Harvest Sprites in Story of Seasons Pioneers of Olive Town

Along the game you will meet lots of happening, cutscenes etc. This is one of the happening that you will meet in your farm life which is the Harvest Sprites .

The Harvest Sprites

These is the harvest sprites will suddenly appear randomly in your farm in summer season. They are sprites that live in another world. You will actually find them jumping out your crops while you harvesting, So if you realize these lit pink bouncing ball rolling out from your crops are called “followers sprites.

Once you collected 25 Harvest Sprites you will unlock The Earth Village where all the sprites live. When you visit The Earth Village, talk to all the sprites and they will give you materials, food and fish and Harvest Coins.

In order to do so you will need to assign sprites by using the Sprites Management chart, just talk to the first spirit (in green) just behind the spirit who bring you here, select each spirits and assign the numbers of sprites you want.

All you have to do is to visit The Earth Village frequently which is just once per day cause by doing this will allow them to bring in more stuffs to collect. Starting you will only have 3 sprites available. If you keep on harvesting you will unlock more sprites as you go. There is a total of 8 spirits.

Harvest Coins

Harvest coin can be collected from the sprites while you visit The Earth Village. To unlock all 8 sprites , you will need to find 100 harvest sprites and The Harvest Goddess will awaken, allow you to access the shrine and use the Harvest coins to increase your stamina, improve your farm soil and unlock more harvest sprites .

Might unlock some special land plots too.

Happy Gaming!

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