Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town – Introduction / Tips to get started

Good days to all gamers Fans out there. After a short game play I decided to write a introduction base on what I’ve explored on the game SOS !

I will just add in whatever I explore to this post and i will keep it updated if any new updates.

Let’s hop in to our favorite farming game. So the game comes in 2 different modes. One is normal mode and seeding mode.

I’ve chosen the Seeding mode FYI. 🙃

Game Mode

So the normal mode basically is just more challenging cause you will come with nothing I guess. No tools given by the mayor at all and you might need to craft it yourself or head to the store and ask for help. (Correct me if I’m wrong cause I’m playing Seeding mode.) 😁 Cause most of the games are the same and similar. I assume it should be this way 😄.

Customizing your Character

You get to choose and customize your own character and a scooter! You can’t use it starting of the game but maybe after you unlock the Motorcycle repair.

As usual you can custom the eyes colors, skin tone etc. They have few hairstyle for now but you will get to unlock it after you expand with a salon in Town.

Your House and Farm

You started staying in a tent with some items. You will get to upgrade to a house in a later time with needed materials.

Tips: chop down logs and stones, do some minding in the caves to get ores etc.

For starting you might need quite a lot of logs so just keep chopping down trees.

Shops and Old folks / Villagers

Head down to the Town Square and make a visit! Explore around and get some seeds to plant before summer comes. You will also get to see some cut scene along the way.

  • The Hoof House Animal shop
  • Olive General store
  • Capeside Bistro
  • Norman’s Groceries
  • Nigel’s Handiworks
  • Worker’s Base tools shop
  • Salon Ailes D’ange
  • Nguyen’s flowers
  • Iori’s Residence: Seishin-an
  • Ranger’s Station
  • Olive Hall
  • Olive Museum
  • Gull’s Rest Hotel & Café
  • Tourist Centre
  • Marco’s House

Once you get use to the daily farming, you will get unlock certain items. Head down to Olive Hall to check out for request from the residents, each time you complete you get to redeem items like makers, fodders, and medals after you complete some quest.

Tools Bag

After 1-2 days, You will finally get to access your tools bag given by the mayor, with all the tools you can start to clean up your farm.

So you need to click on the tool bag to shift tools to row 1 so that you can use it.

Beyond that, you can also see the status for the relationships, birthdays, and tools etc. I will do a guide in the next post on this too.

Well, I guess that’s all about the introduction. Hope this guide helps you and enjoy your game !

Also feel free to share with me your game play or follow me on Instagram !

*Please check back for updates!

Nice day!

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