Size: 1-3kg (2-7Ib), 15-23cm (6-9in)

Character: They are feisty, lively and loyal.

Exercise: They need less exercise, at least one time a day, just a short exercise.

Grooming: Most of the Chihuahua breeds don’t need groom much, lesser maintenance.

Lifespan: They can live up to 20years.

Hypoallergenic: They are non-allergic, easy to maintain.


Chihuahuas come in various color, they are the smallest of all dogs and come in long haired and short haired varieties.


Chihuahua puppies are tiny and delicate, must take good care to keep them safe from harm.

Chihuahuas are often shy unless socialized and protected from bad experiences as puppies. They bark a lot too. It will depends on how you train them on their discipline.

If you love small breed or mini type, Chihuahuas is suitable for you. Easy and convenient to bring them out, just carry them with a small bag.