to Log house in time, and buy a pet dog, your pet dog can join the run too!

Hammer Festival

Manuela is the one who in charge for this festival. She will approach you and ask you to join the competition! You will be taking a challenging with other few participant which is your villagers.

Firework Festival

Mushroom Festival

* Working in progress, Please check back for updates!


How to get a Pet / Animals in Story of Seasons – Pioneer of Olive Town

My most excited part is to have a pet. That’s what I’ve been waiting for almost in every game! 🤣

To get a pet you need to upgrade your tent to log cabin. In order to have space for your pet to stay in.

So apparently you need materials and some money to do so.

  • Logs x 20
  • 2000gils

The log cabin will come with a mini kitchen, fridge, bathroom, tables etc.

Worth it right? Haha.

Next thing you need of cause is a Pet!

Dogs & Cats

Head to the pets store and Patricia will talk to you and pass you a pet leash as gift. Then talk to Bridget to buy a pet of your choice.

Price and breeds available :

Breed (Cats)Price
  • Brown Strip Mix
  • 1,600g
  • Black mix
  • 1,600g
  • White mix
  • 1,600g
  • American shorthair
  • 1,600g
  • Scottish fold
  • 1,600g
  • Calico
  • 1,600g
  • Persian
  • 2,400g
  • Maine Coon
  • 2,400g
    * Please check back for more updates!

    Breed (Dogs) Price
  • Shiba (1,600g)
  • 1,600g
  • Husky (2,400g)
  • 2,400g
  • Labrador (2,400g)
  • 2,400g
  • Pomeranian (1,600g)
  • 1,600g
  • Border collie(2,400g)
  • 2,400g
    * Please check back for more updates!

    A pet bed will be given your pet too!

    The rest of the animals will just randomly appear while harvesting your farm, so just keep a look out for it. But need to get your barn, stable ready to keep them all.


    Chickens appear in 2 type of colors, the silkie is in grey white, and the white as normal chicken.


    These cow will appear in Farm area 2 once you fix the bridge that link to Farm 1. There are 2 type of colors, white with black spotted and brown.


    To be updated.

    Angora Rabbit

    Angora rabbit comes in 3 different colors, white, grey and pink which gives you different type of wool.


    Goat will also appear randomly with the sheep and rabbits. I suppose to say it’s a baby goat.

    So once you upgrade your barn, you are allow to keep them all together in one barn.


    To be updated.


    Horse appear in 3 colors, black, white and brown. They can also be customizable.

    To be update soon..

    These animals will just appear randomly in your farm. Tame them to keep them and don’t forget to feed them. You will get to see these animals around

    So now you have a pet! Show your care and loved to them like real life pals!

    Hope this helps you!



    How to get Tools / Upgrade Tools – Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

    Can’t live your farms without tools uh? Definitely ~

    Best thing about seeding mode is you get your tools right away. And you get level up faster while you built up your farm. Along the way you will get to unlocks items, that are craft able and all you need is keep finding and hunt for materials.

    Mayor will hand over most basic tools needed, hammer, axe, sickle and watering can. Others you will get a camera to claim at the museum, fishing rod from Manuela at the beach house and pet leash from Patricia at the pet store.

    Below is the tools and material needed to upgrade for your tools for a speed up work in your farm.

    Iron Hammer Iron ingot x 10
    Silver Hammer Silver ingot x
    Gold Hammer
    Iron Axe Lumber x 3
    Iron ingot x 3
    Silver Axe Solid lumber x 5
    Silver ingot x 5
    Gold AxeSupple lumber x 10
    Gold ingot x 10
    Iron Hoe Lumber x 3
    Iron ingot x 3
    Silver Hoe
    Gold Hoe Supple lumber x 10
    Gold ingot x 10
    Iron Sickle
    Silver Sickle
    Gold Sickle
    Iron Bucket Iron ingot x 3
    Silver Bucket
    Gold Bucket Gold ingot x 10
    Iron Rod
    Silver Rod
    Gold Rod
    * Working in progress, Please check back for updates!

    How to use

    Axe – Can be use to cut down trees to get logs, once you upgrade to Iron, Silver, Gold, it can cut down up to 2-5 trees.

    Hammer – Same goes to hammer. Can hammer up to 2-5 rocks to get different types of Ore, stones etc. If you happen to see the (…) and hit it with a hammer you will get certain items or treasure. Can be claim at the museum.

    Hoe – This is use to tile the soil for planting. And this is where you will see lit harvest spirits rolling out.

    Sickle – Use it for cutting grass.

    Watering Can – Can water up to 3 plots and above once upgraded.

    Bucket – Use to collect puddles that gives you clays. Use it to make bricks once you have the bricks maker machine.

    Fishing rod – For fishing. Use baits to gain better result.


    How to maintain / increase stamina in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

    So, of cause you will need energy as your stamina drop quite fast throughout the day. Bring some food with you so that you won’t work too hard and forget about meals. Here are some tips on working your stamina.

    Maintain Stamina

    So if you work too hard and forget to eat your meal, you will end up fainted. If you faint, the next day you wake up your stamina only increase by a bit.

    If you sleeps before 10pm, you will increase with full stamina. If you sleep later than 10 depends on what time, it won’t increase full but only 80% below.

    The Shrine

    Another way to increase your stamina is to visit The shrine located further up Olive Town. It will open until you unlock certain levels. Then you can collect your blessing such as boosting your stamina by using Harvest coins.

    Cooked food

    You know that you will hang out for a long day and of cause not possible without food. Cook some food with you if you are going to the caves or harvesting throughout the day. Food can helps with your stamina depends on what you eat. Kitchen will available after you upgrade you house.

    Taking a Shower

    Shower will also be available after upgrading your tent to log house. Shower helps you increase stamina by 1 heart, but will keeps you active longer throughout the day.


    How to fix the broken facilities / Expand your farm – in Story of Seasons – Pioneers of Olive town

    Here is another post on the breakdown facilities that I’ve encountered, It’s means some of the area got breakdown or blockage by the path and you need to get materials to fix it. It will lead you to new areas and explore new stuff too. So I created these list below to guide and show you what are the materials needed.

    This area is at your main area where you stay. Every day will have trees, stones etc. to harvest. Don’t have to worried out of materials.

    Farm area # 1

    Fix broken CoopUpgrade to Big Coop
    Pebbles x20
    Grass x 30
    Lumber x 30
    Solid lumber x 30
    Iron ingot x?
    Silver ingot x?

    Farm area # 2 is right after the broken bridge, once you get the bridge fix, you can then access the area which have a broken barn and mushroom log.

    Fix Broken bridgeNo upgrade required.
    Unlocks to travel to Area # 2
    Lumber x 15
    Or 5,000G

    Then you will see the broken debris further which leads you to farm area # 3.

    Farm area # 2

    Fix Broken BarnUpgrade
    To raise Cows, sheep, goat, rabbit
    Hard lumber x 10
    Iron Ingot
    Soft Grass x 50
    * Working in Progress, Please check back for updates!

    Fix Mushroom LogNo upgrade required
    Allow to plant mushroom
    Hard lumber x 20
    Clay x 30
    Soft Grass x 40
    Fix Broken DebrisNo upgrade required
    Unlock to Area # 3
    Hard lumber x 50
    Silver ingot x 20
    Mortar x 50
    Or 20,000G

    Farm area # 3

    Fix Beehive
    * Working in Progress, Please check back for updates!
    * Working in Progress, Please check back for updates!

    Fix Broken StableUpgrade
    Mirage lumber x 50
    Orichalcum Ingot x 50
    Suction pump x 20
    Olive Crystal x 10
    * Working in Progress, Please check back for updates!
    * Working in Progress, Please check back for updates!
    Fix Suspension Bridge
    * Working in Progress, Please check back for updates!

    Once you get to explore further, Remember to upgrade your tools to speed up. Along the way you will get new materials etc.

    Happy Gaming!


    Harvest Sprites in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

    Along the game you will meet lots of happening, cutscenes etc. This is one of the happening that you will meet in your farm life which is the Harvest Sprites .

    The Harvest Sprites

    These is the harvest sprites will suddenly appear randomly in your farm in summer season. They are sprites that live in another world. You will actually find them jumping out your crops while you harvesting, So if you realize these lit pink bouncing ball rolling out from your crops are called “followers sprites.

    Once you collected 25 Harvest Sprites you will unlock The Earth Village where all the sprites live. When you visit The Earth Village, talk to all the sprites and they will give you materials, food and fish and Harvest Coins.

    In order to do so you will need to assign sprites by using the Sprites Management chart, just talk to the first spirit (in green) just behind the spirit who bring you here, select each spirits and assign the numbers of sprites you want.

    All you have to do is to visit The Earth Village frequently which is just once per day cause by doing this will allow them to bring in more stuffs to collect. Starting you will only have 3 sprites available. If you keep on harvesting you will unlock more sprites as you go. There is a total of 8 spirits.

    Harvest Coins

    Harvest coin can be collected from the sprites while you visit The Earth Village. To unlock all 8 sprites , you will need to find 100 harvest sprites and The Harvest Goddess will awaken, allow you to access the shrine and use the Harvest coins to increase your stamina, improve your farm soil and unlock more harvest sprites .

    Might unlock some special land plots too.

    Happy Gaming!


    Maker list / How to Craft Makers in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

    Along the way you will get to unlock makers to help you with your farming. There are different types of makers to unlock in certain skill level. Like logging skill unit certain level you get to unlock a maker.

    Maker list

    MakersMaterial neededSkills level
    Thread Maker Twine x 10 
    Log x 10
    Reaping Lv.3
    Ingot Maker Ore x 10
    Log x 10
    Mining Lv.2
    Textile Maker Thread x 3
    Iron ingot x 5
    Reaping Lv.4
    Mayonnaise Maker Lumber x 3
    Iron ingot x 3
    Animal Care Lv.2
    Bricks Maker Mortar x 5
    Iron ingot x 5
    Draining Lv.3
    Powder Maker ? x 3 
    Seed Maker Supple Lumber x 5
    Gold Ingot x 5
    Wood Charcoal x 10
    Field work Lv.6  
    Jewel Maker Ingot x 5
    Silver x 10
    Raw White Opal x 1
    Logging Lv.6
    Lumber Maker Logs x 20
    Essence MakerSilver ingot x 3
    Glass x 5
    Seasoning Maker Solid Lumber x 5
    Iron ingot x 2
    Yogurt Maker Solid Lumber x 3
    Iron ingot x 3
    Dye Maker Iron Ingot x 3
    Silver Ingot x 3
    Butter Maker Lumber x 3
    Silver Ingot x 2
    Yarn Maker Solid Lumber x 3
    Ingot x 2
    Glass x 1
    Condiment Maker Silver x 3
    Cheese Maker Lumber x 3
    Silver Ingot x 2
    Cloth Maker Solid Lumber x 3
    Silver Ingot x 2
    Glass x 1
    *Working in progress, Please check back for updates!

    How to Craft

    You can find the list in your Bag under Crafting tab. Find the material and you can craft it. And you will need your tools to give you a hand.

    After you get makers, its much more easy for your farm work! The only thing is need to find material, which is some of the material which can be quite tough. And also base on the daily time running real fast that can make you very busy.

    Hope this helps you.

    Happy Gaming!


    Egg Hunt Event – Story of Seasons – Pioneers of Olive Town

    Egg hunt event is here! This event will held on Spring 15 (Sun).

    (*video taken from switch)

    Everyone is excited for this event especially you neighbors around you. Cause they will keep talking about it when you get to meet them at the town area. Mayor will be the one who in-charge so he will announce to everybody in the morning raised to get you prepared.

    * Note: if you happen to wake up later then 10.30am, you will miss the announcement.

    • You can just restart the day if you miss out the event.

    It will also randomly appear other things like the “Navi spirits”. Will update this on another post.

    So, I manage to attend the event after the restart.

    As what the mayor says, if you have any close relationship with any of the villagers, you get to team up with them and hunt for the egg.

    Im quite disappointed with the event actually, cause they do it like some kind of animation effect to hunt for the egg. So eventually you don’t have to do anything. Just talk to mayor and start anytime whenever you ready. I wish they could do it like really hunt for egg or something 🤔. It would be fun thou!

    Hope this helps you out ! Have fun!