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Crochet – Practice log on Hearts pattern

Hello! Good day everyone! I’m back for another short post. Hope you are doing great out there!

Recently I’m so into crochet and I’m still working on my cowl project. Temporary out of yarn and getting it soon again! Check out my post on the finishing project, will update it soonest 😁.

While practicing, I discover how to do this hearts pattern from a YouTuber. I love it at one glance and practice on it too! There are quite a few tutorials out there, will explore it and share with you guys soon! I also will come out with a pattern guide so check out my update too!

It’s actually very easy to do the hearts and once you mastered all the basic stitches you will be able to do it. So keep on practicing 💪🏻! Feel free to share with me any projects. Will be planning a list of projects to do and complete my goal!

Happy Crochet-ing!