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Crochet : Practice log – Granny Stitches

Hellos! I’m back for another post on crochet! My daily practice log has full filling with projects and I’m so motivated to do bit by bit of practice everyday.

What I feel fun about doing crochet is I can learn to plan at the same time and practice on different stitches, while doing projects.

Because I’m not a well planned person and I always half done person. But this time round I’m so into it and I will push myself to keep finish up my projects goals for this year.

Let’s talk about Granny stitches. I refer to the video in craftsy which I always used the site and I find it very useful and it’s really helps me a lot.

So, I did my very first granny stitch in rows. Mainly there are two type, in rows and squares. I can say it’s fun to do and I really like granny stitches, is good to use for clothes like vest, or maybe a sofa cover or even a blanket if you like.

There is no difficulty in doing these stitches as long you know the basics, you can move on to this step. And you will find it a lot easier to do.

Give it a try and feel free to share with me your experiences in doing crochet!

Happy Reading