How to prevent dog from Constipation (Pets)

Hello doggies & Hoomans! Here is another post base on what I experience in the past few days. My dog has a constipation for about 5 days and I was very worried for her and I don’t have any solution or help due to my financial low. I was scared to go for vet cause I don’t have any financial. So what I do is I monitor her for the few days, and at the same time I try to make her dinner food portion balanced. Means like try to make it balance for the portion of rice I gave.

Currently now I’m feeding her back to rice but lesser rice with mix veggie and Shredded chicken breast meat. It’s sounds healthier I guess so and I hope I’ve made the right choice for her. Because when I feed her kibbles past few months, I discover her fur drop and previously she didn’t drop fur when I feed her rice. So I would like to try it again this time and make it better.

A lot of people say kibbles or wet food are much salty and that’s why they drop fur. But I came across this grab driver and he told me there are also kibbles that are not salty but also quite pricy. Somehow I feel kibbles really are salty. Just by the smell of it.

So back to the topic on how to prevent constipation. Before I realised Oreo didn’t poo for 5 days, I was shocked and panic. And I also saw she poo with corn bits before she stop poo-ing for 5 days. So I was thinking maybe it the corn bits that get her blockage? or was it something else.

I went for research from google, there are a few points that cause constipation.

  • Blockage
  • Experience harden food

Blockage might be one of the possible reason. So I cut her food into pieces now to get her easier to digest. I was so panic and I went to buy some pumpkin as the google mentioned pumpkin can help digestion.

The funniest thing is I didn’t get the food in time to cure her cause all by deliveries. So what I did was, I gave her balanced rice portion with mixed veggie and chicken. As for morning I feed her treats biscuits cause I try not to feed her rice or only dishes without rice due to can get her unbalanced meal I guess. That’s how I feel, so I will maintain only rice for dinner. Is like humans don’t eat heavy breakfast.

Surprisingly! she finally poo before my pumpkin come. Ha-Ha! I finally feel relief ~~~ The next day she poo too, by feeding her balance rice portion I guess that solve the problem. If you want to prevent this from happening, do monitor your dog diet. Make sure they don’t eat harden food. To me I didn’t consult a vet. I will just try it on my own. But if you experience something similar like me, you can try giving a balance portion diet. or just consult a vet for safety purposes.

Well, there are quite a lot of times you will face problems as you own a doggie or pet. Just have to make sure you can afford before consider getting a pet. That’s my advise for all pet’s lovers out there.

Hope this helps you!

Happy Pet-ing!

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Pets : Back to kibbles with wet food


The reason why I get her back to kibbles is because I don’t want Oreo to suffer by eating human food. Previously I gave her rice with wet dog food. She loved it a lot . But people and friends around me keep said that rice are not good for dogs. I’m so confused so i decided to gave her kibbles and I feel relief by giving her kibbles which is what dogs eat. Not to think and depressed so much.

Currently now I’m feeling her Royal Canine mini for Adults with wet food. chicken flavor. Surprisingly she suit to eat chicken which I heard a lot of people said most dogs has allergy to chicken. And me and my friend actually found out something about the kibbles ingredients. Some chicken flavor come with ingredients that’s not suit for your dogs, partly is not because of chicken flavor, maybe is the ingredients.

When you met a picky dog, these are the problem that you will faced. This is how I train her now, I add wet food to kibbles and she finished it. She seems to like wet food more. My concern is to lower down my expenses.. but if this training fail i might switch to wet food instead. And also wet food packaging doesn’t come in big sizes so have to keep on buying or buy in a monthly basics.

I really hope she can get use to kibbles.. recently i realized she have this weird and funny act. When I leave the food on the floor she smell and don’t bother to eat it. But when my dad… yes my dad walk passed her food, she panic. She barked at my dad. And she go to her food and finished with my dad standing there🤷🏼‍♀️. I was like … ok… what’s wrong with you.. what does that even mean.. haha. So now she finished it with wet food.

Dear pets owners out there, If you have any better idea or solution, please help me with it. I will be very grateful for helping me 🙏🏻 !

Happy Reading !


Pets: Cool stuff to pampered your fur-kid


This online store sells pretty nice pets stuff like collar, hardness and leash. The designs are special and material really durable. I bought the body hardness, the hardness can be use 2 in 1. Cool right? It means it can use for both side and both side come in different designs. So if you like to use either side just turn around and use it with your matching leash. 


Do you like to pampered your pet buddy a lot? Here’s another store that sells pet bowl with customized names and various design on it. I’m sure you will love it and your buddy will love it too!

Click on the link and Check out their Instagram store!

Hope you like my sharing on Pets stuff to buy for your fur-kid.

Happy Shopping!

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The Malti-Poo and Shih Tze

Hello to all woofy! We had another gathering at my house and with my friend, poppy! We had a blast day fighting & disturbing each other while my human is out. (See how bad we are..)

What I discovered is dog had a similarity with humans. They only do their own things at their own house and space. While outing, they will behave like heaven. At home is like hell.. 🤣 (hands up if it’s true!)

I have no idea what they fighting or playing for. But I can feel they are still friends after all😅.

Sharing info:

currently still working on making videos to post on YouTube, do check out my channel link and do like and subscribe too. Maybe not for now but in the future! Will update soonest once I done my videos.

Happy pet-ing!

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What Should you do if your Dog got Choked by Chewing

Sup, dawg_

Choking happen when your dog chew on something that is unusual, such as toys, slippers or even food like big pieces treat or bones that will cause dehydrated for your dogs.

This can cause serious injuries and need to know what your pets is doing by monitor them daily. If you want to get toys or treats for your fur balls, do check with the store assistant for advice, Toys should be safe and durable, while food should be bite size.

These are the possible signs to cause choking animal

  • Gagging Action 
  • Drooling Excessively 
  • inability to swallow 
  • Stretching out its neck to get more air 
  • Sometime frantic and agitated (due to distress)
  • Collapsing and losing consciousness 

A choking dog may panic and bite/injure his owners. Try to make your dog calm down and if he allow you to touch, if is safe to do so, you can open his mouth and check whether you can see any object and if  you can reach safely try to remove it slowly and gentle without panic or when the dog is calm.

Tips and Technique for Small dogs 

  • Position your dog in a standing position and kneel next to your dog.
  • Position your knuckles just under his last set of ribs and use your other hand to support the knuckles. 

Tips and Technique for Large dogs 

  • Position your dog in a standing position and stand over your pet
  • Position a fist under his last set of ribs, use other hand wrapped over the fist (like hugging him from the top).

If your dog not getting any better, Stop and do a Heimlich like Maneuver. 

How to do Heimlich maneuver (For large and small dogs)

This is similar to what is done in humans, make a fist under the sternum and short upwards, forced are used to forced the air out of the lungs. This may be enough to help remove the object so your fur ball can work it out with its tongue. 

  • Push firmly towards you and upwards towards the pet’s head quickly for 5 times. 
  • Check his mouth and remove any object (if it’s safe and possible to do so)
  • If the pet is still choking, repeat another 5 times, if still not working, rush him down to the vet and seek for medical attention.
  • At any point of time, if your dog become unconscious, start  CPR and mouth to snout breathing on him while on the way to the vet.