Craft-able Items / Furniture in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

Materials and tools are the most important item for farming in SoS. Those basic tools are given by the mayor and some of the residents.

Most of the materials can be found in your farm and can be use for crafting. Below is the list of info on craft-able items and how to unlock.

Material also need to go through the makers machine to process items such as furniture’s, floorings and even materials to materials like Silver ore to Silver Ingot.

Craft able itemsMaterials needed
Fodder Rolls Grass x 10
MortarClay x 2
TwineFlexible Grass x 5
TorchLog x 5
Sap x 1
Squid Bait?x 5
Flexible grass x 4
Round Chair ?x 3
Lumber x 5
?x 1
SprinklerIron Ingot x 5
Silver Ingot x 3
Enhanced Sprinkler
Mortar Gate
Mortar Fence
Mortar Road
Mortar Tools box
Mortar x 3
Mortar x 2
Mortar x 1
Mortar x 10
Wooden Gate
Wooden Fence
Wooden Road
Wooden Tools box
Log x 3
Log x 2
Log x 1
Lumber x 5
Stone Gate
Stone Fence
Stone Road
Stone Tools box
Stones x 5
Stones x 4
Stones x 3
Stones x 50
Iron Gate
Iron Fence
Iron Road
Iron Ore x 2
Iron Ore x 3
Iron Ore x 1
Brick Gate
Brick Fence
Brick Road
Bricks x 3
Bricks x 2
Bricks x 1
Wood Charcoal Solid Log x 2
Cow Topiary Grass x 99
Simple Standing Lamp Flexible cloth x 1
Solid Lumber x 3
Sap x 3
Wooden Bench Solid lumber x 6
Blue dye x 3
Fancy desk lamp Iron Ingot x 1
Solid lumber x 2
Sap x 6
Refined Coal Coal lump x 1
Glass Glass rock x 1
Medium fish bait Fishing bait base x 6
Flexible grass x 6
Suction pumpBricks x 10
Silver Ingot x 5
Chic rug Rabbit cloth
Round lump Iron Ingot x 3
Glass x 3
Sap x 3
Fashionable braceletSilver Ingot x 16
Emerald x 1
Chicken Topiary Flexible grass x 99
* Working in progress, Please check back for updates!

Some of the materials are hard to find but just explore like the caves as much as you can.

If you need more energy to harvest, you will need to take note your stamina.

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