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Crochet headband for beginner

Hello! Good day! Here is another post that I’ve done crochet a headband. This project is for Totally for beginners! And of course to complete learning all the basic first, in order to know how to do this with follow along video. Is not that hard actually. Compare to the first time I do this without any knowledge and just follow blindly is totally different.

I getting more and more inspired and keep look out for project to do it by myself. You can find a group of friends who is interested and get along to create projects and have fun!

For this headband, I finally get the correct type of yarn and hook size.

Tips: For thicker yarn, Can use a bigger size hook. So the product will turn out nicer without gap. For thin yarn, to use a smaller size hook. but the size of the hook can’t be too much different from the yarn info tab.

if you are interested in making this headband, do check out craftsy website to follow along with video. You may choose to purchase the video or join them as member to get video access.

Have a great day and Happy crochet-ing!