How to get Tools / Upgrade Tools – Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

Can’t live your farms without tools uh? Definitely ~

Best thing about seeding mode is you get your tools right away. And you get level up faster while you built up your farm. Along the way you will get to unlocks items, that are craft able and all you need is keep finding and hunt for materials.

Mayor will hand over most basic tools needed, hammer, axe, sickle and watering can. Others you will get a camera to claim at the museum, fishing rod from Manuela at the beach house and pet leash from Patricia at the pet store.

Below is the tools and material needed to upgrade for your tools for a speed up work in your farm.

Iron Hammer Iron ingot x 10
Silver Hammer Silver ingot x
Gold Hammer
Iron Axe Lumber x 3
Iron ingot x 3
Silver Axe Solid lumber x 5
Silver ingot x 5
Gold AxeSupple lumber x 10
Gold ingot x 10
Iron Hoe Lumber x 3
Iron ingot x 3
Silver Hoe
Gold Hoe Supple lumber x 10
Gold ingot x 10
Iron Sickle
Silver Sickle
Gold Sickle
Iron Bucket Iron ingot x 3
Silver Bucket
Gold Bucket Gold ingot x 10
Iron Rod
Silver Rod
Gold Rod
* Working in progress, Please check back for updates!

How to use

Axe – Can be use to cut down trees to get logs, once you upgrade to Iron, Silver, Gold, it can cut down up to 2-5 trees.

Hammer – Same goes to hammer. Can hammer up to 2-5 rocks to get different types of Ore, stones etc. If you happen to see the (…) and hit it with a hammer you will get certain items or treasure. Can be claim at the museum.

Hoe – This is use to tile the soil for planting. And this is where you will see lit harvest spirits rolling out.

Sickle – Use it for cutting grass.

Watering Can – Can water up to 3 plots and above once upgraded.

Bucket – Use to collect puddles that gives you clays. Use it to make bricks once you have the bricks maker machine.

Fishing rod – For fishing. Use baits to gain better result.

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