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Crochet: Slouchy Beanie Hat for Beginner

I did another crochet project – A slouchy style beanie hat for beginner, This is another beginner crochet and its easy to do. If you love to wear beanie like me, you will defiantly love this hat.

Usually beanie is just normal with various crochet pattern made. But this slouchy hat turns out a different feel, a bit slouchy and loose type.

I use a yarn which I don’t know the brand of the yarn but is about 4-5mm hook size. The yarns is on promo pack so it came without the brand on it but the quality is good.


  • Aimed for those promo pack yarns which is good deal for beginner who just started crocheting.

I always shop for yarns and sometimes I don’t even know what type of yarn to buy but I just want to buy that particular yarn cause its feels so soft… nice to touch and especially the COLOURS. Creamy pink is my favorite colors. End up keep one bucket of yarns. Haha.

Hope you like this post sharing for slouchy beanie hat. Soonest will create the pattern and hope to have your support ^^.

Happy Crochet-ing!

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