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Pets : back to kibbles diet (Experiment)

Hello friends! Recently I’m facing this problem on training my dog back to kibbles diet, I’m still on experiment but the problem still didn’t solve yet as I’m still working on it. These really make me such a big headache..

I feel so stressed out when my sister keep telling me my dog, oreo is like underweight and all. I keep try and try and try to forced her eat. Yes. Starting I use forced and I feel very pissed off to see her not eating all the times and make me depressed. I get help and asked my bf for a better solution. We buy like 2-3 types of kibbles brand to let her try. Cause we don’t really know what’s wrong with her or why she don’t eat.

The reason why I get her back to kibbles is because I don’t want her to suffer by eating human food. Previously I gave her rice with wet dog food. She loved it a lot . But people and friends around me keep said that rice are not good for dogs. I’m so confused so i decided to gave her kibbles and I feel relief by giving her kibbles which is what dogs eat. Not to think and depressed so much.

Currently now I’m feeding her science diet, chicken flavor. Surprisingly she suit to eat chicken which I heard a lot of people said most dogs don’t suit chicken. And me and my friend actually found out something about the kibbles ingredients. Some chicken flavor come with ingredients that don’t suit your dogs, partly is not because of chicken flavor, maybe is the ingredients.

When you met a picky dog, these is the problem that you will faced. This is how I train her now, I add wet food to kibbles and she finished it. She seems to like wet food more. My concern is to lower down my expenses.. but if this training fail i might switch to wet food instead. And also wet food packaging doesn’t come in big sizes so have to keep on buying or buy in a monthly basics.

I really hope she can get use to kibbles.. recently i realized she have this weird and funny act. When I leave the food on the floor she smell and don’t bother to eat it. But when my dad… yes my dad walk passed her food, she panic. She barked on my dad. And she go to her food and finished with my dad standing there🤷🏼‍♀️. I was like … what does that even mean.. haha. So now whenever my dad walk passed she will eat bit by bit .. but with wet food she finished it one shot .

Dear pets owners out there, If you have any better idea or solution, please help me with it. I will be very grateful for helping me 🙏🏻 !

Happy Reading !

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