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Crochet : Crochet a Cowl – beginner – Crochet practice log

Photoshoot is up !

Please don’t mind my bad photo post. 😂

Hello! Good day everyone !

I’m back for another post ! Finally I’ve done my second practiced project for my cowl. It was a simple project and it’s very easy to complete jusy that I’ve been busy with some other stuff so I delayed. Apologize for the long delay.

I love how the finishing turns out and I’m satisfied with my own work. Sadly there are some mistakes which I didn’t realize and I found out at the end of the project.

This project I made turn out too big cause I tot the size wasn’t right if it’s too small. It’s ok I will just take it as a practice and make another actual one sooner for my next goal 🥰.

I felt a little disappointed actually but I told myself it’s ok, just take it as a practice. If you happen to make the same mistakes as me, just keep on practice and it will be perfect.

Is a good practice thou, will be doing another same but actual one again 😇. If you like my project and want me to do out a pattern, you may comment me and I will create one maybe in the future depends on how many people request🤪. Hope to have your support and looking forward for the upcoming project. Check out my next post soon!

Have a great day ahead !

Happy Reading & Crocheting!