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Craft: 3 ideas on how to store your yarns ball

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been busy moving to my new house and packing my stuff. So now im back with another post “how to store your yarns balls”.

Recently I’ve been planing how to organize my room and because I have too many stuff like mostly all crafts tools etc, I need to think how to organize it neatly and easy for me to access also. So I search online for some storage boxes, basket etc. I couldn’t decide like which is the better idea. But I did found a few ideas maybe you can check this out if you also have the same doubt as me. 🙂

This wooden board is kind of cool and it’s really organized well with colors. With one look you feel it’s pretty right ! I’m quite worry will it cause dust in it. This is one of my main concern. I’m still not sure yet. Haha

This one looks better to me cause it cover up and can store a lot of yarns if you have a lot. Maybe I can consider this one ya?

Last one I found is a crochet basket or whatever basket it is. I feel this is good too. Cause it’s easier to access. Best is with wheels or maybe a cover on top. So that maybe it won’t get dust easily? And if you don’t have that much yarns, this is perfect for your organize.

These are the 3 ideas I found so far. Please feel free to share with me your ideas too. I’m glad to share.

Happy reading !


How to prevent dog from Constipation (Pets)

Hello doggies & Hoomans! Here is another post base on what I experience in the past few days. My dog has a constipation for about 5 days and I was very worried for her and I don’t have any solution or help due to my financial low. I was scared to go for vet cause I don’t have any financial. So what I do is I monitor her for the few days, and at the same time I try to make her dinner food portion balanced. Means like try to make it balance for the portion of rice I gave.

Currently now I’m feeding her back to rice but lesser rice with mix veggie and Shredded chicken breast meat. It’s sounds healthier I guess so and I hope I’ve made the right choice for her. Because when I feed her kibbles past few months, I discover her fur drop and previously she didn’t drop fur when I feed her rice. So I would like to try it again this time and make it better.

A lot of people say kibbles or wet food are much salty and that’s why they drop fur. But I came across this grab driver and he told me there are also kibbles that are not salty but also quite pricy. Somehow I feel kibbles really are salty. Just by the smell of it.

So back to the topic on how to prevent constipation. Before I realised Oreo didn’t poo for 5 days, I was shocked and panic. And I also saw she poo with corn bits before she stop poo-ing for 5 days. So I was thinking maybe it the corn bits that get her blockage? or was it something else.

I went for research from google, there are a few points that cause constipation.

  • Blockage
  • Experience harden food

Blockage might be one of the possible reason. So I cut her food into pieces now to get her easier to digest. I was so panic and I went to buy some pumpkin as the google mentioned pumpkin can help digestion.

The funniest thing is I didn’t get the food in time to cure her cause all by deliveries. So what I did was, I gave her balanced rice portion with mixed veggie and chicken. As for morning I feed her treats biscuits cause I try not to feed her rice or only dishes without rice due to can get her unbalanced meal I guess. That’s how I feel, so I will maintain only rice for dinner. Is like humans don’t eat heavy breakfast.

Surprisingly! she finally poo before my pumpkin come. Ha-Ha! I finally feel relief ~~~ The next day she poo too, by feeding her balance rice portion I guess that solve the problem. If you want to prevent this from happening, do monitor your dog diet. Make sure they don’t eat harden food. To me I didn’t consult a vet. I will just try it on my own. But if you experience something similar like me, you can try giving a balance portion diet. or just consult a vet for safety purposes.

Well, there are quite a lot of times you will face problems as you own a doggie or pet. Just have to make sure you can afford before consider getting a pet. That’s my advise for all pet’s lovers out there.

Hope this helps you!

Happy Pet-ing!


Events / Happening in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

One of the fun thing to have is entertainment like events and festival! I think this is one of the important part to have in life. Yes. So let’s hop in to what are the events happening in Story of Seasons POoT!

Dog Run

Dog Run will held in Summer and is the very first event you get to go. If you Upgrade your Tent to Log house in time, and buy a pet dog, your pet dog can join the run too!

Hammer Festival

Manuela is the one who in charge for this festival. She will approach you and ask you to join the competition! You will be taking a challenging with other few participant which is your villagers.

Firework Festival

Mushroom Festival

* Working in progress, Please check back for updates!


Craft-able Items / Furniture in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

Materials and tools are the most important item for farming in SoS. Those basic tools are given by the mayor and some of the residents.

Most of the materials can be found in your farm and can be use for crafting. Below is the list of info on craft-able items and how to unlock.

Material also need to go through the makers machine to process items such as furniture’s, floorings and even materials to materials like Silver ore to Silver Ingot.

Craft able itemsMaterials needed
Fodder Rolls Grass x 10
MortarClay x 2
TwineFlexible Grass x 5
TorchLog x 5
Sap x 1
Squid Bait?x 5
Flexible grass x 4
Round Chair ?x 3
Lumber x 5
?x 1
SprinklerIron Ingot x 5
Silver Ingot x 3
Enhanced Sprinkler
Mortar Gate
Mortar Fence
Mortar Road
Mortar Tools box
Mortar x 3
Mortar x 2
Mortar x 1
Mortar x 10
Wooden Gate
Wooden Fence
Wooden Road
Wooden Tools box
Log x 3
Log x 2
Log x 1
Lumber x 5
Stone Gate
Stone Fence
Stone Road
Stone Tools box
Stones x 5
Stones x 4
Stones x 3
Stones x 50
Iron Gate
Iron Fence
Iron Road
Iron Ore x 2
Iron Ore x 3
Iron Ore x 1
Brick Gate
Brick Fence
Brick Road
Bricks x 3
Bricks x 2
Bricks x 1
Wood Charcoal Solid Log x 2
Cow Topiary Grass x 99
Simple Standing Lamp Flexible cloth x 1
Solid Lumber x 3
Sap x 3
Wooden Bench Solid lumber x 6
Blue dye x 3
Fancy desk lamp Iron Ingot x 1
Solid lumber x 2
Sap x 6
Refined Coal Coal lump x 1
Glass Glass rock x 1
Medium fish bait Fishing bait base x 6
Flexible grass x 6
Suction pumpBricks x 10
Silver Ingot x 5
Chic rug Rabbit cloth
Round lump Iron Ingot x 3
Glass x 3
Sap x 3
Fashionable braceletSilver Ingot x 16
Emerald x 1
Chicken Topiary Flexible grass x 99
* Working in progress, Please check back for updates!

Some of the materials are hard to find but just explore like the caves as much as you can.

If you need more energy to harvest, you will need to take note your stamina.


How to get a Pet / Animals in Story of Seasons – Pioneer of Olive Town

My most excited part is to have a pet. That’s what I’ve been waiting for almost in every game! 🤣

To get a pet you need to upgrade your tent to log cabin. In order to have space for your pet to stay in.

So apparently you need materials and some money to do so.

  • Logs x 20
  • 2000gils

The log cabin will come with a mini kitchen, fridge, bathroom, tables etc.

Worth it right? Haha.

Next thing you need of cause is a Pet!

Dogs & Cats

Head to the pets store and Patricia will talk to you and pass you a pet leash as gift. Then talk to Bridget to buy a pet of your choice.

Price and breeds available :

Breed (Cats)Price
  • Brown Strip Mix
  • 1,600g
  • Black mix
  • 1,600g
  • White mix
  • 1,600g
  • American shorthair
  • 1,600g
  • Scottish fold
  • 1,600g
  • Calico
  • 1,600g
  • Persian
  • 2,400g
  • Maine Coon
  • 2,400g
    * Please check back for more updates!

    Breed (Dogs) Price
  • Shiba (1,600g)
  • 1,600g
  • Husky (2,400g)
  • 2,400g
  • Labrador (2,400g)
  • 2,400g
  • Pomeranian (1,600g)
  • 1,600g
  • Border collie(2,400g)
  • 2,400g
    * Please check back for more updates!

    A pet bed will be given your pet too!

    The rest of the animals will just randomly appear while harvesting your farm, so just keep a look out for it. But need to get your barn, stable ready to keep them all.


    Chickens appear in 2 type of colors, the silkie is in grey white, and the white as normal chicken.


    These cow will appear in Farm area 2 once you fix the bridge that link to Farm 1. There are 2 type of colors, white with black spotted and brown.


    To be updated.

    Angora Rabbit

    Angora rabbit comes in 3 different colors, white, grey and pink which gives you different type of wool.


    Goat will also appear randomly with the sheep and rabbits. I suppose to say it’s a baby goat.

    So once you upgrade your barn, you are allow to keep them all together in one barn.


    To be updated.


    Horse appear in 3 colors, black, white and brown. They can also be customizable.

    To be update soon..

    These animals will just appear randomly in your farm. Tame them to keep them and don’t forget to feed them. You will get to see these animals around

    So now you have a pet! Show your care and loved to them like real life pals!

    Hope this helps you!



    How to get Tools / Upgrade Tools – Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

    Can’t live your farms without tools uh? Definitely ~

    Best thing about seeding mode is you get your tools right away. And you get level up faster while you built up your farm. Along the way you will get to unlocks items, that are craft able and all you need is keep finding and hunt for materials.

    Mayor will hand over most basic tools needed, hammer, axe, sickle and watering can. Others you will get a camera to claim at the museum, fishing rod from Manuela at the beach house and pet leash from Patricia at the pet store.

    Below is the tools and material needed to upgrade for your tools for a speed up work in your farm.

    Iron Hammer Iron ingot x 10
    Silver Hammer Silver ingot x
    Gold Hammer
    Iron Axe Lumber x 3
    Iron ingot x 3
    Silver Axe Solid lumber x 5
    Silver ingot x 5
    Gold AxeSupple lumber x 10
    Gold ingot x 10
    Iron Hoe Lumber x 3
    Iron ingot x 3
    Silver Hoe
    Gold Hoe Supple lumber x 10
    Gold ingot x 10
    Iron Sickle
    Silver Sickle
    Gold Sickle
    Iron Bucket Iron ingot x 3
    Silver Bucket
    Gold Bucket Gold ingot x 10
    Iron Rod
    Silver Rod
    Gold Rod
    * Working in progress, Please check back for updates!

    How to use

    Axe – Can be use to cut down trees to get logs, once you upgrade to Iron, Silver, Gold, it can cut down up to 2-5 trees.

    Hammer – Same goes to hammer. Can hammer up to 2-5 rocks to get different types of Ore, stones etc. If you happen to see the (…) and hit it with a hammer you will get certain items or treasure. Can be claim at the museum.

    Hoe – This is use to tile the soil for planting. And this is where you will see lit harvest spirits rolling out.

    Sickle – Use it for cutting grass.

    Watering Can – Can water up to 3 plots and above once upgraded.

    Bucket – Use to collect puddles that gives you clays. Use it to make bricks once you have the bricks maker machine.

    Fishing rod – For fishing. Use baits to gain better result.


    How to maintain / increase stamina in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

    So, of cause you will need energy as your stamina drop quite fast throughout the day. Bring some food with you so that you won’t work too hard and forget about meals. Here are some tips on working your stamina.

    Maintain Stamina

    So if you work too hard and forget to eat your meal, you will end up fainted. If you faint, the next day you wake up your stamina only increase by a bit.

    If you sleeps before 10pm, you will increase with full stamina. If you sleep later than 10 depends on what time, it won’t increase full but only 80% below.

    The Shrine

    Another way to increase your stamina is to visit The shrine located further up Olive Town. It will open until you unlock certain levels. Then you can collect your blessing such as boosting your stamina by using Harvest coins.

    Cooked food

    You know that you will hang out for a long day and of cause not possible without food. Cook some food with you if you are going to the caves or harvesting throughout the day. Food can helps with your stamina depends on what you eat. Kitchen will available after you upgrade you house.

    Taking a Shower

    Shower will also be available after upgrading your tent to log house. Shower helps you increase stamina by 1 heart, but will keeps you active longer throughout the day.


    How to fix the broken facilities / Expand your farm – in Story of Seasons – Pioneers of Olive town

    Here is another post on the breakdown facilities that I’ve encountered, It’s means some of the area got breakdown or blockage by the path and you need to get materials to fix it. It will lead you to new areas and explore new stuff too. So I created these list below to guide and show you what are the materials needed.

    This area is at your main area where you stay. Every day will have trees, stones etc. to harvest. Don’t have to worried out of materials.

    Farm area # 1

    Fix broken CoopUpgrade to Big Coop
    Pebbles x20
    Grass x 30
    Lumber x 30
    Solid lumber x 30
    Iron ingot x?
    Silver ingot x?

    Farm area # 2 is right after the broken bridge, once you get the bridge fix, you can then access the area which have a broken barn and mushroom log.

    Fix Broken bridgeNo upgrade required.
    Unlocks to travel to Area # 2
    Lumber x 15
    Or 5,000G

    Then you will see the broken debris further which leads you to farm area # 3.

    Farm area # 2

    Fix Broken BarnUpgrade
    To raise Cows, sheep, goat, rabbit
    Hard lumber x 10
    Iron Ingot
    Soft Grass x 50
    * Working in Progress, Please check back for updates!

    Fix Mushroom LogNo upgrade required
    Allow to plant mushroom
    Hard lumber x 20
    Clay x 30
    Soft Grass x 40
    Fix Broken DebrisNo upgrade required
    Unlock to Area # 3
    Hard lumber x 50
    Silver ingot x 20
    Mortar x 50
    Or 20,000G

    Farm area # 3

    Fix Beehive
    * Working in Progress, Please check back for updates!
    * Working in Progress, Please check back for updates!

    Fix Broken StableUpgrade
    Mirage lumber x 50
    Orichalcum Ingot x 50
    Suction pump x 20
    Olive Crystal x 10
    * Working in Progress, Please check back for updates!
    * Working in Progress, Please check back for updates!
    Fix Suspension Bridge
    * Working in Progress, Please check back for updates!

    Once you get to explore further, Remember to upgrade your tools to speed up. Along the way you will get new materials etc.

    Happy Gaming!


    Harvest Sprites in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

    Along the game you will meet lots of happening, cutscenes etc. This is one of the happening that you will meet in your farm life which is the Harvest Sprites .

    The Harvest Sprites

    These is the harvest sprites will suddenly appear randomly in your farm in summer season. They are sprites that live in another world. You will actually find them jumping out your crops while you harvesting, So if you realize these lit pink bouncing ball rolling out from your crops are called “followers sprites.

    Once you collected 25 Harvest Sprites you will unlock The Earth Village where all the sprites live. When you visit The Earth Village, talk to all the sprites and they will give you materials, food and fish and Harvest Coins.

    In order to do so you will need to assign sprites by using the Sprites Management chart, just talk to the first spirit (in green) just behind the spirit who bring you here, select each spirits and assign the numbers of sprites you want.

    All you have to do is to visit The Earth Village frequently which is just once per day cause by doing this will allow them to bring in more stuffs to collect. Starting you will only have 3 sprites available. If you keep on harvesting you will unlock more sprites as you go. There is a total of 8 spirits.

    Harvest Coins

    Harvest coin can be collected from the sprites while you visit The Earth Village. To unlock all 8 sprites , you will need to find 100 harvest sprites and The Harvest Goddess will awaken, allow you to access the shrine and use the Harvest coins to increase your stamina, improve your farm soil and unlock more harvest sprites .

    Might unlock some special land plots too.

    Happy Gaming!


    Maker list / How to Craft Makers in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

    Along the way you will get to unlock makers to help you with your farming. There are different types of makers to unlock in certain skill level. Like logging skill unit certain level you get to unlock a maker.

    Maker list

    MakersMaterial neededSkills level
    Thread Maker Twine x 10 
    Log x 10
    Reaping Lv.3
    Ingot Maker Ore x 10
    Log x 10
    Mining Lv.2
    Textile Maker Thread x 3
    Iron ingot x 5
    Reaping Lv.4
    Mayonnaise Maker Lumber x 3
    Iron ingot x 3
    Animal Care Lv.2
    Bricks Maker Mortar x 5
    Iron ingot x 5
    Draining Lv.3
    Powder Maker ? x 3 
    Seed Maker Supple Lumber x 5
    Gold Ingot x 5
    Wood Charcoal x 10
    Field work Lv.6  
    Jewel Maker Ingot x 5
    Silver x 10
    Raw White Opal x 1
    Logging Lv.6
    Lumber Maker Logs x 20
    Essence MakerSilver ingot x 3
    Glass x 5
    Seasoning Maker Solid Lumber x 5
    Iron ingot x 2
    Yogurt Maker Solid Lumber x 3
    Iron ingot x 3
    Dye Maker Iron Ingot x 3
    Silver Ingot x 3
    Butter Maker Lumber x 3
    Silver Ingot x 2
    Yarn Maker Solid Lumber x 3
    Ingot x 2
    Glass x 1
    Condiment Maker Silver x 3
    Cheese Maker Lumber x 3
    Silver Ingot x 2
    Cloth Maker Solid Lumber x 3
    Silver Ingot x 2
    Glass x 1
    *Working in progress, Please check back for updates!

    How to Craft

    You can find the list in your Bag under Crafting tab. Find the material and you can craft it. And you will need your tools to give you a hand.

    After you get makers, its much more easy for your farm work! The only thing is need to find material, which is some of the material which can be quite tough. And also base on the daily time running real fast that can make you very busy.

    Hope this helps you.

    Happy Gaming!


    Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town – Introduction / Tips to get started

    Good days to all gamers Fans out there. After a short game play I decided to write a introduction base on what I’ve explored on the game SOS !

    I will just add in whatever I explore to this post and i will keep it updated if any new updates.

    Let’s hop in to our favorite farming game. So the game comes in 2 different modes. One is normal mode and seeding mode.

    I’ve chosen the Seeding mode FYI. 🙃

    Game Mode

    So the normal mode basically is just more challenging cause you will come with nothing I guess. No tools given by the mayor at all and you might need to craft it yourself or head to the store and ask for help. (Correct me if I’m wrong cause I’m playing Seeding mode.) 😁 Cause most of the games are the same and similar. I assume it should be this way 😄.

    Customizing your Character

    You get to choose and customize your own character and a scooter! You can’t use it starting of the game but maybe after you unlock the Motorcycle repair.

    As usual you can custom the eyes colors, skin tone etc. They have few hairstyle for now but you will get to unlock it after you expand with a salon in Town.

    Your House and Farm

    You started staying in a tent with some items. You will get to upgrade to a house in a later time with needed materials.

    Tips: chop down logs and stones, do some minding in the caves to get ores etc.

    For starting you might need quite a lot of logs so just keep chopping down trees.

    Shops and Old folks / Villagers

    Head down to the Town Square and make a visit! Explore around and get some seeds to plant before summer comes. You will also get to see some cut scene along the way.

    • The Hoof House Animal shop
    • Olive General store
    • Capeside Bistro
    • Norman’s Groceries
    • Nigel’s Handiworks
    • Worker’s Base tools shop
    • Salon Ailes D’ange
    • Nguyen’s flowers
    • Iori’s Residence: Seishin-an
    • Ranger’s Station
    • Olive Hall
    • Olive Museum
    • Gull’s Rest Hotel & Café
    • Tourist Centre
    • Marco’s House

    Once you get use to the daily farming, you will get unlock certain items. Head down to Olive Hall to check out for request from the residents, each time you complete you get to redeem items like makers, fodders, and medals after you complete some quest.

    Tools Bag

    After 1-2 days, You will finally get to access your tools bag given by the mayor, with all the tools you can start to clean up your farm.

    So you need to click on the tool bag to shift tools to row 1 so that you can use it.

    Beyond that, you can also see the status for the relationships, birthdays, and tools etc. I will do a guide in the next post on this too.

    Well, I guess that’s all about the introduction. Hope this guide helps you and enjoy your game !

    Also feel free to share with me your game play or follow me on Instagram !

    *Please check back for updates!

    Nice day!

    Check out other guide link below:

    Egg Hunt in Story of Season Pioneers of Olive Town



    Egg Hunt Event – Story of Seasons – Pioneers of Olive Town

    Egg hunt event is here! This event will held on Spring 15 (Sun).

    (*video taken from switch)

    Everyone is excited for this event especially you neighbors around you. Cause they will keep talking about it when you get to meet them at the town area. Mayor will be the one who in-charge so he will announce to everybody in the morning raised to get you prepared.

    * Note: if you happen to wake up later then 10.30am, you will miss the announcement.

    • You can just restart the day if you miss out the event.

    It will also randomly appear other things like the “Navi spirits”. Will update this on another post.

    So, I manage to attend the event after the restart.

    As what the mayor says, if you have any close relationship with any of the villagers, you get to team up with them and hunt for the egg.

    Im quite disappointed with the event actually, cause they do it like some kind of animation effect to hunt for the egg. So eventually you don’t have to do anything. Just talk to mayor and start anytime whenever you ready. I wish they could do it like really hunt for egg or something 🤔. It would be fun thou!

    Hope this helps you out ! Have fun!



    Lifestyle: My experience in doing difficult puzzle pieces

    Recently I’ve been addicted to do puzzle like the one above. This is the hardest puzzle I ever do. As you can see the picture is too complicated and we decide to buy it and take this challenge.

    I’m glad that I’ve completed the middle part of the puzzle. Overall experience was quite fun and I just happy with doing puzzle. It can calm your mind and feel relaxing.

    I think the tips for doing puzzle is your eyes have to be very alert to look for the pieces. Especially the part when I keep can’t find, I will look at the box and fix it. Yes it’s really difficult by looking at the box too. That’s the challenging part.

    I really loves this picture puzzle with cat and dog and books around. This puzzle is a plastic puzzle and the quality really good and worth the price. Compared to the one I currently doing is made of cupboard. But in good quality also. To be honest, the feeling is definitely not better than the plastic ones. That’s the reason why, cause plastic and cupboard.

    The plastics one come in 4 separate parts. Which means they spread the pictures into 4 parts and pack nicely for you. It will make the puzzle more easier. 😄 That’s another part I like too.

    I was attracted by this puzzle sell at cotton on for just $5. Surprisingly the quality wasn’t that bad too. And after doing this one we actually went to look for next puzzle to do which is the picture above.

    If you are looking for puzzle or you would wan to do one, can just head down to “perfect fit” located at city hall.


    dogs · pets

    Pets : Back to kibbles with wet food


    The reason why I get her back to kibbles is because I don’t want Oreo to suffer by eating human food. Previously I gave her rice with wet dog food. She loved it a lot . But people and friends around me keep said that rice are not good for dogs. I’m so confused so i decided to gave her kibbles and I feel relief by giving her kibbles which is what dogs eat. Not to think and depressed so much.

    Currently now I’m feeling her Royal Canine mini for Adults with wet food. chicken flavor. Surprisingly she suit to eat chicken which I heard a lot of people said most dogs has allergy to chicken. And me and my friend actually found out something about the kibbles ingredients. Some chicken flavor come with ingredients that’s not suit for your dogs, partly is not because of chicken flavor, maybe is the ingredients.

    When you met a picky dog, these are the problem that you will faced. This is how I train her now, I add wet food to kibbles and she finished it. She seems to like wet food more. My concern is to lower down my expenses.. but if this training fail i might switch to wet food instead. And also wet food packaging doesn’t come in big sizes so have to keep on buying or buy in a monthly basics.

    I really hope she can get use to kibbles.. recently i realized she have this weird and funny act. When I leave the food on the floor she smell and don’t bother to eat it. But when my dad… yes my dad walk passed her food, she panic. She barked at my dad. And she go to her food and finished with my dad standing there🤷🏼‍♀️. I was like … ok… what’s wrong with you.. what does that even mean.. haha. So now she finished it with wet food.

    Dear pets owners out there, If you have any better idea or solution, please help me with it. I will be very grateful for helping me 🙏🏻 !

    Happy Reading !

    Crafts · crochet

    Crochet: Slouchy Beanie Hat for Beginner

    I did another crochet project – A slouchy style beanie hat for beginner, This is another beginner crochet and its easy to do. If you love to wear beanie like me, you will defiantly love this hat.

    Usually beanie is just normal with various crochet stitches made. But this slouchy hat turns out a different feel, a bit slouchy and loose type. There is no special stitches in this project, it’s just build with basic stitches.

    I use a yarn which I don’t know the brand of the yarn but is about 4-5mm hook size. The yarns is on promo pack so it came without the brand on it but the quality is good.

    Difficulty level

    The difficulty level for this project is, actually it that hard to do, as long you know all the basic stitches, you are good to move on by referring at the pattern. Just have to be patient and defiantly need some time to complete it. Sit down with a cup of tea, and pattern guide and do it slowly.

    Hooks and Tools

    I used a 6mm hook size, cause is a adult size and the size is great!

    Experience in process

    The whole experience I would say its fun. And to be honest, is very hard for me to be very consistently to finished a project but I really tried very hard to keep it up and at the end I keep tell myself to focus, I keep tell myself that ” I want to wear it for Seasons.” Ya that’s sound funny, I know. Cause with Singapore super hot weather, I won’t have the chance to wear it either. Ha ha. But I can just do it as a practice.


    • I always aimed for promotion pack yarns, even if it’s not branded which I preferred but I will use it as a practice instead.

    I always shop for yarns and sometimes I don’t even know what type of yarn to buy but I just want to buy that particular yarn cause its feels so soft… nice to touch and especially the COLOURS. Creamy pink is my favorite colors. End up keep one bucket of yarns. Haha.

    Hope you like this post sharing for slouchy beanie hat. Soonest will create the pattern and hope to have your support ^^.

    Happy Crochet-ing!


    Pets: Cool stuff to pampered your fur-kid


    This online store sells pretty nice pets stuff like collar, hardness and leash. The designs are special and material really durable. I bought the body hardness, the hardness can be use 2 in 1. Cool right? It means it can use for both side and both side come in different designs. So if you like to use either side just turn around and use it with your matching leash. 


    Do you like to pampered your pet buddy a lot? Here’s another store that sells pet bowl with customized names and various design on it. I’m sure you will love it and your buddy will love it too!

    Click on the link and Check out their Instagram store!

    Hope you like my sharing on Pets stuff to buy for your fur-kid.

    Happy Shopping!


    Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021! Happy New Year!


    HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Times flies and its a new year new start again!

    Have you plan your goals for 2021 yet? I’m so looking forward to my new year goals and the things I need to do in 2021. It gonna be a busy year ahead planning my new house and furniture’s.

    2020 was a very bad year for us. Families conflict, handing all the ups and down.. finance headache.. we’ve been thru all the experience like hired lawyer… making decision for the house.. all these really kill us down and spoil the relationship while dealing it. And I’m so glad that we’ve made it thru .. all thanks to my love, who help me a lot and really thanks all for understand and willing to help me out when I’m very down and don’t know what to do.

    My wish for 2021 is …

    I hope my niece, Alexis will grow up fast and learn to be a smart and happy girl. Even since her childhood was a mess because of her mother. But to let her know that she still have people around who loved her a lot and care for her.

    I hope to have a peace and happy family.. together with our new house coming in March or June 21. Hope everything goes well and also wishing all the animals out there will have a lovely and safe home wherever they are. I wish I’m able to help them out but I can’t afford it. So by donating money might help them thou. I will do my part too.

    Wishing all happy new year, and hope 2021 will be a great year and to fight Covid 19 away!

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    Crochet : Practice log – Granny Stitches

    Let’s talk about Granny stitches. I refer to the video in craftsy which I always used the site and I find it very useful and it’s really helps me a lot.

    Because I’m not a well planned person and I always half done person. But this time round I’m so into it and I will push myself to keep finish up my projects goals for this year.

    So, I did my very first granny stitch in rows. Mainly there are two type, in rows and squares. I can say it’s fun to do and I really like granny stitches, is good to use for clothes like vest, or maybe a sofa cover or even a blanket if you like.

    There is no difficulty in doing these stitches as long you know the basics, you can move on to this step. And you will find it a lot easier to do.

    Give it a try and feel free to share with me your experiences in doing crochet!

    Happy Reading

    Crafts · crochet

    Crochet : Crochet a Cowl – beginner – Crochet practice log

    Photoshoot is up !

    Please don’t mind my bad photo post. 😂

    Hello! Good day everyone !

    I’m back for another post ! Finally I’ve done my second practiced project for my cowl. It was a simple project and it’s very easy to complete jusy that I’ve been busy with some other stuff so I delayed. Apologize for the long delay.

    I love how the finishing turns out and I’m satisfied with my own work. Sadly there are some mistakes which I didn’t realize and I found out at the end of the project.

    This project I made turn out too big cause I tot the size wasn’t right if it’s too small. It’s ok I will just take it as a practice and make another actual one sooner for my next goal 🥰.

    I felt a little disappointed actually but I told myself it’s ok, just take it as a practice. If you happen to make the same mistakes as me, just keep on practice and it will be perfect.

    Is a good practice thou, will be doing another same but actual one again 😇. If you like my project and want me to do out a pattern, you may comment me and I will create one maybe in the future depends on how many people request🤪. Hope to have your support and looking forward for the upcoming project. Check out my next post soon!

    Have a great day ahead !

    Happy Reading & Crocheting!

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    The Malti-Poo and Shih Tze

    Hello to all woofy! We had another gathering at my house and with my friend, poppy! We had a blast day fighting & disturbing each other while my human is out. (See how bad we are..)

    What I discovered is dog had a similarity with humans. They only do their own things at their own house and space. While outing, they will behave like heaven. At home is like hell.. 🤣 (hands up if it’s true!)

    I have no idea what they fighting or playing for. But I can feel they are still friends after all😅.

    Sharing info:

    currently still working on making videos to post on YouTube, do check out my channel link and do like and subscribe too. Maybe not for now but in the future! Will update soonest once I done my videos.

    Happy pet-ing!

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    Crochet – Practice log on Hearts pattern

    Hello! Good day everyone! I’m back for another short post. Hope you are doing great out there!

    Recently I’m so into crochet and I’m still working on my cowl project. Temporary out of yarn and getting it soon again! Check out my post on the finishing project, will update it soonest 😁.

    While practicing, I discover how to do this hearts pattern from a YouTuber. I love it at one glance and practice on it too! There are quite a few tutorials out there, will explore it and share with you guys soon! I also will come out with a pattern guide so check out my update too!

    It’s actually very easy to do the hearts and once you mastered all the basic stitches you will be able to do it. So keep on practicing 💪🏻! Feel free to share with me any projects. Will be planning a list of projects to do and complete my goal!

    Happy Crochet-ing!

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    The dog with the cat ear..

    I just snap this picture while she lying on the floor. Super cute of her.
    Currently she is on medication due to skin allergy. Finally I decide to bring her to vet for check and yeah, she got skin allergy and flaky skin. And my very first question to the doctor is, is it serious.. cause I’m too worried for her and also due to some financially problems.

    Now with medication, I feel more relieved. Cause after monitoring for a few days, she is slightly better now. So hopefully she get well soon!

    This is what you need to have.. responsible.. for your pet. Especially dogs or cats or any other pet. Well I really learn it and I will definitely treat her the right way and do my part.

    recently just change her food back to kibbles under science diet. Surprisingly she suit to eat chicken. Cause I heard a lot of people say chicken is the one that cause the allergy. I think is it but only for some dogs. Every dog have their own suitable food. That’s so much convenient for me. I mean that’s my purpose of changing her food back to kibbles. I’m in charge now to take care of my furkid cause I’m the one who wants to keep her in the first place. But without anyone help, include my dad. So I was like, ok fine. But at least he will still help to feed her.

    One thing sweet about Oreo is, she loved to stick with me and when I’m not around she was like “out of her mind” and trying to mess up the place.
    Oh well, she need more training then. 😏

    Happy reading!

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    Crochet headband for beginner

    Hello! Good day! Here is another post that I’ve done crochet a headband. This project is for Totally for beginners! And of course to complete learning all the basic first, in order to know how to do this with follow along video. Is not that hard actually. Compare to the first time I do this without any knowledge and just follow blindly is totally different.

    I getting more and more inspired and keep look out for project to do it by myself. You can find a group of friends who is interested and get along to create projects and have fun!

    For this headband, I finally get the correct type of yarn and hook size.

    Tips: For thicker yarn, Can use a bigger size hook. So the product will turn out nicer without gap. For thin yarn, to use a smaller size hook. but the size of the hook can’t be too much different from the yarn info tab.

    if you are interested in making this headband, do check out craftsy website to follow along with video. You may choose to purchase the video or join them as member to get video access.

    Have a great day and Happy crochet-ing!

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    Crochet in rounds – Beginner Crochet Practice log

    Here is another post update on my practice log.. After complete with the basics I manage to learn another level of crochet which is working in round. Follow along with video guiding is so much easier.
    sharing: check out on Craftsy website. They have mostly beginner video and it’s really helps you with the work. Once you know the basic, everything is easy👍🏻.
    Hope this post give you some motivation.

    Happy crochet-ing!

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    Crochet Yarns materials – Crochet Practice log

    So, currently I’m back on doing crochet, so I went to get yarns.. MORE yarns! 😆. I found this yarn, is wool mix with something else. I love the colors too!

    Another type of yarn that I love the most is the baby alpaca yarn! It’s super soft and it’s great for making wearable project like headband, scarf or even beanie!

    So recently I’m practicing the basic stitches from slip knot, single, double, treble, half double crochet and also decreases and increases. Once you have master all these stitches you can do any thing that is beginner.

    Have some fun and search some project to do with crochet while you got nothing to deal with. It’s really good for life skills if you want to find something or a hobby.

    Happy crochet-ing!

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    How to Crochet a headband (Beginner) – Back to crochet -Practice log (Craft)

    Bonjour everyone! Recently I’m back to crochet as my main hobby for now. I’m learning the basic skill for crochet and here I’m, I’ve done some basic stitches for my daily practice log and I did my very first project, headband. A simple one for beginner.

    Now I feel more easier to do crochet cause I’ve learn most of the basic stitches like Single crochet, double, half double and treble, of cause slip knot, magic ring and so on. Once you start crocheting you will never want to stop. Now I feel more confident to do my projects, cause previously I started without any skill and straight move on to make a project. The feeling and now is totally different. I feel I can crochet on my own now with videos tutorial. If you love crochet, you should try, learn all the basic first include like holding your hook and all, especially for people who love crochet and they just started without any knowledge.


    • Take your time and watch some tutorial videos and follow along.
    • Don’t rush straight to project. Spend some time and build up the basic and practice.

    I’m glad to share my experience with you just a short post and hope it’s helps you along.

    Happy Crochet-ing!


    Love your dog the way they are..

    Hello everyone! Was so busy for the past few days and here is another casual posting about my fur-kid. I have no idea why she suddenly pee around the house when no one is at home. The most pissed me off is once I’m out of the house, she started her nonsense. I’m tense.. and i got no choice but to lock her in the kitchen area for time being. I hope she learn her lesson .. and hope she understands me..

    I did use back all the training tips to train her to pee properly on the pee pad. She did it! but only when I lock her and when I’m home. -.-

    I found her so cute lying on the bed and ignore me when I scolded her -.-“. Well, I don’t want to scold her and I don’t like to scold her but she made me did it. But she is always my sweet girl to me and I loved her a lot. 🙂

    Goodnight world!

    dogs · pets

    Pets : Having Dogs gathering at my house :)


    Hellos! We have plan a dog gathering after so long due to circuit breaker period, finally! We can gathered around.

    One of my friend just bought a new fur kid, Shiba Inu. It’s a mini Shiba according to her and now she is about 5-6months.

    My first signed of her is she is so small, much smaller than one of her Jap splitz. So happy for her that she finally found a family who love her and hope to have more outing with her again and again haha!

    B97-FCA19-0-B49-41-BC-BA5-B-D6-B6-AD3-C3082 CFB719-F1-21-C5-4-B4-F-B7-EA-7-A7-B25-A8-A1-CA

    My little niece also kind of like her, I can feel she is defiantly a dog lovers. The nick name for the Shiba is call kuku, full name is Sakura.

    We manage to take a group shoot with all the pups!


    Oreo is defiantly more hyper than ever, she is the only one who keep the group burning and busy! Guess what she get jealous or angry at Sparks who took her toy and play. She fierce him and it’s shock us. Haha!


    People say like owner like dog. So every owner who own their dogs, character use to be similar. It’s like so amazing but so true.

    Happy Pet-ing!

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    Pets: Coconut Oil Supplement for Dogs


    Hellos to all the fur kid out there! I’m posting another post about my fur kid, she is on this coconut oil supplement. I just randomly bought for her to try. So far I feel its fine, I found out her breath not so sinks, I not sure but it’s true. Ha Ha.


    I’m still monitoring her skin problems. She have flaky on her skin. Recently I bath her with tea bag packaging and put powder on her. I used those army powder that I managed to find it at one of the online store.

    If you are also looking for coconut oil, do try this brand, is from USA.

    Happy Reading !

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    Pets: Outing at Happenstance Cafe

    Outing at Happenance cafe

    Hello! I’m reposting here We went to Oreo’s best friend bark-day @ happenstance Cafe located at Serangoon area. We actually found out Serangoon area have a lot of pets cafes. This on is located at some small street 35 opal crescent, S 328425.

    This is my first time been to dog cafe with my fur kid and 3 others to celebrate sparky’s (jap splitz) bark-day!

    I can say it was a good experience for me cause Oreo have never been out since she was a pup (Shih Tzu). Because of that she never really meet any dogs outside but only in house. I feel dogs need to hang out together and make furry friends. This is their usual life just like humans.

    Outing at Happenance cafe
    Outing at Happenance cafe

    I’m so glad that i save her and get to keep her since before she turn 1 year old.

    She have never like to communicate with other dogs but surprisingly, she does well with kids? When we reached the cafe, she just don’t dare to play with other dogs but other does find her to play and she insist to play with them. And here came 2 kids, and she started to go forward and play with them instead of with other dogs. Ha Ha!

    Maybe she just love to play with kids ? or she just hate other dogs? Ha Ha! I’m just happy that she did make a move to go up and play with them.

    So they finally have fun together! Let me also introduce you their food here. They have Salads, spaghetti, small bites like fries etc. And of cause they provide dog food  with as usual flavor like chicken, duck, beef etc.

    Check out their menus:

    Outing at Happenance cafe
    Outing at Happenance cafe
    Outing at Happenance cafe

    The food seems good and tasty but the price is a little expensive for a café level. But i will rate the food 9/10. 1% is the waiting time. They kind of forget my order. Overall is still acceptable. 🙂


    How to Sew a Kids Envelope Pillow Case (Sewing)

    Hello! I’m back with a sewing blog post on How to Sew a Kids Pillow Case.

    So, recently I’ve been busy with other things, I apologise for a late long post.

    Let’s go straight to the main thing, So my niece keep want me to sew a pillow case for her and is hello kitty printed. HAHA. Can’t help it, she just love hello kitty.

    Okay, firstly, I use her pillow as measurement. What I did was I took her pillow put on the fabric and cut out the size that I want according to the pillow.

    Step 1: Cut 2 separate pieces or 1 long piece and fold to half.

    Step 2: Once cut out, it will look like a half folded piece.Now have to adjust the piece of fabric.

    Turn to wrong side of the fabric, Take one side of the piece, shift a bit longer to make the envelope cover.Now have to adjust the piece of fabric. Take one side of the piece from the top, shift a bit longer, fold down a few CM to make the envelope cover.

    Align your fabric, and fold to half. Then use the pillow to measure and cut out the size that you want.Gives 1 or 2 cm seam allowance on all 3 sides. So it won’t turn out to be so tight.

    Step 3: Once adjusted, take the body side put over the top which is the envelope cover and Pin it.

    Step 4: Before you start sewing, make hem on the envelope cover and the body edge.Step

    Step 5: Done with heming, you can start sewing all the 3 side. Remember to do a back stitch for the starting and ending edge.And you are good to go! Try it and adjust if needed.If you want to try sewing a pillow case, this is the beginner basic steps to start off with.Feel free to shared with me your finished project in the comment!No promise! but I will try my best to do up more tutorial sooner as I can!


    Phuket · Travel

    5 D 4 N to Phuket Island Itinerary 2018 (Travel)

    Hello! Good day everyone! Here is my post on Itinerary for Phuket 2018.

    We have chosen this hotel, Tiger Complex Hotel which is located @ Patong area. So we took Jet star flight, morning flight 7am, and we depart about 11 plus. 

    Day 1: Randomly Walking around Patong area



    So once we reach the hotel we went to get some necessities at Big C which is at Juncelyon mall. We decide to just buy it here so we don’t have to bring our own. But if you want to bring of course can get those travel pack.

    Apparently, there is nothing much to shop here, there is some night market around the area which is the Bangala street. Just beside or behind the juncelyon. There is two mall here, one is the Phuket mall and juncelyon mall. Phuket mall is like Robinson and the things there is quite pricey. Is like Orchard Road in Singapore.


    After our short shopping, we went to Patong Beach which is just in front of Bangla street.

    We decided to just walk towards to freedom Beach but we stop halfway and see the sun was going down soon so we took a cab back down to Patong.



    We get to see the nice view from the top while walking up the sloppy slop. We recommend if you want to go Freedom beach, need to took a cab there, cause there’s no way you can walk there. Is way too far.  Cos is too scary to walk up even we follow the map along the way. So when we got a cab, the driver was nice enough to tell us that the beaches were closed at 5pm or 6pm can’t really remember but is about this time. So we are so lucky! That we stop and go back down 😂. Thanks to the driver.

    The driver was asking whether we need to book a taxi the next day activity. We told him where we going and he gave us a reasonable price, 1600 baht for four pax from our hotel to Vanich farm than go to Old Phuket Town then Central festive mall and Chiliva night market then back to the hotel. So 1 person is about 400bhat. 

    So we are back at our hotel, after a long day we are hungry and we ate the seafood stall just opposite our hotel. Is at Bazzan Market. The food there was not as bad, still acceptable. Cost about 200baht for 5 dishes, they also have Zi char style. We order a morning glory which is Kang gong, pork minced and a Tom Yum soup for sure!

    After that, we went for a short shopping and exploring at some night market.

    Day 2 – Snorkelling at Phi Phi Island package


    For this package, we have a bus to send us to the Pier and gather with the instructor first and brief us on the tour.

    So we are heading to 4 Island, PhiPhi Don, Khai Nok, Phi Phi Lay, Khai Nui. All this 4 location is in the package. As I mentioned in my previous post.

    We will be going to Khai Nui Island for first snorkelling, last for 40 mins. I would say if you don’t really know how to swim, please don’t try this. Because is a very deep sea area. Of cause, they will provide you safety vest and snorkelling equipment.

    Then heading to Phi Phi Lay and sightseeing Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Cove, Viking cave. 


    Phi Phi Island really has a lot of nice sight viewing. Especially the sea.. feel the nice air and beautiful scenery away from stress at work. Such a nice and best way to relieve stress and holidays.


    After long swimming, heading for lunch. They will prepare a meal for you @12pm -1pm. @Phi Phi Don After the first snorkelling, you will get very hungry and the food is really delicious. So satisfying. They will have Halal food too, so not to worry without food. 🙂 The place is like a canteen. Feel like a school camp old days. Ha Ha!

    Next, we visit Monkey bay and then depart at Khai Nor Island at the last station.


    Snorkelling @ Khai nor Island 

    This is the second snorkelling location, this one is better, cause it not in the deep at all. And I get to see fishes around the sea.

    Beautiful clear water and nice scenery. Remember to take some shot if you went there.

    And, that’s the end of our tour at PhiPhi Island. Take about 1-day duration. So, if you decide to go for the tour, plan out 1 day for this package.

    Before we went for dinner we head for a 30mins leg massage just beside the Bazzan Market. 200baht for 30 minutes leg massage. Reasonable enough to try out and I can say it’s not bad. (sorry I missed out taking a photo of the shop. But you can see around the street area there is a few shops and also the same price.

    Day 3 – Vanich Farm->Old Phuket Town ->Central Festival Mall -> Chiliva Night Market

    We went to Vanich farm from 11am. The driver was here to pick us up. We have a great experience there! And I can see it’s worth to go. So we reach there about 12-1 plus. And it was a sunny day! Cause we thought it will rain according to the weather but surprisingly it’s not raining.

    Once we reach there the person in charge explain to us everything, like the package and all. So apparently they have 2 packages, one is cheaper and the other one is 1300baht for 1 per pax. It depends on you which one you want, as for an experience to become a real farmer for one day. It was fun to learn things from the professional farmer who works here since he was young. They are all very nice people there especially when they guide you along the way to make sure you don’t get injured.

    Do check out my another post on Vanich farm Day tour if you would like you would like to know more.

    After a whole day of the tour at the farm, we went to Old Phuket Town, from Vanich farm took us about 1/2 an hour to reach there. We went there and took our lunch and it’s started to rain so we turn back to next station cause we guess there is nothing much there to shop. We did buy some T-Shirt with cute dog and cat printed designs that attract us and its just 120baht. We are so animal lover! Ha Ha! The things there seems to be cheap, we get guys boxer 2 for 100baht. Not bad at least is something that we wanted cause we didn’t bring many clothes. So we shop awhile and went to Central Festival Mall and then again is nothing to shop there cause the mall is like our Orchard Road, selling expensive things. Food most probably will have something that you can try!

    And lastly, is the Chiliva Night Market. The night market is quite small and again they have more food than things to shop for. Basically, there is nothing much either. I did buy some earrings with very cheap price about 25baht if I not wrong. My friend tried their seafood there, quite nice and tasty. Most important is fresh.

    After a long day, heading back to the hotel and rest, dinner and for some short shopping at Bangla Street. And we went for a massage again but this time we tried the one inside Juncelyon mall basement. We choose the Aromatherapy for full body. There is 2 type, one is hot and one is normal. With aroma oil. I chose the Rose one which is quite nice. And it’s only 400-500baht for 1 hour.

    Their service was quite good. Recommend to try! After the massage, they will give you a free balm just small bottle to apply for yourself. Not sure what’s is that for but I will just keep it. They also serve you with hot tea after the Massage to keep you warm after a cold air-con room.

    Day 4


    Freedom Beach

    We finally at freedom beach on the last day of our trip. Goanna enjoy the beaches and nice view!

    img_5246Karon Beach

    The sea water is really clear here, and one thing that is very annoying is, when you walk along the beach always have those promoters to keep asking you want to join activities. Well if you are interested, go ahead and bargain for a reasonable price. They have quite a lot of activities out there. Like Water Ski, Parachute and many others. 

    We actually take a walking distance from Karon Beach to Freedom Beach. While walking we taking nice photos and have a rest at a small cafe. We have some ice cream and take a short break from there and start walking and chatting along

    So today we just went to Karon Beach and relax. We took a cab to Karon Beach about 300baht for 4 pax. I guess that’s the cheapest price. 

    And we took another cab back to the hotel and have our dinner then head some shopping and back to the hotel and rest and call it a day.

    Day at Patong

    I can say at Patong have nothing much to shop too cause all the stall seems to sell the same thing. And worst is they will keep expecting you to buy at the price they are given and when we reject it, they keep bargain with you which is dam irritating.

    Their night market is almost selling the same thing just that different price. Have to be very careful when you head to Bangala Street for a walk. At Night will have some clubbing happening, those people who work there will keep asking you wanna have a drink or see ladyboy. 


    The food here was not bad, we have tried one of their hawker food. The place looks like hawker so we went and see what they have here.

    We order a fish and chips, Chicken Basil rice, Tom Yum Bee Hoon and Omelette oyster. The food here are quite cheap. They use card to top up and make payment . So we top up 50 baht for 2 people. Drinks and food.

    The weather at Phuket is really very hot and sunny, but luckily the last 2 days was raining and it’s quite cooling. Remember to wear sunblock too!

    This is my another successful trip, I would say I love the beaches and the scenery and I hope I will have the chance to come back again for the beaches!

    Hope you like my sharing! If you want to ask any questions, feel free to leave me comments 🙂


    Phuket · Travel

    Sims Card Deal and Activity Package – Phuket Trip 2018


    Sims Card Deal and Activity Package – Phuket Trip 2018

    We are finally here in Phuket for 5 days trip!

    So we arrived at the airport around 9am in the morning, we try to avoid crowded so once we drop down we went to the check in counter . I guess there are some issues after landing off, they provide a bus to send us to the entrance of the airport.

    After check in, once you come out can see a few stores, for phone Sim, water activities package etc. They even have car rental service and many others. At first we decide to ask at the street area for the water activities but it’s make sense when they explain the package to us. We bought a package that we wanted for snorkelling and Island hoping.


    So we get the package at 1600baht for 4 person. This price include taxi to our hotel from the airport if we bought on the arrival day. We feel the price make sense to us so we bought it on the spot. The reason we choose this is because we feel it makes sense and they have a clear English explanation, so it’s easy for us to understand. The package comes with 4 Island Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Lay,  Khai Nok,  Khai Nui. Sightseeing Lo samah Bay, Pileh Cove and Viking Cave. Will be taking with speedboat that occupied with 35-40 people depending on the boat engine.


    As for the Sims card we bought at AIS , is same company as SingTel and maxis. That’s what the person told us. At 99 baht with unlimited data and is 4G for 5 days. Which is quite worth ! If it’s sound good to you, just get from AIS . They have other package price too! They also will help you setup the Sim for you !

    Somehow, we feel it’s really worth the price to arrive from the airport to our hotel, Tiger hotel. Which is at Patong. Patong is up the hill and down the hill from the other side.

    So our plan was doing water activities, some shopping and beaches!

    Check out my itinerary on my next post!



    Travel: 5 Days 4 Nights To Phuket -Planning on the Right Season to go

    Hello!! We are planning to Phuket on this Sep 18! for 5 days 4 night short trip.

    I’m so excited to go overseas on holiday! Even is just a short holiday, most important is feel relaxed and enjoyed it. This time round I’m going with another friend, total of 2 couples. It’s our first time flying overseas together so we are really excited.

    I have been to total of 4 trip, Vietnam, Ho Chin Min was my very first trip and it was with my dad on a short holiday! That was my first time taking a flight. It was a fun trip after all!

    Second, I’ve been to Bali, Taiwan, Bangkok and now Phuket! I guess everybody will have some nonsense happening when going overseas, like typhoon, flight cancel, flight delay and etc. Since my past 4 trips, all have been distracted by flight delay, but I can say it’s still a wonderful trip. But to be mentally prepared before things happen. If it’s happens, the feeling is like … Speechless. disappointed.

    Check the Weather Season

    So, this time round we try to be very careful. But still.. there is one thing cock up. Which is the weather in Phuket. We didn’t know that September is raining season.. So we probably can’t do any sports activities which we plan to do. We still hope but the rain is as bad.. Do check the weather season first before you decide which month to go. Not only Phuket, other countries too. Even sometimes is not as accurate but to play safe.

    Plan your Itinerary

    So, According to what we just know about the weather, plan seems to change. Be prepared that is goanna rain there. And also prepare backup if it does rain. We are mentally prepared for it..

    But sometimes the weather forecast can be just a raft information. It’s really depends. Might be lucky though.

    Put your priority first for the things you want to do. I suggest you plan a backup plan.

    Eg. What if it’s rain? What are you going to do.

    If it’s not raining , just move on your plan. Plan the transport, time of travel. This few things are important. So that you won’t missed out anything and get to do what you want to do.

    Well, most important is plan your trip well and you are good to go!

    Happy Holiday!

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    How to make Clasp Coin Purse Pattern (Sewing)


    Hello! Everyone! Welcome to my another post on “How to Make your Own Clasp Coin Purse” Before you move on to cut out the fabric, you will have to make your own pattern for this. Because the clasp which is the frame, come in different sizes. But if you buy those pattern kit that comes with the material inside, usually they will include the pattern piece. As for this I watch from some of the videos tutorial and I’ve try to make one of my pattern, so I goanna share with you how to do it !


    First you goanna take your clasp frame, trace the arc on a piece of paper. Just trace it carefully and you will get a nice one.


    Then adjust a bit to make it easier for yourself to see the arc shape. From the bottom of each side, measure a 1cm down.


    And also the diagonally 1cm for both side. As you can see the top there is a hole, mark out a vertically stroke, so that later you need to cut it.


    Slowly draw out the bottom arc shape and make a connection arc to each other. Next, from the top marking draw one line down.

    img_4441Cut to half according to the marking line. Fold to half and trace the arc nicely so that the both side are balance.


    Once is balance, cut out the whole shape and you have your pattern piece. Label it so that next time if you want to make again, you will know what size.

    img_4442And you’re done! Now you have your own pattern, time to make your very own coin purse! Check out on how to sew a coin purse with clasp


    Crafts · Sewing

    How to Sew a Coin Purse with Clasp (Sewing)


    So here I goanna show you how to sew a coin purse with clasp frame, just follow step by step!

    In the previous post, I show you how to make your own pattern for this coin purse project. So after you make your pattern piece, let make a coin purse!


    • Fabric glue/White glue
    • Plier
    • Stick/Chopstick
    • Clasp frame
    • Paper cord
    • Fabric of your choice (outer piece)
    • lining fabric (inner piece)

    img_4430Step 1 :

    Using your pattern, cut out 2 piece inner and outer fabric.

    img_4431Step 2 :

    Align your outer piece right side facing each other.


    Step 3 :

    Same to the inner piece, sew round the bottom arc shape.

    *If you are using plain fabric for the inner piece, decide which side you wan to be the outside or can use any side.


    Step 4 :

    After done with sewing, turn over both pieces.


    Step 5:

    Slot in the inner piece, pin it in place sew and leave a hole on the top to turn over later on.

    img_4403-1Step 6 :

    Turn over and adjust the corner nicely. Top stitch the hole. You can use by hand or by machine. By hand will be nicer but this will be cover by the clasp so it won’t be seen.


    Next we goanna attach the clasp to the fabric.


    Step 7 :

    Use the chopstick or stick and add glue to the clasp inner part, spread out the glue. (as picture shown)


    Step 8 :

    This part is quite challenging. Once you have your glue in, attach the clasp to the fabric. You have to adjust it until it stick to the glue, than use the small piece of paper cord to slot it in.

    Use a plier to clip the clasp gently, to make it tight so that it can clip on the fabric.



    I’m using this paper cord, it comes in a roll. You can also try look out for packet or small portion in your local crafts store. They also comes in different thickness. Do check out for the size. If you are doing small coin purse, get the thinner ones.


    So here is how to sew a coin purse with clasp frame. Hope this post helps you in your project, but if you cannot get it or understand, don’t worry.. I will do up a tutorial video soon and will guide you thru step by step. Stay tune for my update on my YouTube channel!


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    Course in School


    So, previous post I wrote about the course I took this month.

    I signed up another 2 more courses which is the “Sew top and Skirt” and “Sew Tops and Bottom with variation of collars”. This 2 courses will guide on how to sew basic top and skirt plus bottoms and shirt collars.

    It seems to be fun, cause I have one classmate sharing with me her experience about the class. I was so excited to join cause it will be what I wanted to learn too. She was telling me at the end of the course , will have a project to sew your own blouse or shirt as a something called portfolio . So is like not bad .. This is what I wanted to have ..

    So, what we did in class was testing out fabrics, and do experiments. Teacher ask to burn the fabric pieces and smell what is it like. Uhm? anyway, is just doing experiment. So I’m like ok.. She did cover about How fabric was done from the factory, the machines they use, some of the math conversion.. but one good thing is they have the notes for us to refer anytime. Best part I like is they have a notes that tells you what are the fabric advantages and disadvantages. We also learn how to see fabric and feel the fabric to get the feeling how is each fabric like.

    I am so happy to make one friend in the class .. I wanna thank her for sharing the experience with me so I will know how the class like . And I think most likely its worth!

    Currently now I’m still in textile processes class with another 5 more days and I will be going on a short trip holiday in Phuket ! Finally after so long of work ! Check out on my travel blog post soon!


    Happy Birthday to all the August Babies!

    Hello ! everyone and Happy Birthday from me to all the August Babies!

    And me, my dad and my little niece!

    Times flies! and here I go older 1 year again… I was so afraid of being old! but this is the stage where everyone will be going through! Well, we can’t avoid it anyway! So just stay happy and smile each day!

    Sometimes it’s just hard to smile when there is nothing to smile :D! At least for now I live a happier life with my dad and family. I just wish those moment that we had will continue. Seeing my dad happy, I’m happy too!

    I was wondering, our relationship of my family will it be better and better?

    Pass few months, maybe yes! but now a bit of sadness that comes from my dad really makes me feels like.. upset too. But I keep tell myself that it will be better and not matter how hard it is, we are still one family.


    One year older again! Life will be better ahead !


    Time to go for Sewing Classes (Craft)


    I was browsing through a website, is like a school. Was intro by one of my sister’s friend.

    Every time I wanted to attend something, the only thing I most worried is the fees. Well nothing’s free.

    But this time I have heart of being brave to look through and enquiry about the school. That’s what my friend advise me too. So , I went to do it and I finally found some course that I can join and something that I can learn for myself .

    There are a few things I wanted to take in and learn . But my boyfriend always told me “take one step at a time.” Haha. So each time he keep repeat to me cause I always wanted to do a lot of things at one time. I just can’t help it . But now I slowly getting it and hope I can maintain it throughout the process.


    So! I told up this course which related to what I’m doing now ! SEWING ! Haha! And I quite excited to learn how to sew clothing ! As you can see my blog I did sewing on accessories and all but now ! I’m interested in making clothes ! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Ya I’m moving on to next step. So I took up a course “textile and textile process.” This course I bet it will be useful , it will let you understand more about fabrics and the tools we use. Sounds good to me !

    Best is the most worried has gone! I don’t have to pay any fees other than $10 application fee, which means! I only pay a $10 fee to attend a course of 7 days?! And the course cost $80.25 for 1 module 7 lessons. To me is worth, cause I get to know the basic first before you go for any sewing classes. As I also want to know more about fabrics so that I know which fabrics to use for making what type of items.

    Friday, 31 Aug 18 was my first class, the feeling for going school alone was boring and purpose is make new friends but I did manage to talk.. I was wondering what was my classmate first sight of me .. I was hoping to make new friends if not I will just enjoy my class! Our teacher was a Indian lady, and she seems very nice. Most important is I can understand the lesson and her speaking 😬. I think this is my main concern 😅.

    The class provide us notes and tools for the activities that we have. But best is we can bring back the note for referring. 👍🏻!

    I can say the class is quite entertaining, people share their thoughts and dreams on what they want to be in the future ! So wish me all the best ! 👍🏻🥂!

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    About Paint Brush Hairs and Bristles (Craft)

    Paint Brush Hairs and Bristles

    After knowing your paintbrushes, this is another part that needs to know about Brush Hair and Bristles.

    Paint brushes are either made from natural hairs or synthetic hairs. They are soft and stiff. For soft brushes are good for thin paint which helps spread easily on watercolor paint, as well as detailed work. As for Stiff, hard brushes are used in the thick paint when using a certain technique in oil painting.

    Nature hair or a Synthetic hair better?

    Synthetic hair are man-made of either nylon or polyester works very well with acrylic paint, but can be damaged for natural hair brushes and a large painting.

    However, brushes for acrylics can be used for oil and watercolor painting. Natural hair brushes for acrylics unless you are willing to replace it often cause it may ruin natural fibers quickly when you keep your brush in the water with the chemicals when painting with acrylics.

    The synthetic hair brush is cheaper than Natural hair brushes. A good synthetic brush is rugged, can maintain the shape well and easy to be clean.

    I would recommend synthetic hair brush but at the end of the day is still up to you to choose and decide what brush suites you well for your artwork.

    Note: Cheap brush may not works well and your painting might not turn out perfect.

    Natural Hairs Paintbrush

    • Sable

    Sable has an ultimate soft brush which is made from the hairs on the tail of a sable. Sable brush can be pricey, but they are quite stable to use for flexibility and a fine point. As for Kolinsky Sable, they are from Siberia that has a tradition which considered as best hair for watercolor brushes, good for painting fine details and very thin paint.

    • Squirrel

    Squirrel hair brush is soft with little spring. But larger squirrel brushes work better cause they have support from the hairs and also cheaper than Sable.

    • Hog/bristle

    These brushes are best for oil painting. They can be used for both oils and acrylics. As you paint after a while, they will become softer. The hard brush hair is made from the back of a hog, which will give you strong yet springy hair. They are good for holding a large amount of paint.

    • Ox


    Ox brushes are strong and springy hair. Mostly used in flat shaped brushes.

    • Pony

    Pony hair brushes don’t work well as they don’t form a good point compared to goat ones. Can be found in watercolor brushes.

    • Goat

    They form a good point, but its lacks of spring. Usually used in calligraphy and Chinese brush painting.

    So, hope this guide helps you to understand what is Brush Bristle and Hairs.


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    5 Essential Things to get before even bringing home your Dog/Puppy

    Hello! everyone! Here is another post on pets, 5 Essential things to get before even bringing home your dog.

    Recently, one of my friend just bought a new pet puppy! I was so excited even thou I want it so much but after today I learn a lot of things which I don’t know about getting a puppy. As I always have adult dogs from people who can’t keep them. From all this time I had experience about dogs stuffs, things and I always wanted to learn new things also to know what are the important for having a pet.

    Let me share with you a bit of her character and some things that I found out on having a puppy for the first time. Hope this will be useful for first timer who are going to have a puppy as first pet.

    Of cause if you are getting a puppy, there are some things that you need to have in order to trained them and let them get use to a new home. If you are getting a dog, I think shouldn’t be much worry or have to? But depends on the dog if its well-trained I think shouldn’t  be a problem. But just take your time and let them know what they do is right or wrong, I bet they will be trainable and well-known after a while 🙂 As for what I experience before. Even though is not easy at all but is just takes time ^^.


    Pet Toy

    The toy is a chewing toy, more to play with her on the ground. For now she is too small to play rough toy or action like throwing of balls and all.

    Is good to have at least one or two toy to play with. Can also slowly trained them and play with them cause they are active when you put them on the ground.

    Isn’t she cute? AWWW. she’s so soft and cuddly. When I carry close to me, she is like a gentle little pal. But she is super active when she is on the ground with her favorite toy.

    We were busy the whole day looking for accessories and all the needs stuff for the puppy to be in a good and comfy home.

    We’ve prepare a cage which is a metal type, it has 4 side and just have to gather up together and it will look like a cage or Can get a cage which is fixed one, might come with a peeing tray I guess. As long there is space for them to rest and pottery.


    Pottery Trainer

    First few things we buy was the Pottery trainer spray. This one is to prevent the odor smell when your puppy pee on the floor or etc. This works well cause I can’t really smell pee on the mat.


    Puppy Trainer drop

    Next will be this Puppy Trainer drop. This one has a strong smell. Just drop 1-2 drop on the peeing pad. To let the puppy smell so that they will know where is the right place to pee. It works after a while.

    We did an experiment test:

    When we put the peeing tray in the cage, the puppy choose to pee on the wooden mat. We found out that each time she pee is always the same spot. Cause we put the peeing tray on the right side of the cage, and she use to pee on the left side. So what we did was, we shifted the tray to the left side instead. And it works! she got it and she keep pee on the correct spot on the tray itself.

    How wonderful! In just one day she made it to pee on the right spot!

    image-7Drinking Bottle

    This drinking bottle was recommend by the pet shop owner. She advice that is good to let puppy learn to drink on the bottle. The reason is because the puppy is still young and is easy for them to drink on the bottle. And also they will look cleaner on the mouth area the water won’t go all over the mouth and the fur too.  Let them have 1 week or more to get use to it.

    image-8Pet Hardness

    Pet Hardness, leash, collar is a must. Because you will need to bring your pet for a short or long walk. Or maybe around your house garden if you have a big one.

    If you have big garden, that will be the best to let you dog run around and play. Of cause if you pet need to go for exercise for walk, make sure you do so. Because once you bring them out, you will have to be consistent to bring them every single day. After awhile this will be their habit. Once you never bring them out, I don’t know? maybe they will feel sad. Ha Ha.

    Why choose hardness and not just collar with leash?

    I used to use collar and leash to bring my dog for walk. But I realize is better to use hardness than collar leash. Cause it may hurt the neck of the dog when you try to hold them back for running away too fast or etc. Especially on the road side, is dangerous when your dog get excited and just dash thru the road. It may cause accident of the innocent.

    Maybe for puppies to be safe, will advise to use a hardness to bring them for walk. But for dog, you can still choose to use hardness. Hardness are good for all dogs, but to be safe try to use a hardness. Which I feel is better than using collar and leash.


    Pottery Pad

    This is a Pottery pad, to use it on the pottery tray for the puppy to pee. It’s helps for pottery trained and the pad will absorb to prevent it smells and also easy to clean up.

    Indoor pottery is very important, cause you don’t want your dog to mess up your house when you bought them home.

    Pottery pad also great for elderly dog, sick or disable dogs, and for owner who need to work long hours. You won’t have to clean up so much after a tiring day of work.

    These are some of the things that you will need before you get a puppy or pets. Do remember animals is for life. They spend their lifetime with you. Do give them great care and more love to spend and keep the happiest moment as memories. Is just feels great to have a pet in your life. They can be your greatest friend. Especially when they can understand your feelings and cuddle. Some dogs are smart thou.

    Happy Pet-ing!

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    How to Sew a Pop Up Pouch (Sewing)


    Here is a post on How to Sew a Pop Up pouch. You will find this pouch very familiar cause usually will see it outside, like to store spectacle, or sunglasses pouch? Yup! I guess so! So I decide to make this pouch. It’s seems to be easy and it’s really easy 😉 And it might suitable for beginners who want to make this ^^.

    Materials needed:

    • fabrics & lining
    • metal pop up
    • pins and clips

    Let’s check out the steps!

    Step 1:

    Cut 4 fabric pieces, For the size it can be any size which is convenient to you. You can also measure according to your Pop up metal length.

    2 for lining size 5 x 7″

    2 outer fabric size 5 x 7″

    Measure the top of your fabric and lining piece 1/2 inches in both sides. Mark a line for clearer reference.

    After measurement, for the lining piece sew down both side together and leave a gap at the bottom for turning. Do a back-stitch for starting and ending. Outer Piece just sew down both side and bottom. It will look as picture shown below. 


    Step 2:

    Align both piece from the opening part to each other. Means the top part opening and pin to each other.



    Step 3:

    Sew down the area that you pin it. Until you reach the marking line from step 1. Always remember to do a back-stitch for starting and ending part.


    Step 4:

    Once you sew, turn it over. Cut out the excess if needed before turn it over. Make sure all the corners are push out nicely and just press using an iron.

    Then fold down the top part until the edge. (as picture shown) Pin or clip it in place.

    Sew down the side where the opening side are. (refer to the picture below)

    I’m using a metal pop up for the pouch to open and close. It will look something like the picture below.


    Step 5:

    Once you done, slot in the metal piece to the hole where you sewed.


    There! And you are DONE! At first I thought it would hard to insert the metal piece, but to be honest, is not as hard as I thought! And I made it! You can too! Try it and have some fun making it.

    I will do up a tutorial sooner or later! Please do check out my updates! Hope you have fun doing this project! Do leave me some comments or like or share to help me for my post for people out there who are interested in making this pouch! It’s great for a gift to a friend or families.


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    How to Sew a Simple Wallet – Beginner Project (Sewing)


    Hello! Sorry guys! I was busy figure out how to sew this simple wallet. Here is the guide post on “How to Sew a Simpler Wallet”, with card slots and zip pocket. A friendly and easy project for beginner.

    Let’s prepare the material and follow me step by step. ^^


    • Cotton Fabric or Canvas

    For the fabric I choose canvas but of cause you can choose other like cotton but need to add in batting. As for canvas also same, need to add in some batting to make it more firm and steady. Some cotton fabric are very lightweight type, try not to use that kind, other than that should be fine.

    • Zipper

    As for zipper I use those YKK brand, just get a size that you want. With matching colors or you can mix and match with what you feel like it. Some with nice pulley, or you can add your own pendant.

    I used Batting Iron On ones. This batting that I’m using is quite soft, and if I want to use it to do wallet, I might need to put more than one piece. There are different type of Fusible and Batting, if you can pass by any local store, they will have some samples to feel the textures, or can just ask for assistance on which to buy.

    A Rotary cutter is somehow easier to cut out fabric in a straight line, Make sure you get a cutting mat too! These are the tools that helps me, each time I cut my fabric I get frustrated without cutting it straight. So I do love this cutters.

    Is good to have a quilt ruler cause it might be easier to see and measure at the correct size. Then cut with a rotary cutter and a cutting mat. Perfect match! 😀

    Ok, lets get to work! Lets start.


    Outer Piece: 9 x 4.5″ x2pcs

    Inner piece: 9 x 5″ x2pcs (I use both same designs) 

    Card slots: 4.5 x 19″

    Zip pocket : 4.5 x 3.5 x 1 pc , 3.5 x 3.5 x 1 pc

    Zipper 6/7″ (to be cut off the excess)

    Prepare 4 piece of fabric, 2 inner piece with the size 9 x 5″, Outer piece 9 x 4.5″

    Let’s name it as 9 x 5″ A & B, 9 x 4.5″ A & B.


    Zip Pockets:

    Place your zipper with the zipper head facing up, pointing right side, align the zip pocket piece 3.5 x .3.5″ facing down and pin to the TOP of the zipper.


    Then turn your zipper over which the head will be facing the left and pin it to the TOP of the zipper with 3.5 x 4.5″ piece. Means align both pieces with the 3.5″ sides to the zipper.


    So it will like this , the top will be balance and same alignment.


    Turn it over, bring the longer piece to the back.


    Card Slots:

    *Take the Card Slots piece right side face down, fold down 3″ from the top. Turn it over, place a un use card(Do NOT USE CREDIT CARD or Personal card) to the slot as picture shown. Hold the card and fold from bottom  up.


    Place your card on the fabric with a little GAP on TOP, then fold by using your fingertip to hold the card and fold until the TOP of the card but leave a GAP where you can see the card so that you can grab the card.



    Iron and press lightly to make a crease line.  Total you will have 4 pockets with 3 crease line for card slots. (Refer to image below)


    So, it will look something like that.


    Wallet Inner Body:

    Take the Outer piece A (9 x 4.5″), align the zip pocket and the card slot and pin it together first before sew.


    Then cut out a piece of betting slightly smaller size, best is to use Iron on betting. Iron on to outer piece B.


    Align and pin it together and sew the sides.

    *Do take note of the zipper side, open the zipper slightly a bit cause when you sew it will hit the zipper head if you don’t open the zip.

    While sewing, hold the zipper teeth together to have a nice closure.

    Do a back-stitch on the zipper part. Cut off the excess zipper.



    Next, Cut a Strap piece with 2 or 2.5 inch wide. Or you can use a bias tape. To sew over top edges of the body piece, to give a nice edge. Fold the piece into half and sew.


    Notes Pocket:

    Place of the Inner piece A (9 x 5″) right side facing up (as picture shown below)


    then place B piece right side facing down on top of the outer piece A.

    Pin it around the side, leave a gap on the top part of the Notes Pocket.


    Sew all 3 sides and half of the top side with a opening gap. (To turn over later on). I like to leave a bigger gap, cause it will be easier to turn over.


    Once you done, you have completed the project! Do testing by putting some coins or cards in.


    If you want more card slots, you can skip the coins pocket replace with some more card slots. Or if you can DIY other designs like coin pocket at the back of the wallet is also fine.

    I will do up a tutorial to help you understand more with this project! Stay tune on my tutorial updates! 🙂


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    Where to find the Best Crafts Materials

    Hello! I’m sharing a post on where to find all sorts of crafts materials! I have been to all this crafts shop and I do love what they have. It’s all more than what you need, from hand crafts to hobby craft like sewing, felting, clay crafts and many more. Best for all the crafts lovers.

    I’ve seen around Chinatown area, there have most of the crafts stall likes beads making, sewing and even crochet, knitting. Materials all can be found is those crafts shops.

    Golden Dragon (Jing Long)

    This is the shop where I came since I was young with my granny. At that time I not really into crafts yet. But I do remember this shop.

    They have lots of materials, Knitting, crochet, yarns to fabrics, beads, tools and many more. Also, conduct classes like crochet, knitting class. If you are interested may refer to their websites for info!

    Art Friend

    This is my favorite stall, they sell more on arts and crafts stuffs, also some tools, like glue, paint, color pencils, even sell easel. If you are looking more on handicrafts, then this place is good for you to hunt all your stuffs.


    This is also my favorite place to hunt my sewing tools. They are the biggest one and only spotlight store in Singapore. From party items to household, garden decorations, home decorations, crafts to fabrics. I always find what i want in here. That’s why i love this place a lot! I think you will too!

    Pop by these stores and hunt for your crafts tools and accessories!


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    What Should you do if your Dog got Choked by Chewing

    Sup, dawg_

    Choking happen when your dog chew on something that is unusual, such as toys, slippers or even food like big pieces treat or bones that will cause dehydrated for your dogs.

    This can cause serious injuries and need to know what your pets is doing by monitor them daily. If you want to get toys or treats for your fur balls, do check with the store assistant for advice, Toys should be safe and durable, while food should be bite size.

    These are the possible signs to cause choking animal

    • Gagging Action 
    • Drooling Excessively 
    • inability to swallow 
    • Stretching out its neck to get more air 
    • Sometime frantic and agitated (due to distress)
    • Collapsing and losing consciousness 

    A choking dog may panic and bite/injure his owners. Try to make your dog calm down and if he allow you to touch, if is safe to do so, you can open his mouth and check whether you can see any object and if  you can reach safely try to remove it slowly and gentle without panic or when the dog is calm.

    Tips and Technique for Small dogs 

    • Position your dog in a standing position and kneel next to your dog.
    • Position your knuckles just under his last set of ribs and use your other hand to support the knuckles. 

    Tips and Technique for Large dogs 

    • Position your dog in a standing position and stand over your pet
    • Position a fist under his last set of ribs, use other hand wrapped over the fist (like hugging him from the top).

    If your dog not getting any better, Stop and do a Heimlich like Maneuver. 

    How to do Heimlich maneuver (For large and small dogs)

    This is similar to what is done in humans, make a fist under the sternum and short upwards, forced are used to forced the air out of the lungs. This may be enough to help remove the object so your fur ball can work it out with its tongue. 

    • Push firmly towards you and upwards towards the pet’s head quickly for 5 times. 
    • Check his mouth and remove any object (if it’s safe and possible to do so)
    • If the pet is still choking, repeat another 5 times, if still not working, rush him down to the vet and seek for medical attention.
    • At any point of time, if your dog become unconscious, start  CPR and mouth to snout breathing on him while on the way to the vet.


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    How to Control your Hamster Diet (Pets)


    Hello, Hamster lovers! I goanna share with you how to control your pet hamster diet for Roborovski. 

    Mostly all hamster looks fat, just like a fury ball! Some is because their hair too Bucky and some is … really FAT.

    Lets talk about how to control their diet.

    For an adult Roborovski should weight range from 25 – 35g. But overweight are common to hamsters cause it’s very easy to over feed these little ones. They get overweight easily is because we often pamper our fur friends with food or treats that are high in sugar, flour based ingredients. All these contain weight gain. Hence, treats should be given only twice weekly at most. 

    Overweight Causes

    Overweight may cause heart problems, fatty liver diseases and joint pain in hamster.

    How to control your hamster diet

    Exercise is the key for Roborovski, Some hamster love their wheels and they do exercise in the morning just like humans do! Shouldn’t be an issue for these breed cause they are extremely active and loves running. To be surprised, Roborovski hamster can run the distance of four humans marathons! WHAT! cool or what? Ha-ha!

    Do also check : 

    • check on their Wheel is it the correct size.
    • any uneven surfaces on the wheel.
    • Give them treats only once a week.

    They might not enjoy the run due to discomfort. 

    Helps with their Exercise

    There are a few things you can do to help them and encourage them to exercise by building a tunnel using unused paper rolls.

    Healthy Tips 

    Feed them with small bits of vegetables, cucumbers, celery are all fat free! Can train them for exercise by putting small bits on along the tunnel or their wheel. I always do that to my hamsters and I feel heathy too! 😀

    So, do observed and monitor whether these vegetable cause diarrhea in your hamster. Another option is to purchase a Running Ball.



    How to Boil an Egg (Life Skill)

    How to Boil an Egg

    Step 1: 

    Take out the eggs from refrigerator and place them in a single layer in a pot, close it with fitting lid.

    Step 2: 

    Cover the eggs with water at least 1 inch above the top of the eggs.

    Step 3: 

    Place the pot over to medium heat, uncovered, and boil until the water is boiling.

    Step 4: 

    Remove the pot from the heat, cover it and let it stand for 12 minutes to hard-boil and 6 minutes to soft boil.

    Step 5:

    Using a heatproof slotted spoon, scoop out the eggs and place them in a bowl of ice water. For 10 minutes.

    Step 6:

    Hold up the egg and slowly crack on the table gently, until you see crack line. Slowly peel off the skin, and you’re ready to serve.

    Tips: If you notice the white seeping out of a cracked egg during boiling, add a little vinegar to the water. This can helps the proteins in the egg white coagulate faster, sealing the crack.


    cats · pets

    What are the Causes for Cats having Hair Loss/Bald Ears

    What are the Causes for Cats having Hair Loss_Bald Ears

    What are the causes for Bald Ears / Hair Loss

    Bald ears is just means hair loss on their ears areas. The hair loss probably progressed very slowly until it became more plain. There are many causes of hair loss from the ears, they include fungal, it can be infections, fur mite or flea infestation, allergies from food and / or the environment, hormonal imbalance, environmental conditions, dietary deficiencies, behavioral issues or inherited genes that code for hair loss. It should not be causing any itchiness or pain. 

    What are the other possibilities that causes Hair loss

    You should be able to see if there are any bald, red spots or discolored areas. Clean out the ears and check if there is any ear discharge.

    There are a few consideration to check:

    • Is there a change in diet?
    • Or any new food/treats being introduced?
    • Are there any other cats in the house that may be sucking or licking each other ears?
    • Is there anything or anyone in the house that could be stressing your cat out?
    • Are there any new plants, animals or humans in the house , or new chemical being used?

    Process of Examine

    If you have any of this above, a visit to the vet is needed. To check for skin and ear infections. Blood test will be carried out to rule out hormonals imbalances such as abnormal levels of thyroid hormones or cortisol levels.

    The vet will need to examine the whole body to see if there are any other parts that are starting to loss hair, any red or discolored areas, any loose skin flakes or small ectoparasites. Also for the ears need to examined for ear mites, or yeast or bacterial infections. They will also run a fine-toothed comb through your feline’s coat to check for any small skin flakes and fleas. 


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    Facts about Cat Breed Devon Rex (Pets)


    Devon Rex

    Size: Small, 2.3-4.5kg

    Colors: White, Black, Blue, Chocolate, cinnamon, lavender and red, smoke pattern, Tortoiseshell and pointed patterns.

    Grooming: Frequently, Minimal Brushing

    Exercise: Active, frequent exercise.

    life Span: 9-15 years


    Devon Rex are friendly and sociable. They have many nicknames, like Pixie cat, the alien cat or even call a poodle cat.

    They love being around its owner for as long as possible no matter what it’s doing. Because they loved to be company by people and also other animals.

    This active and intelligent cat can be trained to play simple games such as fetch. Of cause interactive toys are also great for these cats.


    They have a long neck, round and wide eyes. Large ears, a wavy haired coat and a unique head shape which is different from other breeds.


    Their coat is easy to maintain and doesn’t shed very often. There is one part need to take care of is their large ears, to avoid infections will have to do weekly checks.

    They are suitable for owners who are allergic to cat fur. As for brushing, they need to be gently groomed. They need to be showered in every few weeks.


    They are generally healthy, but they have conditions like hypertrophic cardimyopathy, luxating patella and hereditary myopathy which affects muscle function.

    You may ask for advise from the vet to know more about the conditions. 

    This is all about Cats Breed Devon Rex. This cat breed suitable for first time owner, for family who have children too!

    Pets Best Picks!

    Greenies Flavor Fusion Salmon & Chicken Cat Dental Treats


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    How to choose the right Puppy/Dog Campion as a Beginners (Pets)

    How to choose a Dogs for Beginners

    These are the few that need to be considered before you think of getting a pet dog.

    Most important part is, have to be considerate if you have children or others who are allergic to fur stuff. Might want to consider having Hypoallergenic Dogs. The size of the dog also one of the important to take note of, you won’t want to scare anyone in your house thou. Especially when you have children or newborn babies. I mean is good to have babies growing up with pets. Such wonderful memory which I feel that’s so sweet to have them playing together having fun!

    Are you ready to have your first dog? To spend your life with him and be you dog champion!


    There are a lot of dog breed to choose from. From dog breed to dog type, maintaining to training for beginners is quite difficult for them. It takes a lot of time and patience to look after a dog friend. They are like your lifetime partner, spending the happy moment, teach them and give them a wonderful life like they always deserve it! If you love Pets, cherish them like a treasure. Because they have a personality just like Humans.

    Some are friendly, some are fierce. Some are really playful but some are easy to train.

    Some may need more care on high maintenance like grooming or bring them out just like daily exercise for them. As they also love to run around the backyard and spending time together. Also with low maintenance where there’s no need to be worried about as they will somehow look after themselves at home or even families too.

    Or if you do love small breed dogs, some small space area that will be fine too. A large breed is mainly for big houses and some may use up electrical too like Husky. They may need Air – condition space. So have to make the right choice and to make sure you plan everything for them.

    Most of the dog’s lover loved to have a big dog family and very responsive with their champion. However you will love to mix them around with other breed dogs, good mixer dog are the best choice. If you want to have puppies with just to make sure you approach a vet clinic for advise first before you start breeding, especially for beginner dog owner.

    Size, Traits

    Maybe you will know the size comes along, for large for sure is big size, as for small breed it will be small size. Knowing what type of dog you want or the breed, it would be easier. Small breed with small size you can bring around or carry it with a dog bag would be good. As for my experience, if you are taking outside transport is better to bring a bag but if you have your own transport, that would be the best to bring without a bag is up to your choice. If you cannot decide what breed to have best, you might consider medium size breed dog.

    A large dog will need a big space for them to run around and a space for a rest area. Huge large with a long tail will need ” wagging tail” with big space too. To prevent from tail injury or damage of household objects.

    And comes to the most slightly hard to afford part which is the expenses of your dog. Especially for those who loved dogs and willing to keep them and have them to spend the rest of your life with them, some come with poor finance and wanted to have a dog. Sometime don’t have to buy a dog. I have dog that given from my neighbor all along and I did my very best to give them the best meal and life with them. “The Power of Love”. Can really see that how much I really love a to have a dog.

    Just remember to give them the right meal and the right dog food. Do ask a dog assistance for advice before you buy anything which you are not very sure about it. Small breed dog will defiantly lesser expenses. But for large breed will be quite hard to afford to cause their meals is the super big amount. For advice, you might need to consider wisely before you thought of having a large breed. Most headache part is the medical bill. If you didn’t take good care of them, all the expenses will go to the medical bill, and it’s gonna be a disaster.

    Before you set out to look at puppies, you will need to do a lot of research and make discussions. This is the only way to help you Ensure to find a puppy that has the traits, size, and shape, personality to fit your lifestyle.

    Best is to sit down and discuss with your families members some important point:

    What you want from a dog

    How much time do you have?

    What type of dog do you prefer, Big or small breed type, hairy or non-shedding

    A non-shedding coat means you have to pay for professional grooming throughout your dogs lifetime, Long haired silky breed you will need to carry out grooming session every day by yourself.

    Some point you have to get advise just to make sure you have the right choice. Because this is gonna be with you for the rest of your life, life spends with your dog are so important to them.

    Ask yourself are you willing to make all this commitment? As for character Wise, consider carefully what traits your future dog should have. Talk to dogs owner for some advice if you can. They might have some experience and ideas together.

    Energy and exercise 

    Think about your character, what kind of character are you. Are you as sporty as some of the dogs who love to walk, run around, love to play and exercise? Or are you quiet person who love peaceful and spend more time with your dog indoor in the backyard hanging around with your Neighbor dogs. Getting energy level right is important. If you are a person who is not really sporty and would prefer a dog to lie down and do nothing most of the time, then don’t choose working breed.

    Find out how much exercise your choice of dog will need. One of the best ways is to check out with your friends or Neighbor who have a dog breed that interest you, get to know them well cause this can give you useful insights into both benefits and downside of your chosen breed.


    This is the most basic care for a dog, it’s also very important to their appearance, like nails. This is one of my most concern since I have dogs. As for what I know, if you didn’t do the nail trim when is needed, it may grow longer and once longer it might hurt them and at that point of time, it may cause blood and it can be very painful.

    As for the puppy, you will need a supplement for the start. Cause it may need to take extra care and if you want to train them well, you will need to put in a lot of heart and patient. Accompanied is the most needs. They may want more attention from you and this will affect their behavior each time they grow. Maybe need to get those care products like cleaning of eyes, ears. These are all important too. If you are planning to go on grooming once or twice a month, they should be no problem. But if you know how to use those products by yourself, make sure you read all the instruction carefully before using it, to give extra careful, this is really much of my concern. ^^

    So this are the few points which you need to know before you want to have a dog. Hope this information helps you!


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    How to Sew a Laptop Zip Case (Sewing)

    Sewing Project_ How to Sew a Laptop Zip Case.png

    Hello! Welcome readers! Was busy doing more and more sewing projects now! Feel so tempted everyday to do up one projects and here it goes! I’ve made a laptop case this time round with a zipper ones. Previously I did a envelope one and I quite like it. Especially its comfy to hold.

    There are many fabric type to do sewing, This time I used a quilt fabric. Which is better for doing big project like laptop case or bags etc. Because needs something that can hold your laptop well so that it wont spoil your laptop when you bring out.

    I found out there is also nice quilt fabric which I just realize. Quilt Fabric looks something like this. They are more on doing Patchwork crafts, Comes with a batting with it so it looks more thick.

    I feel this is even better, but there are only few designs out there. So you can just hunt for it in your local fabrics store.

    I goanna show you how I sew a laptop case with zip.

    It’s very similar to the zip pouch.

    Step 1:

    Measure your laptop, I’m cutting out one whole piece of fabric and fold to half so that the bottom is seal leave with the side opening. (The Size of the case is depends on the measurement of your laptop)


    Step 2:

    You can align your zipper first to the fabric and see how you want your zip to be. I align my zip until the side, for both side one side shorter one longer so it can hold the laptop.


    Pin it in place to see the overall picture. 

    img_1551Step 3:

    Once you done with the alignment, Turn the fabric to the wrong side. Start sewing the sides with a zipper foot all the way to the other side.

    How do i close the zipper end:

    I sew it across at the end. Do a backstitch 1-2 times. 


    Turn it back right side out, it will look like this. 


    And try it on your laptop!



    TADAH! You’re done!

    Is easy right ? The zipper should be quite challenging to sew but just have to make sure your alignment is correct that should be fine!

    For the zipper I get those in one YardsSELRES_7e6df0b2-596a-4cdc-b27d-4192b94eb37aSELRES_11b59bb6-ad57-4b0c-b3a7-09b81824f7e9SELRES_36ea7fc9-5e80-4790-8df8-36c066df958bSELRES_b2660643-e652-43f3-90df-9528cbc3600e, comes with zipper puller. Some store have to buy separately, if you are not sure how long you want the zipper, is good to buy in yards, so that you can measure and cut off the excess. They do have a few designs, like with pendants, or those just normal ones.

    What I like about the zipper pullers is I can choose the one with nice ring on it, like the one I using for this project I choose a Zipper Ring which is super cute. You can hunt for nice pendants on it. Or if you know the measurement of the zipper, feel free to get those ready ones 12″inches long or even longer.

    So hope this tutorial helps you and stay tune for my video tutorial ! will update real soon!


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    How to Sew a Zipper Pouch (Sewing)

    Hello! I just did a post on “How to Sew a Zip Pouch”. This tutorial also for beginner and it’s very easy to make! Let’s follow step by step!


    • Cotton fabric
    • sewing thread
    • sewing machine
    • rotary cutter
    • cutting mat
    • zipper
    • Pins / clips


    • Outer piece 8 x 5″ x 2 pcs
    • Inner piece 8 x 5″ x 2 pcs
    • Zipper 7″


    Place a lining piece, then place the zipper on top right facing up, zipper head face right side.


    Pin or clip it in place and sew. Do the Same on the second piece for the other side.

    This time place second lining piece, place the zip with the other side with the zipper facing up,zipper head point left.



    When you open up, it will look like this.


    Unzip the zipper half way.


    Align the zipper teeth face each other.


    Then face the piece facing each other with lining by lining, outer by outer piece.

    Align or adjust the zipper teeth in order again to make sure it won’t go out of place before you sew.


    Leave a gap with 4-5″ wide or use you hand make a stone to measure the gap (This is for turn over later). Sew all the 3 sides.

    Do a backstitch when you reach the zipper side, to give it a good secure.

    Once done, Turn it right side out. Push and adjust all the corners for a nice finishing.

    Flip out the lining piece, sew a straight stitch to close the gap. AND YOU ARE DONE!


    I made this one set, for a drawstring pouch! Check out my post on “How to Sew a Drawstring Pouch”.

    My video Tutorial is up, do check out my YouTube channel @ xuanxuan’s Channel 🙂

    Feel free to share with me your project and leave me comments if you like my post!


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    Quick Guide on Dog’s Body Language (Pets)

    Quick Guide on Dog's Body Language.png

    short guide on a Dog’s Body Language. To understand what it’s really means when your dog show something to you.


    Ears Flopping means the dog is relaxed, Flopping is when your dog resting on the ground. Pricked  means the dog is attentive, Cocked to one side with ears raised means the dog is listening intently to pinpoint and identify a sound, flat back usually is a sign of depression, fear, nervousness or tension /aggression, it’s also depends on the other part of the body stance.

    Body Stance

    Shrinking back with tail between legs indicates wariness or fear. This is a very common action that you will see from a dog when they are scared or when they try to warn people to back off before they attack you. Play-bowing – Dogs play bowing, their legs will stretched out in front end low to the floor, It’s means playful stance.


    Tail wagging meant a few things too. Energetic Wagging lower on the ground with a relaxed body stance it’s usually a good sign. “Smiley” face and floppy ears, while wagging it’s tail low between it legs, Is either scared or is just being a respectful dog.


    Pawing usually is a way to get attention,  if  you see the head is up and he’s focused on something means he wants your attention or give them attention. If the head is lower shows that he’s obedience.


    This is at the area of a dog’s back, which raised when it’s angry or alarmed. The hair stands means it’s on a guard and ready to attack.


    Lying on it’s back, expose it’s belly and resting on the ground. It’s often a good way to get himself out of trouble. Give them some belly rub, it will warm them up too.

    Happy Reading!

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    3 Important things to Know About The Canine Body of a Dog (Pets)

    3 Important things to Know About The Canine Body of a Dog.png

    This post will talk about dogs, what they do and to get to know what and why the dog do this.

    Dogs are wonderful creatures to me, sometimes they do understand what I communicate with them and they do the action to show that they did understand me. Its really fun to have a dog with you, some dogs do take care of old folks, some dogs are really smart to do things and surprise you! Sometimes I do find dogs really worth to have then a humans.

    I would like to get to know more about dogs which I love dogs a lot and they are really a Man’s Best friends. That’s what people always say!

    Dogs Communication

    Dogs have a limited ability to communicate using sound, which comprises whines, squeaks, barking , howling and growling. So they use more on body language to communicate.

    Dog usually howling and growling to communicate. These are the least common sound dogs make. But you will hear dog always bark, this is to convey a variety of meanings.

    When a dog barks, is to get attention to let off steam when excited or when feeling frustrated. Dogs communicate by howling with others who are far away from them, as a way of finding them.

    Dog size can be gauged by a dog’s posture, facial and body expressions. Normally a stiff posture with a jerky movement indicates aggression or fear. While a relaxed body and smooth movement means a dog at ease.

    Dog Sniff

    Dogs love to sniff? I think so too! They do sniff each other when they meet, This is to let them gather information about their world and others species via scents. Especially from their urine and faeces left by other dogs. Dogs will usually sniff each other to find out their sex and intentions.

    An investigate dog determinedly sniff an object he wants to learn about. Or if he scents something that could prove to his advantage, like food in the pocket.

    Dog Attack

    Sometimes dogs do attack, but only if they consider it necessary for their own safety and well being. Either because they value is being threatened, or they learned that attack is the best form of defence.

    Tail – Wagging

    Sometimes I do feel that when a dog wag it’s tail, it’s means they are communicate with you. And I’m right! This is a quick and easy way to show his mood to communicate with you. Although it is not always a sign of a friendly and happy dog. They do different tail position and speed of wagging combined with other body language can all convey information. 

    Body Language

    If we observed them carefully we can get a detailed picture of their body language. They do have a language unique to them. And actions that helps us guess how they feel, what they want from us and what they need. In order to learn for them to behave around us, Dogs observe us too.


    A careful dog will try to retreat away from something he is uncertain about. This is a posture usually indicates the dog had an unpleasant experience in the past or whatever the dog had been through that approaches him, whether is a human or another species type. It can be hurt before or being torture.


    Yawing and licking lips indicated that a dog is uneasy about a situation he is in. For my thoughts, yawing seems to be normal to me but do check them out in case anything can happen. Maybe some observing will be good.

    Baring the teeth aggressively

    This action normally appear in stray dogs. This is a warning sign of a dog’s way telling something to “back off” and “leave him alone”. To avoid being attacked, slowly retreat from that situation. Sudden moves may cause an hit in this highly tight situation.

    Relaxed Smiled

    This is for sure a happy expression. Many Dogs do this as a greeting and “Smile” to show their passive and playful intentions.


    In a mature canines, the wish to reproduce is strong to ensure survival of the species. A healthy female dog with access to male dogs and a plentiful food supply can produce two litters a year. Mostly, big dogs have large litters with 20 or more puppies being recorded in breeds, such as Great Danes and Neapolitan Mastiffs.


    This term indicate when a female dog is ready to breed, it’s also know as “ in season” or ” in heat”. This happens approximately every six months and lasts approximately 21 days. It is signified by a bloody vaginal discharge at the beginning of the anestrus.


    This only occurs 10-14 days into the anestrus, when the discharge runs clear. During mating, both male and female dog may become “tied”, whereby the female vaginal muscles contract around the penis so the dog cannot escape. Therefore, increase the chance of conception. It can last for up to 30 minutes and the pair should not be forcibly separated. Otherwise, pain and injury may occur.


    Canine maturation lasts for approximately 63 days which is 9 weeks. As giving birth near, Female dog will seek a private, safe and usually dark place to “nest” for birth.


    As the birthing begins, she will pace around restlessly, appear anxious, pant and howl, and look behind her in an upset and puzzled manner. This stage can last up to 24hrs. In second stage labour, female dog goes to her nesting place, lies on her side and strains as uterine contraction move the puppies, one at a time, down the birth canal. Once uterine contractions start, the puppies quickly follow at 10-60 minute intervals. if the female dog appear distressed, or no puppies appear, seek veterinary attention immediately in case a puppy is stuck. Most of the dog owner knows how to do the process will give birth easily without problems.

    Size of family

    The number of puppies in a family is normally naturally regulated by the size of the Mother’s Dog. Small breed dog usually have up to six puppies, Medium breed will have up to eight and large breed up to 12 or more. Generally she has no more than the number of functional nipples she has. In abnormally large families, some puppies have to be hand fed or fostered.

    Key Question:

    Why does my dog howl at night?

    This could be in response to your pet hearing other dogs howling, so is reciprocating in communicate with them. In aged dogs, night-time noise could be a sign of canine senile or geriatric separation anxiety or it could be due to separation anxiety. Otherwise, if the dog is unneutered, he or she is calling for a mate or senses a potential mate nearby. It also possible that your dog is in pain, get a veterinary check-up as soon as possible.

    Can dogs mate at any time?

    For Male dogs is possible, but female only come into anestrus twice a year and it is only then they are receptive to sexual advances from canine suitors.

    Hope this info helps you! 🙂


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    Sewing Project: How to Sew a Drawstring Pouch

    Sewing Project_ How to Sew a Drawstring Pouch (Easy Tutorial).png

    Hello! I’m doing another post for this project, a Drawstring bag! This is super easy and I goanna show you how to do it.

    This is super cute design fabric. I bought it at Spotlight, Cotton and I super love the printing designs! AWWW.

    I will defiantly just go back again and again to buy those super nice and cute fabrics prints!

    I do found some online too! but they are all Pre Cut Printed Craft Fabric, suitable for small projects like pouches, mini bags etc.. Check them out! You might get what you want too! It’s best to try it with small portion 🙂


    Step 1:

    Prepare 2 piece of main fabric which is the body of the bag, Go with the size that you want it to be, can be a square or rectangle shape.


    Face the fabric wrong side to wrong side to each other.

    Mark out 2 Inches from the top corner side, then leave 1 Inch gap. same to both side. This is to insert the string to the hole later on.

    Pin both fabric in place if you want to then sew from the 2 inches down, Skip the 1 Inch gap and sew down continue.

    *Remember do not sew the 1 Inch gap. If you sew you won’t be able to insert the string in.


    After sewing, turn it right side out, and will look something like this.


    Step 2:

    Turn back inside again, Iron flat the side first so that when you can see the gap nicely and easy to fold and insert the string later.

    This is the 1 Inch gap, you will have a gap in the middle of both side.


    Step 3:

    Once you Iron, we goanna do the box up shape.

    Turn it wrong side out. Right at the end of the tip, place it flat like a triangle shape.


    Measure a 2 inches, Mark out a line and Sew. This is up to you depends on you want the pouch to be big or small.


    Trim off the excess and will looks like this. Do it for both sides.


    Step 4:

    Now lets do the top part. Which is to insert the Bias tape in. But first have to iron and press the fabric. This is to have the mark line and easier to sew down the edges.


    Fold an 1/2 inch, Iron and Press then Sew it. Then fold another 1 inch until you see the side is open as the picture shown. The hole here is to insert the string in.

    **I know this part a bit hard to understand here. But do ask me any questions, I will be glad to assist you if I can. 🙂


    Step 5:

    The last step is to insert the Bias tape. You can use either String, or Bias Tape or even SELRES_5a16cac0-392b-4e49-b81b-19657301a99bRibbonsSELRES_5a16cac0-392b-4e49-b81b-19657301a99b it’s up to you to decide. 🙂 For Bias Tape, You will need about 12mm wide. Mostly will be 3 yard long.

    Prepare 2 String with the length about 20 Inches maybe. I advise to prepare as long as you want so can trim it off later on. Use a Safety pin, pin on the string

    Slowly Pull thru the hole until back to the same side. Same for both side. So each side will have 2 string. 


    There! And you are done!

    You can add designs or DIY to the pouch if you are using plain fabrics. But I prefer to use printed ones. It’s looks kind of cute thou. ^^

    Hope this helps you! Feel free to ask me questions!

    My tutorial video is up! >> Check out now! <<


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    21 Small Breed Dogs to choose as Champion 


    We are having a baby girl! (2).png

    Hello there! Here is the list of small breed dogs. As you know small breed dogs are usually small sizes, and the best is they are easier to bring along anywhere you go. Can be your accompanied too! Although they need much attention most of the time, they are less intimidating than larger breed dogs and they most slightly less to maintain.

    They are a lot of different type of dogs personalities, sizes. Many of them are small bodies size but they have big personalities, cause they don’t think themselves as small and they are ready and willing to take on a world that is much larger than themselves.

    Small dogs are totally suitable for people who have small space, can be carried out with a dog bag or a carrier for safe and easy passage on public transport.

    However, most of the smaller breed need lesser exercise than larger dogs. Of cause, they need as much care as their larger breed dogs.

    So, When you are choosing a dog, think about the needs and characteristics of many breeds before narrowing down your search. Different breeds have widely contrasting personalities and physiques. Here are the most popular dog breeds, each describes different outlining individual characteristics and personalities traits, as well as grooming and exercise requirements. Pick a breed that fits in with your lifestyle, do some research to make sure your new pet is right for you.

    Yorkshire Terrier




    Toy Poodle

    Miniature Pinscher


    Bichon Frise

    Shih Tzu 

    Miniature Poodle


    Lhasa Apso 

    Boston Terrier 

    Parson Jack Russell Terrier

    Border Terrier 

    Cairn Terrier 

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 


    West Highland White Terrier


    Miniature Schnauzer

    Click on the link to check out on each dog breed for they information before choosing the right dog breed. 

    Happy Dog-Owning!

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    Sewing Project: How to Sew a Circle Skirt with Expose Elastic Waistband

    See you soon bestie!love, patricia

    Next project! Part of my favourite or I would say turn out to be my favourite. As a beginner, not as hard not easy also. Just need to have the skill to do it. Well, I keep trying until I make a perfect ones. Not as perfect but to be wearable right? Ha Ha. This circle skirt is made of a circle and the part which is quite challenging is to sew follow the circle. I did a few times but I failed to do so. Until I finally made it.

    The steps are quite simple.

    First you need to do some math measurement.

    Measure your waist. Depends on what waist you want, High waist or low waist. For elastic expose you goanna expose your elastic band to show that you are wearing a belt, is to give some texture or design for the skirt. So this will suit better with high waist. Is up to you 🙂 If you don’t want a high waist, you will need to get stretch fabric, like cotton spandex, or any stretch fabric.

    Waist Measurement: Your Waist + 1 Inch = Total Inch / 6.28 = Radius ,

    Length of the skirt: Measure from the waist to the length where you want your skirt to be. Whether it is above the knee or below the knee length. Is up to you. 🙂

    Fold the fabric to half, then fold half again.


    Measure and cut out the template, using mah-jong paper.

    You will need at least 3 yard fabric, or maybe 1.5 yard. If you are not sure just ask advice from the stall seller.


    When you cut out and hold it up with the sides, it will look like this. As you can see a circle skirt can spin around nice and twirl.


    Next is the tricky part.

    Cut the waistband size of your waist + 1 Inch or – 1 Inch. This part I get a bit confuse and I couldn’t figure out what length should I cut for my waistband. All I do is I guess the length and maybe try to figure out and cut a length of not too big and not too small. You can try it on your waist maybe loose 1 inch will be better. Cause when you sew, you will pull the waistband along so the waistband will stretch a bit.

    To sew the waist area with the waistband. Fold about half Inch and then iron to make a mark line so that is easy to attach the Waistband.

    For the waistband I choose a Knit ones.

    But some fabric don’t really turn out well, some won’t stay on while you iron, so the best way is to use pin and mark it out

    Pin the waistband to the skirt first before you start sewing. Cause if you don’t, it will be super hard to sew it neat and nice. I’ve tried before and I get frustrated when I sew out of line. Have to be very patient and confident.

    Use a Zigzag Stitch with the width around 2.5 – 3.5 will be fine. Advise to use the same colour as the waistband so that is not obvious to see the line on the waistband.

    Note: If you are using non stretch fabric, you have to pull the elastic slowly as you sew down the waistband. And if you are using stretch fabric, you don’t have to pull, just sew down as normal.



    And Tadah!

    I made a pink polka dot circle skirt! I really love it! Even though the length is a bit too long, I can adjust it and make it to the length I want to! This is the purpose of knowing how to sew or adjust your own clothes! Play around, practice as much as possible. Best is to try out on cheaper fabrics first. 🙂

    Hope this help you!



    Top 5 Mobile Games to Kill your Boredom at Work (IOS)

    Here are the 5 Mobile games which I pick up from some of my game list. Sometimes mobile games are not as fun as console games but still, you will need it sometimes to kill your time at work or while relaxing on the bed.

    They are on IOS, But you can also check out android users.


    Super Mario

    Remember this game? This was my favourite game since I was a child! It was so popular in the 80s or 90s? Playing with Nintendo. Now is out on mobile. And one thing that makes me irritating is they want you to buy the game after playing certain levels. That was so annoying. But if you love this game, just try it or just play the free version. Not as fun but still kill your time.


    Fight List

    This game was quite popular once since it was out, but until now I think some people stop or maybe still playing? or maybe there are new updates in the game! So just check it out! It still can kill time when you are bored I believe.

    This game have the most randomly words that you totally won’t thought of it. It’s super challenging, but if you like challenging just give it a try!

    Connect with friends and take the challenge!


    Tsum Tsum

    Tsum Tsum is a Disney characters game which most of the people know what Tsum Tsum are I bet. This game are super adorable! When get to see then get together, just like collecting them all. Super addictive and fun! Totally can kill your time while you are waiting for someone or at work to kill your bored-ness! They will have daily goals to complete and Bingo cards to clear and get level up or even get new Tsum Tsum! Stay tune for their up coming events which happens every months or randomly.

    This want have to connect with line account or facebook in order to play! Challenge your friends now!

    Pac – Man

    This was also the 80s -90s console game. This was also quite fun. And now it’s also out on mobile version! If you are interested why not try it! So far the game was good. I haven’t really play yet but I did try out some stage.

    The quality is almost the same I guess? The only thing different is you can change the background to different games background like the “Crossy road” background.


    Words Cookies

    This game is kind of fun, it test your brain and it’s quite challenging when you play with friends! It comes out with some words that you don’t even thought of it and it totally like any words! Sometimes when you bored, have some brain alive with this game! It will kill your time.

    Hope some of the games bring you back to your childhood moments! Enjoy gaming, do leave me feedback or comments! I would be glad to hear it. 🙂




    Games: Childhood Tamgochi Pet Game on Mobile IOS and Android


    Eh-los! Remember this childhood game that you always play? In the 80s or 90s! Guess what? They are out now on mobile! I always wanted a pet game something similar to this !

    Now you can easily have them on your mobile just like having a pet with you! This is the original characters of Tamagochi. Now in 3D version, colourful animals pets! Now available for IOS & Android.

    Don’t have a pet yet ? Get it now and start caring and make them your first pal!

    Welcome your little pet to their home!


    Go thru a short tutorial with your very first pet “Mametchi”



    They go toilet too! Ha Ha!


    You can bath them!img_2501


    Get level up and you will unlock a new pet each time! The next to unlock is a surprise pet, means you can get different pet. Mine I have a “Futabatchi”.


    They have a Tamagochi Stage from Babies to Adults. Mainly is just bath, feed and bring them out to play! Play minis games to gain level up.


    Tap on the toilet bowl to pass out, the bathtub to take a bath.

    img_2504Give them a good rest!


    They have quest for each Pet, check out the mini camera on the top corner to see what you need to do to complete the task!


    Complete the task and get rewards!


    When it’s time to grow, your Tamagochi will evolve to another stage.




    And again!


    When you reach the adult stage, you will enter a school. Will be added some task to complete.

    This game is fun for your kids to play, let them take over the 80s – 90s back to your childhood day. Hope you enjoy your game!




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    Sewing Project: How to Sew a Simple Skirt with Elastic Waistband


    Hello everyone! I’m back! If you guys wonder why I took so long to my next post is because I have been busy sewing some skirt! It’s so much fun making skirt and I kind of love sewing more and more and more! To the maximum! haha!

    Making skirt is not that easy thou but for beginners is good to keep practice with cheap fabrics instead of pricey ones. I’ve been figure out what are the fabrics good for making appeals and accessories. They are totally different. Like those stretchable ones is mainly use for making clothing. For like poplin cotton or 100% cotton printed is use to sew accessories like pouches etc. my favourites fabric type is cotton printed maybe poplin I guess! Still not very sure the names of the fabrics types, but when you went to fabrics stall defiantly get to see those with super nice printed fabrics! I bet you will really fall in love with it!

    I finally done with my skirt after a few time failure,  I manage to make it thru my hard time. Whew!

    lets see how easy to sew a skirt:

    Step 1:

    Align your fabric to a rectangular shape, you can either cut a long piece of fabric or cut in 2 separate pieces.

    Measure the size of your waist.

    E.g. Waist is 30″, So have to “times 2″ which is 60″. So is ” 30″x2=60″.

    If you cut out one long piece is 60″, if you are cutting 2 separate pieces, 30″ each piece which gives you 60″ in total.

    Sometimes is just Maths confusing. 🙂 But it’s okay! it’s take time to learn right? I made it thru! So can you 🙂 Just to take note Sewing need a lot of calculation maths. YA! I do hate math, So yup, no way you can avoid it. Just have to try 🙂


    Step 2:

    So if you cut 2 separate piece, face the fabric right side to right side. Then sew down both sides. If you cut out 1 long piece of fabric, just have to sew down one side. How easy! Let’s move on to the next step!


    Step 3:

    Once you sew down the sides, use an iron and iron flat the sides and that’s it! This is to make the skirt nicer and stable.

    img_2072-3Step 4:

    Next, let’s sew the top for the elastic casing. Which is to slot the elastic in place. This step is easy. No worries, we made it to the last few steps!


    If you not sure how wide you wan the elastic casing to be, use a ruler or measuring tape to measure about 1″.

    For me, my elastic is 1″ wide as you can see from the picture below. So I will make the casing about 1.2″ or  more just a bit than the elastic should be okay.



    Is up to you as long the elastic can go thru that will be fine.


    Cut the elastic longer, no worries you can trim it later if it’s too long.

    Step 5:

    Now, Let’s sew the casing! Use your sewing machine measurement guide to sew down the straight line on the casing. I’m using a straight stitch. Do a little bit of backstitch/Reverse on the starting point and ending point of the stitch. Remember to leave a hole to insert the elastic in later!


    You can always use needle to pin out first, to keep the alignment in place so when you sew it won’t go out of place 🙂


    Sew down and leave a hole for the elastic to go thru.

    img_2079-3Step 6:

    Done with the casing! Now the last step is insert the elastic.

    Do take note there are many kind of Elastic band out there. But this skirt we are doing the elastic inside the casing, so choose a thin about 1″ should be fine. You can find lots of different material of elastic band, like woven Knit , canvas and many others. Just choose whichever you like and try it to make different skirts.

    Use a safety pin to pull thru the elastic inside the fabric until the hole and pull out the elastic, sew to secure it. Then sew the hole in place.

    Adjust the elastic to make it ever so it won’t crumble all together.


    You are almost done!


    Step 7:

    The last step is to sew the bottom seam. Fold a 1 ” seam sew all the way. Do some backstitch and DONE!


    Tadah!!!! Congrats you made it! This is how easy to make a simple skirt.

    Now it’s time to try on the skirt!




    I did a few as my practice until it’s perfect and I kind of like the result. Just Play around and now you can make a skirt for yourself! Awesome!

    I bought this fabric from Spotlight, its cute Mickey mouse printed and its cotton. This result turn out to be a bit twirl. Means it can spin and twirl beautifully. 😀 it’s kind of pricey, but if you are still a beginner and just want to try out I suggest you get a cheaper fabrics first before you try a nice and better qualities ones. I did try a few of fabrics too. But a lot of times I failed to make a skirt that I want. So it’s kind of wasted after all. So do take my advice and think carefully what you really want to make first. 🙂


    This one I bought from Chinatown area, which is at the People’s Park Centre. Nearby the OG. There have mostly cheapest fabrics available. Around $6 per yard. Which is quite affordable 🙂

    Do leave me some comment if you like my post!



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    Sewing Project: Hand Sew a Zip Pouch / Wallet

    Hello! Welcome to my blog! I’m wondering what project can sew for my next project, I came out an idea of sewing this small little wallet pouch. With easy and beautiful design fabric which I bought from my local retailer shop.

    I’m Posting this post on How to sew a Zip wallet/Pouch. I just randomly did this and I will guide thru step by step.

    Materials you need:

    Needle & Thread

    – pair of scissor

    Zipper (cheap one will do, go ahead and use good one as your choice.)

    Fabric of your choice


    Fold the fabric to 2 pieces, Cut fabric with size length 20cm, width 13cm. Same for fabric and lining.

    Turn the fabric to the face from good side to good side and sew the side with straight or Mattress stitch. Only sew left and right side. Leave the top side for the zipper.




    So when you turn back outside, it will look like this. With nice hem. This is why I love to use this stitch. (Picture shown on hand sew)

    Same goes to the lining, sew 2 side.


    Once you’re done, Slot the lining in to the main fabric facing good side.

    Align the zip to the fabric and sew on. You may use needle to mark the part that you want to sew, it’s makes it easier.

    For the ending of the zip, you can sew it to the fabric from the inside. Try to adjust then sew to secure it.

    And you’re done!




    Came across one of my local shop that sells most of the crafts accessories, i found a leather label which can match my wallet. It’s turns out perfectly fit my wallet. I love this little label is a little girl with a little pet dog. bought it at $3.50. It’s very easy to put on, come with a small round pin for the 4 sides hole. Just have to mark out the position which you want it to put on the fabric. And you are done! One hand sew wallet with a label on it. Just like your own brand! This hand sew may not look nice but I will keep practice and at the same time I will post on how’s my progress going. Enjoy!

    Do check out my another post on How to sew a perfect Zip Pouch using sewing machine!

    Happy Sewing! 


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    Sewing: Where to Buy Nice Design Printed Fabric

    Marco + KEVIN.png

    I’ve been keep buying fabric since I fall in love in sewing! I do love to keep nice printed fabric, you know why? Cause I can just choose what I want to use to sew for my projects. I bought those fabric which is Pre Cut ones so that it’s not wasted. Just do project that is small should be no problem!

    I have been wondering around few places which have nice fabrics design and most of them do sell all sorts of crafts materials which you will need it for your projects.



    I super love this outlet, they have lots of fabric designs, materials like cotton, canvas, lace etc. They also sell like bag accessories like bag handle, buttons all sorts of varies craft items. labels which is made of leather, even sewing machines too.

    They do have a sewing machine demo located at their HQ, which is the Chinatown outlet. If you are looking for sewing machine, they do have demo for you and you will know which machine suits you. Brother brand is mostly they have, emboderory machine, if you need advise do ask for assistant and they will recommend you.

    Their pre cuts fabric only $4.50, sometimes they do have promotions do check out at their outlets. Fabric price range between $5 from canvas fabric, $18 for cotton fabrics.

    200, Jalan Sultan #01-27 Textile Centre,
    Singapore 199018.
    Tel: (65) 6297 0211 Fax: (65) 6291 4246
    Operating Hrs: 9am – 6pm (Mon – Sat)
    Closed on PH

    101, Upper Cross Street, #01-05 A,
    People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058357.
    Tel: (65) 6533 2445 Fax: (65) 6532 3687
    Operating Hrs: 11am – 8pm (Mon – Sat)
    Closed on PH

    Head Office & Showroom (Fabric Store):
    315, Outram Road, #05-09, Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074.
    Tel: (65)6221 9209 Fax: (65) 6223 4884
    Operating Hrs: 10am – 6pm (Mon – Sat)

    Closed on Sun & PH



    I realise there is only one and spotlight outlet in Singapore and it’s the biggest outlet. Of course they have more things, Spotlight not only sells crafts, they do have home accessories, home deco etc. I always go there to hut for nice printed fabrics. As compared to SIM HUI HENG , I would say Spotlight is a BEST place to hut for fabrics. They have the nicest fabric that I’ve found in Singapore.

    But it would be a bit PRICEY for most of the fabrics. I feel is a good place to hut for all sort of fabrics. Sometimes it might left over not as much but do come back another time!

    They also sewing accessories items, such as storage box for your accessories, Pre Cut fabrics too! Cutting Mat, Sewing machine also available. I think they do have demo for you too. Do check with the assistant person if you want to try or explore the machine with your own eyes. This place is like a heaven for crafters. Most of things you will sure find it here. So whenever you think of crafts materials, HERE! is where you have to go.

    Dhoby Ghaut MRT, Level 5, 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238839

    Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily)


    Everybody knows that Daiso is one of the store which have everything just $2! Well, They don’t have much crafts items in store but! if you are looking for budget item, do check out Daiso first before you head down to any other store. Because there is something always worth just $2. I mean not as good quality but to test out those tools and get use to it first before you get a better ones, right? As for me is good because something things can be a lot of pricey, and when you come to something that you need, you will want it immediately or as soonest but when you find somewhere with cheaper price. You goanna hate the store. I have that feeling before and it’s really no good. Especially when you buy it and it won’t work for you. It will be a waste.  

    They do have lots of useful items, like knitting needles, yarns but of cause not as good quality as spotlight. like I say, buy it for testing first. Not much for sewing but maybe needles should have, fabrics with just a few yards with cotton materials.

    Different outlet might have different things add on. Do check out the biggest ones. It would be best.

    There are a few outlet:

    Vivo City

    Tampines One

    East Point

    Parkway Parade … etc..

    Chinatown Point / People’s Park Centre

    Lastly is Chinatown! I guess everyone quite familiar with this place. This is the place where you find lots of cheap fabrics and crafts materials

    Golden Dragon

    This is one of the craft store that mostly people will know. They have lots of craft accessories like beads crafts, knitting, Crochet, fabrics too! Felting, Leather etc. Mostly craft material you will sure found in here. Walk around and check out some others store which is just nearby. Compare prices, just get what it’s worth!

    Address: 101 Upper Cross Street, #02-51 People’s Park Centre, 058357

    Operating Hours: 10am – 8.30pm (Mon – Fri), 12.30 – 7.30pm (Sun)

    Do also check out:

    People’s Park Food Centre, 32 New Market Road. #02-1106

    Opening Hours: 12pm -6pm Daily.

    Here have the whole level of fabric store. Cheap and affordable, Mostly people recommend some of the store which is ” Maggie Textile” that have lots of fabrics type like Chiffon, Silk, Cotton etc. and “Lye Nai Shiong” sells accessories like ribbons, zippers, threads etc.

    Feel free to check out other stores too! Don’t just stick with this 2 , cause you may find something that you need which you never knows!

    50 PCS 10 x 10 inches Cotton Fabric Squares Precut Quilting / Sewing Charm Pack

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    Sewing Project: How to sew a perfect zip pouch

    Sewing Project_ How to sew a perfect zip pouch.png

    Hello! Welcome to my another post on “How to Sew a Perfect Zip Pouch”. This time round using sewing machine! I’ve tried the hand sew one, but frankly speaking sewing machine is kind of fun to sew! I kind of fall in love with it. Ha Ha!

    Of cause sewing machine will need more time and skills to learn how to use it and take in more practice. But when you start to know how to use it step by step, nothing goanna tear you down and you can just sew very easily. Within one day/ half day you can finish one small project.

    Here is how I do it:

    Materials needed:

    1. Fabric
    2. Zipper
    3. Sewing Machine


    Cut out 2 piece of outer fabric, 2 piece of lining fabric.

    You also need a zipper which is about 7″ long or it up to your choice how big you want the pouch to be. Like wallet size or a pouch to keep all your stuff in to carry out.


    Assemble the lining piecefacing down, if you are using plain ones and both side are the same, it’s okay to go with any side. Then place the zip accordingly with the right side facing up, lastly is the outer piece align right side facing down.


    Then use pin to pin in line so that it won’t go out of line, and you are ready to sew. Before you start sew, there is something need to take note of, which is the zipper head/puller. Sew start from after the puller, which is lower a bit just below the puller. Go ahead and sew it.

    Zippers come with lots of sizes, types of zipper head/ puller. Depends on what project you do and just go with the zipper size to cut out the fabric. You can even find lots of variety colours online.


    As you can see the puller part to the top is not sew yet.

    Now you have to sew this part, pull down the puller a bit, flip to the correct side and sew all the way to close the line. Now you finish the part 1.

    Next step, is about the same.

    Take your second piece of lining right side facing up, then place Part 1 fabric facing up,puller to the right side, then the place second outer piece facing down. Pin it together and sew it.

    Sew it exactly same as the Part 1 and the zipper using same method.

    And there! you have look something like a body of a pouch.

    Iron it by slightly pressing it a bit, not too hard.

    Pressing it will give the fabric more firm and steady.

    Now, zip down the zipper. Take the fabric open up face outer to outer piece and lining to lining piece. *This part a bit complicated to explain here but I will try my best.

    Once you face the fabric as mention, align the zip right side to right side as shown in the picture. Hold it down, pin or clip it so it won’t go out of line. Same goes to the bottom of the zip. Once you done with zip, pin all the side for sewing. Leave an opening, you can use you hand making a stone shape hole size on the lining side to turn it over later on.

    Once you sew it and you are done!

    Turn it over, adjust the side corner.



    Surprisingly, I can sew a few with like 1 hour. It’s really get easier if you get use to the sewing. This one really great for beginner and I do like the result compare to the first time I did. This time round with correct alignment and nicely sew. I bet you will love it too! Feel free to try it and do share with me, I will be glad to see your project too!



    Sewing: About Knits Fabrics


    Hello! I’ve been wondering what type of fabric to use for my next projects. All this is making me frustrated when I don’t know much about fabrics, So which means I need to slowly get to know them all and study them. Best is to feel them! So that you will know how the fabric like and what type of fabric is this.

    When I start to sew apparel like skirts, I actually get a bit frustrated when it turns out to be the wrong size or whatsoever.

    So my best recommend is, get some cheap fabrics from your local fabric store and test out first before you buy a nice actual one. To me I actually buy 100% cotton fabric to do out my skirt and it turns out to be fine. Those simple skirt but not those twirling or weave type, is just a bit stiff type that sew with cotton fabrics.

    If you want a twirling type, Knit Fabric is the best choice, or even polyester as for what I know. Sometimes it’s good to do some online research, they can gives you the information that you want. Knit fabric is stretchy, it’s made of different fibres.

    There is some notes you have to know before you head down to your fabric store.

    Understanding the fabrics

    Before you decide to buy the fabrics, sometimes is like you saw something which is nice and you want it so much and is like oh it not the one that you need for now. So choose another one before you make a wrong choice.

    Knits fabrics have a few type which comes in different way of stretch, it can be 2 – ways or 4 ways stretch. It depends on the way  it’s been made. For 2 – ways it’s stretches just horizontal or vertical. As for 4 – ways, it’s stretches both horizontal and vertical. You can defiantly find some nice fabric online. I do love nice prints designs. Check out the links below!

    One important thing to remember is that the direction of the stretch must go AROUND the body part so that it can open wide enough to fit over. If you are making shirts or legging, make sure you use the correct stretch direction so that it wont turn out too tight for some of your body part.

    Use the right needles

    For the needles, I do use a normal one to try out on stretch fabric. It turn out to be ok to me. I not sure is it necessary to use a Stretch Needle, but I think it should be good to. As for me I stick to my normal needles. Some sewers did advice to use a stretch ones. So if you don’t mind getting it, just go ahead with your choice.

    Use the right Thread

    So far I only use Polyester Thread which I bought it from my local craft store. Any polyester are good to go, you don’t need any expensive ones thou. As long it won’t snapped easily when you sew or can go with the brand which you find it quite common to you, just get it. Feel free to try out others type of thread like cotton or whatsoever. And see which one goes well for you. Try it a non used piece of fabric first before you wasted your fabric. The feeling goanna be like “Argh” and you failed to continue the projects.

    Using the Right Stitches

    When you use the wrong stitch on the wrong fabrics, usually it happen to snapped and breaks. As for Knits fabric, you need to choose a correct stitch which will expend your fabric. Which means you can’t use straight stitch for stretch fabric.

    Mostly Sewing machine will have lots of variety stitches to play with. Make use of it and try out different stitches and play around with it, it will be best cause you will get use to it, sooner you will know which stitch works for what type of fabric. Trial and error :). So far I’ve tried Zig Zac stitch, I still need some time to figure out as I just started a project for apparel.

    Lastly is to iron your hem to give it a nice finished, so that it will look nice and professional.

    I’m doing some testing to make a skirt, do check out m post for updates! Just wish me success! Do share with me or leave me a comment below to share your experience! ^.^v

    Hearts All Over on Pink Print Fabric on 10 oz Cotton Spandex Jersey DIY T-shirt Fabric By The Yard [CS]

    Double Brushed Jersey Knit Panda Navy Fabric By The Yard


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    Sewing Project: How to Sew a Envelope Laptop Case

    fun games for your guests at a gay wedding.png

    Hi There! Welcome to my blog! I goanna share with you another project which I did recently.

    So, I did watch some videos tutorials from others and I decide to make one myself. And I wish to share around my work too! It’s not as easy as I thought to sew a laptop case.

    I can say the hardest part is when I sew the stitches which turns out not really nice. And what I did was I sew 2-3 times, so it became like 2 sewing lines. This are the skills you need to learn and do it yourself and see how it feels or looks.

    After sewing a few times using sewing machine, I felt that sewing machine is definitely nicer than hand sewing, especially for big project like laptop case. Pencil case not really! Cause it more for beginner, so it would be nice if you practice start from sewing a Pencil case.

    Material needed:

    Step 1:

    Fold your fabric into half to a long rectangle shape.

    I align my main fabric which you want it to be the front, and second layer is the fleece, and lastly the lining.

    There are a few type of fusible fleece, they have the Iron on ones, Thermoweb Heat N Bond High Loft Iron On Fusible Fleece White 20″X36″ 3339 (4-Pack), Pellon PLF36 Ultra Lightweight Fusible Interfacing. Can use to make your project stable, because fabric is kind of soft and turns out to be no support, won’t look nice too without the fleece. With the fleece it looks elegant and more stable.

    Step 2:

    Next I iron a bit for both side to make it neat for the fabric.

    Measure your laptop with the fabric, then cut the shape out to a long Rectangular shape. You may need to cut slightly wider, to make a seam allowance later on. leave about 1″ inch more for the seam allowance.

    Once you measure, use a fabric marker to mark out the sewing area that you want to sew later. To prevent for sewing slanted lined. Its good to mark it out.


    Before you sew, turn the fabric to the wrong side and sew. Sew straight up all the way. (The image show I did not sew straight up, So Just sew all the way up will do.)


    So it’s turns out to be like that 😦 but it good to practice more and get rid of the sewing machine. Now I know a bit on how to use the machine, you just have to use your two hands, one in front, one behind to control the fabric. start from slow speed on your machine. Slowly slide thru the fabric, and you will get a straight line stitches. Use the measurement on your sewing machine so that you know how many inches for the seam allowance This need more practice for sure!

    I’m used straight stitch  all the way. To make it more secure, you can do a reverse/ backstitch  on the starting and ending point. Means the area that you goanna start stitch and the ending.


    I did a envelope laptop case, which I think it easier then the zipper case one. Maybe for beginners should be okay.

    For the Triangle top is for the case cover, just like a envelope shape.

    Step 3:

    After you sew the sides, next is the top part for the cover.

    Measure about 10″ From the laptop pocket top, mark it out. Fold to half horizontal. Facing the lining side. Then sew a line thru and cut off the excess.

    Once sew and cut off, flip thru and you will see a triangle.

    Now you can see the line that you sew is the middle line from of the triangle from the picture.


    And you are done with the sewing! Lastly, just add a button.

    Step 4:

    For the button I use a magnetic ones. Is like the magnetic clip. Locate on where you want to put, make sure its balance. Put your laptop in and try it out and you can sew it once you are sure with the alignment. Use a marker to mark out so it’s easy to sew. No worries about the marking, it will cover up once you sew in the button.


    And Tadah! Pink Polka-dots Envelope Laptop Case. Now I have my own case, I can bring out easily.

    Make your own simple envelope Laptop case!



    I totally love it even thou the sewing line not really nice, but anyway is in the inside so not really that obvious also. Ha Ha!

    Hope this guide helps you! If you have any question, can feel free to ask me in the comment! I will be glad to help you out.


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    Sewing Project: How to Sew a Button Card Holder


    Sewing Project_ How to Sew a Button Card Holder

    Hello! Here is another project I did! For my own practice I sew a card holder with button. I love this cute design with Pink polka dots and flora pattern.

    This 2 design do match up perfect, I use the polka dots for the inner part, the flora on the outer. So it a bit like lady flora kind of pattern.  Let’s guide you thru how to sew this:


    You need to cut out fabric :

    1 outer piece and 1 inner piece size 5″ x 6″.

    Pockets x 2 piece 3″ x 5″


    Align the Outer piece with right side facing up, Place the 2 pocketsright side facing down, then the inner piece right side facing down.

    Pin them together.


    Pin in the middle of the fabric as shown in the picture, cause it will be easier to sew.


    Leave a gap opening on either side to turn over.

    Once you done sewing, may trim off the corner side. Be careful not to trim it over the sewing line. So that it will gives you the round corner edges.


    After turning over from the opening gap, add a elastic band if you are doing a elastic band with Buttons,twist a elastic band into a no 8 pattern. Slot it in the opening gap, adjust a bit and sew close it. If you want to do a Magnetic Button, just measure and mark out the point where you want to put, adjust and sew it.

    For the elastic band, you can just use hair tie rubber band, thin or thick doesn’t matter. You can choose the one that you like.

    And you are done!



    I actually bought a mickey mouse buttons which looks quite cute. You can just check out it from your local art store or the links below.

    Hope this guide helps you. Feel free to leave me feedback, just comment if you want ask me anything 🙂 I will be glad to help out 🙂