Egg Hunt Event – Story of Seasons – Pioneers of Olive Town

Egg hunt event is here! This event will held on Spring 15 (Sun).

(*video taken from switch)

Everyone is excited for this event especially you neighbors around you. Cause they will keep talking about it when you get to meet them at the town area. Mayor will be the one who in-charge so he will announce to everybody in the morning raised to get you prepared.

* Note: if you happen to wake up later then 10.30am, you will miss the announcement.

  • You can just restart the day if you miss out the event.

It will also randomly appear other things like the “Navi spirits”. Will update this on another post.

So, I manage to attend the event after the restart.

As what the mayor says, if you have any close relationship with any of the villagers, you get to team up with them and hunt for the egg.

Im quite disappointed with the event actually, cause they do it like some kind of animation effect to hunt for the egg. So eventually you don’t have to do anything. Just talk to mayor and start anytime whenever you ready. I wish they could do it like really hunt for egg or something 🤔. It would be fun thou!

Hope this helps you out ! Have fun!


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