Size: 2-3kg (4-7Ib), 20-25cm (8-10in)

Character: Friendly, Fun-loving, Playful.

Exercise: At least once daily.

Grooming: Daily grooming and regular clipping.

Lifespan: 12-15 years.

Hypoallergenic: Yes.


Maltese puppies are sweet and full of joy and social-able. They don’t really need a lot of exercise, once a day is enough. This dog is ideal to keep indoors. They love to play and they are super playful too, especially when they get excited. But when you cuddle them in your arms, they became very gentle. This is the part where i get touched by them. 

They work well with older children, if you are letting younger children to get along with them, will need to supervised when playing or don’t let them stay alone with each other. They can be aside for sometimes but they also prefer to stay close to their owners. Some Maltese will suffer for separating them and they get anxiety.


They can quite difficult to train, but sometimes it will depends on the puppy or dog. Probably will need more time and patient. 


They needs to be groom regularly, because of the nature of their hair. (Anyways, who doesn’t want to have a well groom dog). Dogs love to be brush and cuddle. Take some time to cuddle them in your arms and brush them as they lie down gently on you.


Maltese is more tiny and solid than it looks, with a white coat. The head is round, medium muzzle for its size. The eyes are very round and dark. Also long floppy ears covered with flowing hair. They are very lovely with their looks of alert expression.


The size of a Maltese are small-medium size. Suitable for people who love small breeds.