It’s my daddy birthday! Times flies! Daddy already 60th le! How i wish i can bring him go overseas and have a family trip! This few years he have been working so hard and look after us 3. Life had been ups and down, unhappiness throughout. And! We all make it through this far and goanna make it through out our future for the best life ahead! Now is our time to look after our dad!




Their dishes are all quite cheap and afforable, which after one try i highly recommend for dim sum lovers.




We decide to try out this coffee shop @ Geylang Lor 25, MONGKOK DIM SUM. We don’t know how nice is this but we just try it and it never disappoint us.

We had ordered Xiao Long Bao, Prawn Dumpling, Siew Mai.

The Xiao Long Bao is really nice and tasty with lots of soup in it and the size of the Bao is bigger than the Din Tai Fung ones. My dad says it nicer compare to DTF. To me i still like the usual ones from DTF. The Siew mai taste not bad, just that inside have alot of ingrediant like mushroom, and full of prawn. If want to try the siew mai, i suggest don’t order too much. I quite like the Prawn dumpling. Again prawn! ha ha! but is nice


Oyster Vegi was my favourite since i was young, my dad always cook for my mum and i fall in love too! After so many years pass i don’t get  to eat cause my dad don’t really cook. I always ask my dad to cook and waiting for him to cook ha ha! We also order the fried Yam taste roll. Is crispy and it taste really nice. This was the one which my dad always buy for us to eat for supper. So memorable. 🙂



Their fried rice, YangZhou fried rice not bad. Worth the try! I mean is normal to you maybe but since you’re there, why not ? ha ha!

How to get there:

Coffee Shop Name : Mongkok Dim Sum

Address: 214 Geylang Rd, 389274

Opening Hours: 24 hours

* No reservation needed.


After that we went for some dessert. We wanted to try Fat Cat. But too crowded and we miss it this time round. I’ve tried it before and it’s really quite nice and not really ex i guess. Compare to Uldders, Ben & Jerry etc.



This month we have 3 people in the family birthday! Happy Birthday to me! Thanks biibii for accompany me. Even though you are busy but still find time for me. I’m so happy. 1 year older again. How i wish time pass faster buy get old slower. 😦 I’m so scared of getting old. All the sickness will come visit you one by one. Each stage is like more and more scary. My wish for this year, i wish all my familes and people around me stay healthy and strong. Wish me and my family things will go smoothly. Most important is stay together as one. lastly wish to have a great wealth future!

img_1204-2img_1202Happy Birthday to this little devil! You are now 3 years old and please stay cute always! Healthy, and be a good girl! lastly, Please stick with me always like how you always did! Love you!!! MUACKS!

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