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Crochet : Practice log – Granny Stitches

Hellos! I’m back for another post on crochet! My daily practice log has full filling with projects and I’m so motivated to do bit by bit of practice everyday.

What I feel fun about doing crochet is I can learn to plan at the same time and practice on different stitches, while doing projects.

Because I’m not a well planned person and I always half done person. But this time round I’m so into it and I will push myself to keep finish up my projects goals for this year.

Let’s talk about Granny stitches. I refer to the video in craftsy which I always used the site and I find it very useful and it’s really helps me a lot.

So, I did my very first granny stitch in rows. Mainly there are two type, in rows and squares. I can say it’s fun to do and I really like granny stitches, is good to use for clothes like vest, or maybe a sofa cover or even a blanket if you like.

There is no difficulty in doing these stitches as long you know the basics, you can move on to this step. And you will find it a lot easier to do.

Give it a try and feel free to share with me your experiences in doing crochet!

Happy Reading

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Crochet : Crochet a Cowl – beginner – Crochet practice log

Photoshoot is up !

Please don’t mind my bad photo post. 😂

Hello! Good day everyone !

I’m back for another post ! Finally I’ve done my second practiced project for my cowl. It was a simple project and it’s very easy to complete jusy that I’ve been busy with some other stuff so I delayed. Apologize for the long delay.

I love how the finishing turns out and I’m satisfied with my own work. Sadly there are some mistakes which I didn’t realize and I found out at the end of the project.

This project I made turn out too big cause I tot the size wasn’t right if it’s too small. It’s ok I will just take it as a practice and make another actual one sooner for my next goal 🥰.

I felt a little disappointed actually but I told myself it’s ok, just take it as a practice. If you happen to make the same mistakes as me, just keep on practice and it will be perfect.

Is a good practice thou, will be doing another same but actual one again 😇. If you like my project and want me to do out a pattern, you may comment me and I will create one maybe in the future depends on how many people request🤪. Hope to have your support and looking forward for the upcoming project. Check out my next post soon!

Have a great day ahead !

Happy Reading & Crocheting!

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Crochet headband for beginner

Hello! Good day! Here is another post that I’ve done crochet a headband. This project is for Totally for beginners! And of course to complete learning all the basic first, in order to know how to do this with follow along video. Is not that hard actually. Compare to the first time I do this without any knowledge and just follow blindly is totally different.

I getting more and more inspired and keep look out for project to do it by myself. You can find a group of friends who is interested and get along to create projects and have fun!

For this headband, I finally get the correct type of yarn and hook size.

Tips: For thicker yarn, Can use a bigger size hook. So the product will turn out nicer without gap. For thin yarn, to use a smaller size hook. but the size of the hook can’t be too much different from the yarn info tab.

if you are interested in making this headband, do check out craftsy website to follow along with video. You may choose to purchase the video or join them as member to get video access.

Have a great day and Happy crochet-ing!

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Back to Crochet hobby! Crochet headband

Bonjour everyone! Recently I’m back to crochet as my main hobby for now. I’m learning the basic skill for crochet and here I’m, I’ve done some basic stitches for my daily practice log and I did my very first project, headband. A simple one for beginner.

Now I feel more easier to do crochet cause I’ve learn most of the basic stitches like Single crochet, double, half double and treble, of cause slip knot, magic ring and so on. Once you start crocheting you will never want to stop. Now I feel more confident to do my projects, cause previously I started without any skill and straight move on to make a project. The feeling and now is totally different. I feel I can crochet on my own now with videos tutorial. If you love crochet, you should try, learn all the basic first include like holding your hook and all, especially for people who love crochet and they just started without any knowledge.


  • Take your time and watch some tutorial videos and follow along.
  • Don’t rush straight to project. Spend some time and build up the basic and practice.

I’m glad to share my experience with you just a short post and hope it’s helps you along.