How to prevent dog from Constipation (Pets)

Hello doggies & Hoomans! Here is another post base on what I experience in the past few days. My dog has a constipation for about 5 days and I was very worried for her and I don’t have any solution or help due to my financial low. I was scared to go for vet cause I don’t have any financial. So what I do is I monitor her for the few days, and at the same time I try to make her dinner food portion balanced. Means like try to make it balance for the portion of rice I gave.

Currently now I’m feeding her back to rice but lesser rice with mix veggie and Shredded chicken breast meat. It’s sounds healthier I guess so and I hope I’ve made the right choice for her. Because when I feed her kibbles past few months, I discover her fur drop and previously she didn’t drop fur when I feed her rice. So I would like to try it again this time and make it better.

A lot of people say kibbles or wet food are much salty and that’s why they drop fur. But I came across this grab driver and he told me there are also kibbles that are not salty but also quite pricy. Somehow I feel kibbles really are salty. Just by the smell of it.

So back to the topic on how to prevent constipation. Before I realised Oreo didn’t poo for 5 days, I was shocked and panic. And I also saw she poo with corn bits before she stop poo-ing for 5 days. So I was thinking maybe it the corn bits that get her blockage? or was it something else.

I went for research from google, there are a few points that cause constipation.

  • Blockage
  • Experience harden food

Blockage might be one of the possible reason. So I cut her food into pieces now to get her easier to digest. I was so panic and I went to buy some pumpkin as the google mentioned pumpkin can help digestion.

The funniest thing is I didn’t get the food in time to cure her cause all by deliveries. So what I did was, I gave her balanced rice portion with mixed veggie and chicken. As for morning I feed her treats biscuits cause I try not to feed her rice or only dishes without rice due to can get her unbalanced meal I guess. That’s how I feel, so I will maintain only rice for dinner. Is like humans don’t eat heavy breakfast.

Surprisingly! she finally poo before my pumpkin come. Ha-Ha! I finally feel relief ~~~ The next day she poo too, by feeding her balance rice portion I guess that solve the problem. If you want to prevent this from happening, do monitor your dog diet. Make sure they don’t eat harden food. To me I didn’t consult a vet. I will just try it on my own. But if you experience something similar like me, you can try giving a balance portion diet. or just consult a vet for safety purposes.

Well, there are quite a lot of times you will face problems as you own a doggie or pet. Just have to make sure you can afford before consider getting a pet. That’s my advise for all pet’s lovers out there.

Hope this helps you!

Happy Pet-ing!

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