How to get a Pet / Animals in Story of Seasons – Pioneer of Olive Town

My most excited part is to have a pet. That’s what I’ve been waiting for almost in every game! 🤣

To get a pet you need to upgrade your tent to log cabin. In order to have space for your pet to stay in.

So apparently you need materials and some money to do so.

  • Logs x 20
  • 2000gils

The log cabin will come with a mini kitchen, fridge, bathroom, tables etc.

Worth it right? Haha.

Next thing you need of cause is a Pet!

Dogs & Cats

Head to the pets store and Patricia will talk to you and pass you a pet leash as gift. Then talk to Bridget to buy a pet of your choice.

Price and breeds available :

Breed (Cats)Price
  • Brown Strip Mix
  • 1,600g
  • Black mix
  • 1,600g
  • White mix
  • 1,600g
  • American shorthair
  • 1,600g
  • Scottish fold
  • 1,600g
  • Calico
  • 1,600g
  • Persian
  • 2,400g
  • Maine Coon
  • 2,400g
    * Please check back for more updates!

    Breed (Dogs) Price
  • Shiba (1,600g)
  • 1,600g
  • Husky (2,400g)
  • 2,400g
  • Labrador (2,400g)
  • 2,400g
  • Pomeranian (1,600g)
  • 1,600g
  • Border collie(2,400g)
  • 2,400g
    * Please check back for more updates!

    A pet bed will be given your pet too!

    The rest of the animals will just randomly appear while harvesting your farm, so just keep a look out for it. But need to get your barn, stable ready to keep them all.


    Chickens appear in 2 type of colors, the silkie is in grey white, and the white as normal chicken.


    These cow will appear in Farm area 2 once you fix the bridge that link to Farm 1. There are 2 type of colors, white with black spotted and brown.


    To be updated.

    Angora Rabbit

    Angora rabbit comes in 3 different colors, white, grey and pink which gives you different type of wool.


    Goat will also appear randomly with the sheep and rabbits. I suppose to say it’s a baby goat.

    So once you upgrade your barn, you are allow to keep them all together in one barn.


    To be updated.


    Horse appear in 3 colors, black, white and brown. They can also be customizable.

    To be update soon..

    These animals will just appear randomly in your farm. Tame them to keep them and don’t forget to feed them. You will get to see these animals around

    So now you have a pet! Show your care and loved to them like real life pals!

    Hope this helps you!


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