Size: 3 – 6 kg (7- 13 Ib), 20 -28 (8 – 11 in)

Character: Playful, Good- Nature, Social able

Exercise: Minimal to Moderate 

Grooming: Daily Grooming and Regular Clipping

Lifespan: 13 – 15 years

Hypoallergenic: Yes



Havanese has a friendly and happy personality, They are consider as a toy breed. Is best to train them at a young age because some habit will stick to them as they became older. They have a great personality and they love to be around with people especially the owners, they will stick to that one person which they follow closely. Another word is they are loyal to the owners. Of cause they don’t like to be alone too.

For puppies they are active and sweet. They can be impatient and please for stuffs.


For adult Havanese, They have silky coat and needs to be daily care to prevent tangles. Visit for grooming regularly. Hair needs to be clipped up to give them good visibility.


They are smart and can be trained fast. As for puppies can be difficult to house-train.