Lifestyle: My experience in doing difficult puzzle pieces

Recently I’ve been addicted to do puzzle like the one above. This is the hardest puzzle I ever do. As you can see the picture is too complicated and we decide to buy it and take this challenge.

I’m glad that I’ve completed the middle part of the puzzle. Overall experience was quite fun and I just happy with doing puzzle. It can calm your mind and feel relaxing.

I think the tips for doing puzzle is your eyes have to be very alert to look for the pieces. Especially the part when I keep can’t find, I will look at the box and fix it. Yes it’s really difficult by looking at the box too. That’s the challenging part.

I really loves this picture puzzle with cat and dog and books around. This puzzle is a plastic puzzle and the quality really good and worth the price. Compared to the one I currently doing is made of cupboard. But in good quality also. To be honest, the feeling is definitely not better than the plastic ones. That’s the reason why, cause plastic and cupboard.

The plastics one come in 4 separate parts. Which means they spread the pictures into 4 parts and pack nicely for you. It will make the puzzle more easier. 😄 That’s another part I like too.

I was attracted by this puzzle sell at cotton on for just $5. Surprisingly the quality wasn’t that bad too. And after doing this one we actually went to look for next puzzle to do which is the picture above.

If you are looking for puzzle or you would wan to do one, can just head down to “perfect fit” located at city hall.