Love your dog the way they are..

Hello everyone! Was so busy for the past few days and here is another casual posting about my fur-kid. I have no idea why she suddenly pee around the house when no one is at home. The most pissed me off is once I’m out of the house, she started her nonsense. I’m tense.. and i got no choice but to lock her in the kitchen area for time being. I hope she learn her lesson .. and hope she understands me..

I did use back all the training tips to train her to pee properly on the pee pad. She did it! but only when I lock her and when I’m home. -.-

I found her so cute lying on the bed and ignore me when I scolded her -.-“. Well, I don’t want to scold her and I don’t like to scold her but she made me did it. But she is always my sweet girl to me and I loved her a lot. 🙂

Goodnight world!

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