7 Best Iphone Games to Kill Boredom at Work 

7 Best Iphone Games to Kill Boredom at Work

Sometimes, life without entertainment is kind of bored and is really bored. Just want to get something to pass time and call it a day but no idea what to do. At home and even at work is bored too.

I would like to intro a few games from mobile phones to kill the boredom wherever you go.

Garden Scape 2

This game is about finding picture for the giving words and solve the puzzle . There are any other similar but I would recommend this version . Maybe different people feel different way , you can still look out for others similar games of Cause!

Why I like this game so much is because firstly, I can practice my English. To me my English is not very good and I like when they came out some difficult words . They do have something like e.g.. “What is useful for the rain”, like ” material for sculpting”.

Is a nice game to play and kids will definitely love it ! At the same time they will learn something new too!

( I couldn’t search the game for this in Singapore app store. But I guess they should have it in the US store or others)

Garden Scapes / Home Scapes (Click on the link to download) 






This is some sort of puzzle game. I do see the reviews and it’s quite nice to play. It quite different from the Garden Scapes 2. I personally prefer Garden scape 2. This one is very similar to candy crush but at the same time you clear what you needed in the game levels. But if you love puzzle games, get a try to this 2 games.

Super Market Mania 2 (Click on the link to download) 

supermarket mania

This game is to test how fast you can be and how good is your memories as you go. Memories not really but how fast you can go is really challenging. Somehow is quite an addicted game to play while you’ve nothing to do. You get to learn how to manage your supermarket and be as fast as a road runner.

Dinner dash (Click on the link to download) 

diner dash

Diner dash is kind of a lot of version out there like Cooking Dash, Hotel Dash and they are all similar games by the same creator. Is similar to Supermarket mania. Need to take in orders from customers and serve them. Also have special things like speed up or something to maintain the customer for waiting too long for their seats and so on. Sometime is kind of fun but when you are stuck at a level, you feel kind of bored. But if you keep trying is quite addicted to it.

Fight List(Click on the link to download) 


Recently I’ve played this game, which call the fight list. This is one of the difficult words strategy game because it’s all about US and if you are other country like Singaporean won’t get to know all the answers. Its kind of disappointed but some people will want to try out and most of them use cheat code from google. Well, the timing is super not enough to solve one puzzle. You have to be fast. That’s the tricky part. Is still quite challenging. Never try never know 🙂

Word Cookies (Click on the link to download) 


This one is another word strategy game and this is better then Fight List. I would prefer this then the fight list. It suits the US most. This Word cookie is fun to play just that the words sometimes don’t make sense. Is like any kind of words can be the answers depends on what your question is. Another challenging game and it’s really pass the time.



supermarket mania