Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021! Happy New Year!


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Times flies and its a new year new start again!

Have you plan your goals for 2021 yet? I’m so looking forward to my new year goals and the things I need to do in 2021. It gonna be a busy year ahead planning my new house and furniture’s.

2020 was a very bad year for us. Families conflict, handing all the ups and down.. finance headache.. we’ve been thru all the experience like hired lawyer… making decision for the house.. all these really kill us down and spoil the relationship while dealing it. And I’m so glad that we’ve made it thru .. all thanks to my love, who help me a lot and really thanks all for understand and willing to help me out when I’m very down and don’t know what to do.

My wish for 2021 is …

I hope my niece, Alexis will grow up fast and learn to be a smart and happy girl. Even since her childhood was a mess because of her mother. But to let her know that she still have people around who loved her a lot and care for her.

I hope to have a peace and happy family.. together with our new house coming in March or June 21. Hope everything goes well and also wishing all the animals out there will have a lovely and safe home wherever they are. I wish I’m able to help them out but I can’t afford it. So by donating money might help them thou. I will do my part too.

Wishing all happy new year, and hope 2021 will be a great year and to fight Covid 19 away!


Lifestyle: When you face difficulties in finding a job

Hello! Everyone! Hope you are doing well during this difficult period. Recently i lose my job and i had been struggling finding job. feeling so Stressful, disturbing, annoying, sadness all come at once.

I lose my job due to difficulties dealing with those idiots colleague and seniors. I feel so hard to work with them and i decide to quit. And they choose not to confirm me. So anyway, it’s ok.

Dealing with difficult colleagues is the most sucks feeling. I not sure will you feel the same too but this is really my best worst experience working with this company. It’s a china company dealing with security CCTV and elevator.

Worst is this covid’19 came to world wide and thanks to CHINA for creating them. I was so worried that i couldn’t find a job and the economy is super bad out there. What i did is keep sending resumes and go for interviews.

Is not easy for me because i don’t really know how to attend interview by answering question which i don’t even know what the interviewer gonna asked. To be honest, i’m so scared. But thank god the interview is thru social media like skype or whatsapp. Best is don’t even need to travel down. i believed you guys feel the same too. I keep telling myself i need to pass the interview and guess what? i did cock up a few interviews by answering their question wrongly. I’m like what. -.-“

It’s okay, forget it. Thankfully i’ve found a job now and i gonna make it thru the probation.

All the best to me and to those who same as me too.


Lifestyle: During Circuit Breaker Period

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Hello! How is everyone doing? Hope everything goes well and stay safe!

During this period, i faced a lot of ups and down. How i wish i can live my life peacefully. All the shit that we had been thru is really really tough. And ya not only me, every one in the world.

The most difficult problem i face was finding a job. And after i know is not just me alone who lose the job. Almost every where, every country is facing the same thing. Really disasters.

To be honest, i really hate the one who make this virus thing happen and now, we need to suffer. From the first outbreak till now, even though it have been better but i still can’t accept it from happening. By eating animals is really cruel. Thanks to CHINA People who made us suffer and now you are making so much nonsense to keep finding faults with country like Hong Kong? Don’t you think you are too much? Cant’t you let these people live their life? I really don’t understand.

I really hope this whole has an end.

Hope for peace and stay safe everyone!




Lifestyle: Why problems never go..

So recently I’ve been working and fixing my life that causing me so much stress and almost depressed.

I would like to share my problems for those people who read my blog. Firstly I want to apologize for the long disappear from my blog due to some happening.

The problem that bring me headache was the applying of HDB flat, under bto. The apply was under special appeal, so we write appeal to HDB and apply using me and my sister name. It’s not a guarantee thing but we decide to try for the first time. As we are struggling paying cash every month for current rental flat which cost us $500 per month. Even all the household members are all working, I can say is still very hard for us to survive.

After we proceed with the request for apply a bto flat, they actually reject for the first time and so we wrote an appeal to the officer in charge. After a month or more, I received a good news says that we get approve for the house. And of course were so happy and prepared saving etc and waits for the house to come, which will be ready in Oct 2020.

Unfortunately, while waiting for the house to come.. the problems comes in here. It’s really unexpected and I can’t really accept it.

My little advise here, if you plan to apply a house under sister’s name, make sure you plan it well. I can say this is the foolishness experience I ever have in my life ba.

After apply the house, my sister found a boyfriend. And it happen to have some conflicts within the guy and his family, and he move to our house. And is in current flat which is 1 room rental flat. I was like ok. At first is like everything seems fine. But, he started to talk about the new house which is under me and my sister name after a few days.

I was so pissed. And who are you to us to talk about the house which is under my name and also my sister. What’s your intention? I started to hate him. I sees him everyday in my house. Is like what the hell, you don’t even have a house to stay? And even if you plan to stay in my current house, did you even asked for permission?

As a guy, you are so that useless? Yes you are. I really hate you a lot. You control my sister? And now you control us? You want the family to listen to you? Who the hell are you? We didn’t owe you a living dude. So why are you controlling my sister to tell her what to say and wash her brain against us? No wonder your mother don’t treat you like her son. And f* you out of the house.

So what you do to messed up my family, you did a very good job. He asked my sister to remove her name from the new house. Reason is cause they want to apply for a house by themselves.

Why I want to apply for the house in the first place? Is because I wan a family to stay together with a warm shelter. Firstly we don’t have to pay in cash monthly for rental. If we do, is pay for life and the house is still not ours. So why must we do pay so hard and the house is not ours.

It’s not easy to fight for the house. We put in a lot of efforts, ask for help and we did it. And now? You spoiled it.

As a sister of Lim’s family, you’re so selfish. Same goes to third sister.

You decide to quit your f* job to do home base nail business. How can this even give you income for life? You’re not going to care about your dad? Me and dad is still staying in the rental flat suffering like hell. And you are out there having your precious fulfilled life of yours?!!!

Seriously, what are you all thinking? What kind of job is not struggling? And it’s not only you who struggled. Why are you so selfish?

And now I need to handle all the shit by myself. Yes. I’m not suffering, For now. But I just got a job not even 1 month. And here I’m stressing how to plan for future etc, and you’re here to mess up my plan again? Well done.

I really hate all of you for being my sister.


Course in School


So, previous post I wrote about the course I took this month.

I signed up another 2 more courses which is the “Sew top and Skirt” and “Sew Tops and Bottom with variation of collars”. This 2 courses will guide on how to sew basic top and skirt plus bottoms and shirt collars.

It seems to be fun, cause I have one classmate sharing with me her experience about the class. I was so excited to join cause it will be what I wanted to learn too. She was telling me at the end of the course , will have a project to sew your own blouse or shirt as a something called portfolio . So is like not bad .. This is what I wanted to have ..

So, what we did in class was testing out fabrics, and do experiments. Teacher ask to burn the fabric pieces and smell what is it like. Uhm? anyway, is just doing experiment. So I’m like ok.. She did cover about How fabric was done from the factory, the machines they use, some of the math conversion.. but one good thing is they have the notes for us to refer anytime. Best part I like is they have a notes that tells you what are the fabric advantages and disadvantages. We also learn how to see fabric and feel the fabric to get the feeling how is each fabric like.

I am so happy to make one friend in the class .. I wanna thank her for sharing the experience with me so I will know how the class like . And I think most likely its worth!

Currently now I’m still in textile processes class with another 5 more days and I will be going on a short trip holiday in Phuket ! Finally after so long of work ! Check out on my travel blog post soon!


Life : Taking Courses to Upgrade Myself


I was browsing through a website, is like a school. Was intro by one of my sister’s friend.

Everytime I wanted to attend something, the only thing I most worried is the fees. Well nothing’s free.

But this time I have heart of being brave to look through and enquiry about the school. That’s what my friend advise me too. So , I went to do it and I finally found some course that I can join and something that I can learn for myself .

There are a few things I wanted to take in and learn . But my boyfriend always told me “take one step at a time.” Haha. So each time he keep repeat to me cause I always wanted to do alot of things at one time. I just can’t help it . But now I slowly getting it and hope I can maintain it throughout the process.


So! I told up this course which related to what I’m doing now ! SEWING ! Haha! And I quite excited to learn how to sew clothing ! As you can see my blog I did sewing on accessories and all but now ! I’m interested in making clothes ! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Ya I’m moving on to next step. So I took up a course “textile and textile process.” This course I bet it will be useful , it will let you understand more about fabrics and the tools we use. Sounds good to me !

Best is the most worried has gone! I don’t have to pay any fees other than $10 application fee, which means! I only pay a $10 fee to attend a course of 7 days?! And the course cost $80.25 for 1 module 7 lessons. To me is worth, cause I get to know the basic first before you go for any sewing classes. As I also want to know more about fabrics so that I know which fabrics to use for making what type of items.

Friday, 31 Aug 18 was my first class, the feeling for going school alone was boring and purpose is make new friends but I did manage to talk.. I was wondering what was my classmate first sight of me .. I was hoping to make new friends if not I will just enjoy my class! Our teacher was a Indian lady, and she seems very nice. Most important is I can understand the lesson and her speaking 😬. I think this is my main concern 😅.

The class provide us notes and tools for the activities that we have. But best is we can bring back the note for referring. 👍🏻!

I can say the class is quite entertaining, people share their thoughts and dreams on what they want to be in the future ! So wish me all the best ! 👍🏻🥂!


Lifestyle: How to Boil an Egg

How to Boil an Egg

Step 1: 

Take out the eggs from refrigerator and place them in a single layer in a pot, close it with fitting lid.

Step 2: 

Cover the eggs with water at least 1 inch above the top of the eggs.

Step 3: 

Place the pot over to medium heat, uncovered, and boil until the water is boiling.

Step 4: 

Remove the pot from the heat, cover it and let it stand for 12 minutes to hard-boil and 6 minutes to soft boil.

Step 5:

Using a heatproof slotted spoon, scoop out the eggs and place them in a bowl of ice water. For 10 minutes.

Step 6:

Hold up the egg and slowly crack on the table gently, until you see crack line. Slowly peel off the skin, and you’re ready to serve.

Tips: If you notice the white seeping out of a cracked egg during boiling, add a little vinegar to the water. This can helps the proteins in the egg white coagulate faster, sealing the crack.


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Thai Dish and Thai Milk Tea @ Golden Mile Complex


Introducing this Milk Tea from Golden Mile. I bet most of the people will love Thai Milk Tea and their Thai dishes. In Singapore, we can found it somewhere. One of the place which have a lot of Thai dishes like Mookata. Now happen to be the most popular Thai Steamboat. I haven’t get to try it yet, but sooner I will >v<

This Thai Milk Tea was introduce by one of my friend. The taste is a bit strong Milk Tea taste and the taste of the Tea is super nice compare to other milk tea.



They do have a lot of flavours Milk Tea available too. But I only like the normal ones which is just pure Thai Milk Tea 🙂 I do love the packaging ^^. Is a zip lock bag that come with a hole for the straw and can stand on the table too. Don’t have to pour it out or what. This is located inside the Supermarket. Is a Supermarket with Thai Stuff. Once you walk in you will see the stall logo.

Location: 5001 Beach Road, #02-64E Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

Opening hours : 10.30am -9pm






We found this at Golden Mile hawker centre, now they have shifted to Golden Mile Complex.

We recommend this small bites sweet potatoes, yam balls and fried banana. Is from Thailand and the seller are from Thai too. You would defiantly have to try the potatoes balls. Is soft and the taste is super nice until you will want for more! It located same as the milk tea store, This will be just outside. When you come up from the stairs you will see the stall with fried banana etc.

Location: 5001 Beach Road, #02-64E Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588

Opening hours : 10.30am -9pm


















It’s my daddy birthday! Times flies! Daddy already 60th le! How i wish i can bring him go overseas and have a family trip! This few years he have been working so hard and look after us 3. Life had been ups and down, unhappiness throughout. And! We all make it through this far and goanna make it through out our future for the best life ahead! Now is our time to look after our dad!




Their dishes are all quite cheap and afforable, which after one try i highly recommend for dim sum lovers.




We decide to try out this coffee shop @ Geylang Lor 25, MONGKOK DIM SUM. We don’t know how nice is this but we just try it and it never disappoint us.

We had ordered Xiao Long Bao, Prawn Dumpling, Siew Mai.

The Xiao Long Bao is really nice and tasty with lots of soup in it and the size of the Bao is bigger than the Din Tai Fung ones. My dad says it nicer compare to DTF. To me i still like the usual ones from DTF. The Siew mai taste not bad, just that inside have alot of ingrediant like mushroom, and full of prawn. If want to try the siew mai, i suggest don’t order too much. I quite like the Prawn dumpling. Again prawn! ha ha! but is nice


Oyster Vegi was my favourite since i was young, my dad always cook for my mum and i fall in love too! After so many years pass i don’t get  to eat cause my dad don’t really cook. I always ask my dad to cook and waiting for him to cook ha ha! We also order the fried Yam taste roll. Is crispy and it taste really nice. This was the one which my dad always buy for us to eat for supper. So memorable. 🙂



Their fried rice, YangZhou fried rice not bad. Worth the try! I mean is normal to you maybe but since you’re there, why not ? ha ha!

How to get there:

Coffee Shop Name : Mongkok Dim Sum

Address: 214 Geylang Rd, 389274

Opening Hours: 24 hours

* No reservation needed.


After that we went for some dessert. We wanted to try Fat Cat. But too crowded and we miss it this time round. I’ve tried it before and it’s really quite nice and not really ex i guess. Compare to Uldders, Ben & Jerry etc.



This month we have 3 people in the family birthday! Happy Birthday to me! Thanks biibii for accompany me. Even though you are busy but still find time for me. I’m so happy. 1 year older again. How i wish time pass faster buy get old slower. 😦 I’m so scared of getting old. All the sickness will come visit you one by one. Each stage is like more and more scary. My wish for this year, i wish all my familes and people around me stay healthy and strong. Wish me and my family things will go smoothly. Most important is stay together as one. lastly wish to have a great wealth future!

img_1204-2img_1202Happy Birthday to this little devil! You are now 3 years old and please stay cute always! Healthy, and be a good girl! lastly, Please stick with me always like how you always did! Love you!!! MUACKS!

Check out her instagram for cute videos of her! Alexis Lim

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Dog Café In Singapore! WTF Café – We’re the Fur balls Café

It’s our first time to this WTF Café, We’re the Furballs Café. Is one of the dog café in Singapore. There is a few more too but I’ve visited the one which is nearer to me ^^.

They have a few different breeds dog here and they work and live together quite well! They are so adorable! But one thing that I didn’t get to do is to play with them all.

Cause we went on the weekend and it’s quite a lot of people there 😦 It’s kind of sad. For just once in a while. Should aim for weekdays to come might be better 🙂

They also have rules before you play and get in touch with their fur balls. The workers there are all nice and their service are not bad at all 🙂

They have a spacious area specially for all the dogs to play around with guest coming in.

Can easily pick a space you want and just sat down, uhm maybe with some treats will be better 🙂 Dogs love food~!


This little guy here are so good at playing and let them get close to him. Maybe he is regular visitor I guess ^^


This little fellow here looks special, I not sure what breed is this but there might be some new breed dog which they didn’t show on the poster. She has a tiny head and clean white fur.


I get to touch the corgi. He/she is so hyper and keep coming for food! ha ha! But not to worry, they are all well trained just that a bit playful >v<

Can buy some treats from the café itself and feed them all. 1 pkt is $3 is about 5 or 10g (I guess)

They wont come to you until you have food to feed them 🙂 or if you are good to have dog fate, they will auto come to you. This is what I saw other people did also ha ha. It fun to hang around with them all, Watch them play, bark and fooling around. They have a small TV to show how they bath them, train them and all.

I’m so glad to see them all different breed living together well, feel so happy to see them especially if you are a pets lover.


They have names for every little doggy and if you would like to visit here, check out the location below:

Location: 201 Victoria Street, #07-07, Bugis+, 188067 ( When escalator up, you will see an open space outdoor area.)

Opening Hours : Sun – Thurs 1pm -10pm, Fri & Sat 12.30pm -10.30pm

Check out their FB page! * Might need to book appointment to avoid disappointment.

Do watch my short video too! WTF Cafe Singapore Video




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2 Useful Link to Take Note of your Little Fur Balls Hamster

Recently, my little fur ball have a bit trouble for it fur loss and something may cause it to happen which I don’t know. I went to do some research and found out some possibility to cause of loss fur. I guess some of you out there may have this problem so, I would like to share the link with you and to solve our problem 🙂

I wonder hamster can bathe in the bath? if not how to get them clean by just bathing the sand? I can’t get any idea of it yet. But I do try to bathe in the water. This is what I did:

I use a empty tank, add a bit of water only. I use a water spray to lightly spray the water thru the tank and let the water drip on my hamster. Bit by bit and slowly and carefully.

I use a hair dryer with small cold warm air to blow him up but not directly on him. Just shake the dryer left to right. Before that I let in dry in the sun first for awhile.

I’m doing this testing once and I was hoping he will get better. It’s makes me worried and I went to do this research.

Are Pet Hamster Supposed to Take a Bath

Is a risk to have your hamster bathe. The link do help me and I will try and monitor my little fur ball.

Five Common Reasons for Fur Loss in Hamsters

This link helps me and give me solution on why my fur ball cause loss fur. May click on the link which I find it helps me.

My little fur ball condition now, I didn’t put any bedding since the day he keep scratching and I decide to take out all the bedding just to do a testing.

Apparently, after I take off a few days later, I see him getting better and his fur grow back too. I tot he was back to normal so I think is the bedding fault.

I suspect that he might have attack by mites or ticks which cause him from itchiness and scratching non stop and fur falling too. For what I know on this link. I would like to figure out more and give some updates sooner or later 🙂





(LIFESTYLE) 7 Types of Humans Food That You Shouldn’t Give To Your Dog

7 Types of Humans Food That You Shouldn't Give To Your Dog


Having ice cream in a hot and sunny day, but remember don’t share with your dogs. It may cause them diarrhea and other digestive problems for your dog.


Almonds can be dog’s favorites! But It’s not good for dogs. It may cause undigested and upset stomach gastric intestinal distress. And also it may cause them tear to the windpipe if they don’t chew it


Grapes and raisins are similar type of fruits. It can cause serious kidney failure to your dogs.


This will cause your dog vomiting and inability to walk. Also one of the most poisonous food for dogs.


Garlic will cause anemia. Small amount will likely lead to toxicity. Different breed dogs health’s can vary the toxicity level of ingested garlic. It best not to give any to your dogs.


As what i know Chocolate is very harmful to dogs. If you give a small amount, it will only cause vomiting and diarrhea. But if you give a large amount, it can lead to death.  It best that don’t give any of it to your dog.


Want to feed your dogs with fresh meat and fish? I would suggest you don’t. Raw food like meat or fish contains bacteria and fatal diseases that can lead to food poisoning. Would be best to stick to pet food to prevent it from happening.

Hope this post helps you knowing better!

Happy Reading!


(LIFESTYLE) A&W Is Coming Back To Singapore! launched In 2018!


Do you miss A&W?

I missed it a lot! Guess what? They are coming back to Singapore! after 15 years.

This time round, the outlet in Singapore will be approved to Halal Certified. All the ingredient are freshly Chicken, Patties are all fresh supplies and prepared locally.

Get ready to meet our old friend! A&W has already set up its international corporate office in Singapore in 2016. And awaiting for it to set up a space for the very first outlet in Singapore in 2018.

Now let’s look forward to the next fast food restaurant, as usual favorite dish such as fried chicken, burgers, Coney Dogs, waffle ice cream, curly fries, and “freshly-made” root beer served in frosty mugs. What’s more? cause there will new innovation on the menu to be shared! Stay tune for the first outlet opening! Can’t wait! 😀



(LIFESTYLE) Singapore National Gallery Events: Yayoi Kusama Exhibition 2017: Life Is The Heart Of A Rainbow



She is a Japanese Artist and Writer, she has a huge media which include painting, collage, soft sculpture, performance art, and environmental installations.

This Exhibition focuses on immersive and expansive nature of her practice. Get to see Kusama’s creative vision through paintings, sculptures, videos and installations from the 1950s to the present, including her other artwork that never shown before.

In this event, you get to see the creative vision through paintings, sculptures include work that never shown before. When you step into her infinity mirror rooms, explore her intricate nets, dots and pumpkin motifs, experience her new paintings in which the artist continues to push artistic boundaries with successful progress in the first Southeast Asia.

I personally love this exbhibition, cause i’m arts lover and i love her creation of creativty Arts. Especially the Infinity Room. My whole purpsoe is to take nice shot there but sadly, they only allow to go in 20 secs, is super rush and can’t get to take some nice shots. But, her story was quite interesting. I do check out her story of her life of what happening. I feel sad for her. But she is a very creative person. And i do very proud of her!


Actually i was a bit disappointment about the infinity room side. But over all still worth it!

Programme Details:

09 Jun 2017 – 03 Sep 2017

All Day


$15 (Singaporeans/PRs) / $25 (Non-Singaporeans)



(LIFESTYLE) Happy Father’s Day ! 180517

Photo 18-6-17, 11 30 46 PM

Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there!

Years after years passed so fast down the road, we’ve been facing so many obstacles throughout and finally, slowly we are fighting for the best! Having a good life ahead is so important. And we finally feel the happiness towards us.

Being a father is hard. But being a single father with 3 kids alone is so hard. We feel all the love that he gave to us since we young and he’s our proudest dad in my life.

He always gave us the best that he could. And now it’s time for us to give him the best and a great life ahead.

Thank you daddy! For giving us the best thought, the best life and the best parenting care. I bet i would’nt live my life without you. You give us the best reliable life throughout this years.

I’m so glad that i got you back and i won’t wanna lose you ever again. All the past that i’ve been wasted and almost lose you. I was so regrat that i didn’t choose my life carefully and i promise THIS won’t happen again.

Now that i’m back with my life together as a family. I’m just so lucky to have you which i thought i almost lose you and to make you feel that you almost lose me, as daughter.

I bet now we are all as happy as a family and we gonna cherish each other forever.

Daddy, thanks for giving us the best and you are always my best dad! You and granny are my best kin!

The one that dots me alot.

We love you daddy!

Wish all father’s out there a Happy Father’s day and Have a Life long ahead!



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(Pet) Dwarf Hamster : Djungarian Hamster – Starter Kit That You Must Have To Keep Pet Hamster


Hello Pals and friends!

I would like to share with you about my pet hamster that I recently bought from pet shop.

I bought a Hamster breed, which I guess is Djungarian Dwarfs. I went to search for information and its look similar to that breed hamster. Which have grey colour fur.

Seeing all those hamsters in the shop, I feel like getting them all! But too bad I only can afford for one.

So what are the things that you need to have to keep a pet hamster ?

Here are the few things that you must have, before considering having a small pet like hamster, guinea pig, rabbits and etc.


(Click on the image for link)

For the cage, to me I would like to get those easier to clean type of cage. Or the best is to get a fish tank or a plastic type with all clear sides. But starting you may want to get a cage that come with a set together with the wheel and etc else. On later days, you can change to a better ones which you like to have for your little pet.


(Click on the image for link)

This is one of the bedding, contains natural paper. This is quite good for small animals. It is 3X more absorbent than shavings. Click the image for more details 🙂


Drink Bottle: A drink bottle is needed for your small pets. This is recommended for small pets.

(Click on the image for link)

This want come with 2 in 1 usage. One side for food and other side use for drink. I found it quite useful for pets cause it helps save space. 🙂

(Click on the image for link)

Bath tub: A bath tub is needed for your pet hamster. To let them bath themselves in the cage. They also love to play in the sand. They will clean themselves with no worries. Remember they don’t need to bathe in the water, just bathe them with sand will do 🙂

(Click on the image for link)

Hamster house Chew : This is a wooden house for hamster hideout. They love to chew things i guess they will chew on this wooden house or you may get a chewing toy for your pet hamster. (click on the image for link)

(Click on the image for link)

Wheels : Wheels is needed for a pet hamster too! They love to exercise and running around in the cage, it best that you can get a wheel for them. They will love it too! This want is a good choice cause it come with the stand. Very convenient to put in different type of cage.

(Click on the image for link)