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Craft: 3 ideas on how to store your yarns ball

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been busy moving to my new house and packing my stuff. So now im back with another post “how to store your yarns balls”.

Recently I’ve been planing how to organize my room and because I have too many stuff like mostly all crafts tools etc, I need to think how to organize it neatly and easy for me to access also. So I search online for some storage boxes, basket etc. I couldn’t decide like which is the better idea. But I did found a few ideas maybe you can check this out if you also have the same doubt as me. 🙂

This wooden board is kind of cool and it’s really organized well with colors. With one look you feel it’s pretty right ! I’m quite worry will it cause dust in it. This is one of my main concern. I’m still not sure yet. Haha

This one looks better to me cause it cover up and can store a lot of yarns if you have a lot. Maybe I can consider this one ya?

Last one I found is a crochet basket or whatever basket it is. I feel this is good too. Cause it’s easier to access. Best is with wheels or maybe a cover on top. So that maybe it won’t get dust easily? And if you don’t have that much yarns, this is perfect for your organize.

These are the 3 ideas I found so far. Please feel free to share with me your ideas too. I’m glad to share.

Happy reading !

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Crochet: Slouchy Beanie Hat for Beginner

I did another crochet project – A slouchy style beanie hat for beginner, This is another beginner crochet and its easy to do. If you love to wear beanie like me, you will defiantly love this hat.

Usually beanie is just normal with various crochet stitches made. But this slouchy hat turns out a different feel, a bit slouchy and loose type. There is no special stitches in this project, it’s just build with basic stitches.

I use a yarn which I don’t know the brand of the yarn but is about 4-5mm hook size. The yarns is on promo pack so it came without the brand on it but the quality is good.

Difficulty level

The difficulty level for this project is, actually it that hard to do, as long you know all the basic stitches, you are good to move on by referring at the pattern. Just have to be patient and defiantly need some time to complete it. Sit down with a cup of tea, and pattern guide and do it slowly.

Hooks and Tools

I used a 6mm hook size, cause is a adult size and the size is great!

Experience in process

The whole experience I would say its fun. And to be honest, is very hard for me to be very consistently to finished a project but I really tried very hard to keep it up and at the end I keep tell myself to focus, I keep tell myself that ” I want to wear it for Seasons.” Ya that’s sound funny, I know. Cause with Singapore super hot weather, I won’t have the chance to wear it either. Ha ha. But I can just do it as a practice.


  • I always aimed for promotion pack yarns, even if it’s not branded which I preferred but I will use it as a practice instead.

I always shop for yarns and sometimes I don’t even know what type of yarn to buy but I just want to buy that particular yarn cause its feels so soft… nice to touch and especially the COLOURS. Creamy pink is my favorite colors. End up keep one bucket of yarns. Haha.

Hope you like this post sharing for slouchy beanie hat. Soonest will create the pattern and hope to have your support ^^.

Happy Crochet-ing!

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Crochet : Practice log – Granny Stitches

Let’s talk about Granny stitches. I refer to the video in craftsy which I always used the site and I find it very useful and it’s really helps me a lot.

Because I’m not a well planned person and I always half done person. But this time round I’m so into it and I will push myself to keep finish up my projects goals for this year.

So, I did my very first granny stitch in rows. Mainly there are two type, in rows and squares. I can say it’s fun to do and I really like granny stitches, is good to use for clothes like vest, or maybe a sofa cover or even a blanket if you like.

There is no difficulty in doing these stitches as long you know the basics, you can move on to this step. And you will find it a lot easier to do.

Give it a try and feel free to share with me your experiences in doing crochet!

Happy Reading

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Crochet : Crochet a Cowl – beginner – Crochet practice log

Photoshoot is up !

Please don’t mind my bad photo post. 😂

Hello! Good day everyone !

I’m back for another post ! Finally I’ve done my second practiced project for my cowl. It was a simple project and it’s very easy to complete jusy that I’ve been busy with some other stuff so I delayed. Apologize for the long delay.

I love how the finishing turns out and I’m satisfied with my own work. Sadly there are some mistakes which I didn’t realize and I found out at the end of the project.

This project I made turn out too big cause I tot the size wasn’t right if it’s too small. It’s ok I will just take it as a practice and make another actual one sooner for my next goal 🥰.

I felt a little disappointed actually but I told myself it’s ok, just take it as a practice. If you happen to make the same mistakes as me, just keep on practice and it will be perfect.

Is a good practice thou, will be doing another same but actual one again 😇. If you like my project and want me to do out a pattern, you may comment me and I will create one maybe in the future depends on how many people request🤪. Hope to have your support and looking forward for the upcoming project. Check out my next post soon!

Have a great day ahead !

Happy Reading & Crocheting!

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Crochet – Practice log on Hearts pattern

Hello! Good day everyone! I’m back for another short post. Hope you are doing great out there!

Recently I’m so into crochet and I’m still working on my cowl project. Temporary out of yarn and getting it soon again! Check out my post on the finishing project, will update it soonest 😁.

While practicing, I discover how to do this hearts pattern from a YouTuber. I love it at one glance and practice on it too! There are quite a few tutorials out there, will explore it and share with you guys soon! I also will come out with a pattern guide so check out my update too!

It’s actually very easy to do the hearts and once you mastered all the basic stitches you will be able to do it. So keep on practicing 💪🏻! Feel free to share with me any projects. Will be planning a list of projects to do and complete my goal!

Happy Crochet-ing!

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Crochet headband for beginner

Hello! Good day! Here is another post that I’ve done crochet a headband. This project is for Totally for beginners! And of course to complete learning all the basic first, in order to know how to do this with follow along video. Is not that hard actually. Compare to the first time I do this without any knowledge and just follow blindly is totally different.

I getting more and more inspired and keep look out for project to do it by myself. You can find a group of friends who is interested and get along to create projects and have fun!

For this headband, I finally get the correct type of yarn and hook size.

Tips: For thicker yarn, Can use a bigger size hook. So the product will turn out nicer without gap. For thin yarn, to use a smaller size hook. but the size of the hook can’t be too much different from the yarn info tab.

if you are interested in making this headband, do check out craftsy website to follow along with video. You may choose to purchase the video or join them as member to get video access.

Have a great day and Happy crochet-ing!

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Crochet in rounds – Beginner Crochet Practice log

Here is another post update on my practice log.. After complete with the basics I manage to learn another level of crochet which is working in round. Follow along with video guiding is so much easier.
sharing: check out on Craftsy website. They have mostly beginner video and it’s really helps you with the work. Once you know the basic, everything is easy👍🏻.
Hope this post give you some motivation.

Happy crochet-ing!

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Crochet Yarns materials – Crochet Practice log

So, currently I’m back on doing crochet, so I went to get yarns.. MORE yarns! 😆. I found this yarn, is wool mix with something else. I love the colors too!

Another type of yarn that I love the most is the baby alpaca yarn! It’s super soft and it’s great for making wearable project like headband, scarf or even beanie!

So recently I’m practicing the basic stitches from slip knot, single, double, treble, half double crochet and also decreases and increases. Once you have master all these stitches you can do any thing that is beginner.

Have some fun and search some project to do with crochet while you got nothing to deal with. It’s really good for life skills if you want to find something or a hobby.

Happy crochet-ing!

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How to Crochet a headband (Beginner) – Back to crochet -Practice log (Craft)

Bonjour everyone! Recently I’m back to crochet as my main hobby for now. I’m learning the basic skill for crochet and here I’m, I’ve done some basic stitches for my daily practice log and I did my very first project, headband. A simple one for beginner.

Now I feel more easier to do crochet cause I’ve learn most of the basic stitches like Single crochet, double, half double and treble, of cause slip knot, magic ring and so on. Once you start crocheting you will never want to stop. Now I feel more confident to do my projects, cause previously I started without any skill and straight move on to make a project. The feeling and now is totally different. I feel I can crochet on my own now with videos tutorial. If you love crochet, you should try, learn all the basic first include like holding your hook and all, especially for people who love crochet and they just started without any knowledge.


  • Take your time and watch some tutorial videos and follow along.
  • Don’t rush straight to project. Spend some time and build up the basic and practice.

I’m glad to share my experience with you just a short post and hope it’s helps you along.

Happy Crochet-ing!

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Where to find the Best Crafts Materials

Hello! I’m sharing a post on where to find all sorts of crafts materials! I have been to all this crafts shop and I do love what they have. It’s all more than what you need, from hand crafts to hobby craft like sewing, felting, clay crafts and many more. Best for all the crafts lovers.

I’ve seen around Chinatown area, there have most of the crafts stall likes beads making, sewing and even crochet, knitting. Materials all can be found is those crafts shops.

Golden Dragon (Jing Long)

This is the shop where I came since I was young with my granny. At that time I not really into crafts yet. But I do remember this shop.

They have lots of materials, Knitting, crochet, yarns to fabrics, beads, tools and many more. Also, conduct classes like crochet, knitting class. If you are interested may refer to their websites for info!

Art Friend

This is my favorite stall, they sell more on arts and crafts stuffs, also some tools, like glue, paint, color pencils, even sell easel. If you are looking more on handicrafts, then this place is good for you to hunt all your stuffs.


This is also my favorite place to hunt my sewing tools. They are the biggest one and only spotlight store in Singapore. From party items to household, garden decorations, home decorations, crafts to fabrics. I always find what i want in here. That’s why i love this place a lot! I think you will too!

Pop by these stores and hunt for your crafts tools and accessories!



(CRAFTS) Crochet For Beginner : Little Rolly Amigurumi!


Hello! Welcome to my craft world!

recently, I’ve been busy due to work and I’m lack of time for updating! Sorry for my bad.

This time I want to share what I’ve made.

I have made this Little Rolly Amigurumi, is a simple round shape plush. Is like a ball and with cute little eyes on it.

This is the best for beginners who wants to learn Crochet as a hobby at home during your free time! Try make this cute little fellow.

How to make Little Rolly :

I have use a black colour yarn for Rolly, I brought it from Spotlight. Is a Chunky Yarn material with 3 layers. I’m using a 7mm yarn needle.

Materials :

Chunky Yarn (It’s up to you if you prefer other yarns and colours.)

Yarn Needle, 7mm

Eyes (Brown Colour).

Stitch Markers.( To mark out the stitch from counting and miss out stitches)

If you want to know more about Crochet for Tools needed, check out my post on “Tools Needed for Crochet”.

To get the Crochet Pattern For this, Click here

To get material :

– Crochet needle

– Crochet Stitch Markers