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Dogs gathering at my house (Pets)


Hellos! We have plan a dog gathering after so long due to circuit breaker period, finally! We can gathered around.

One of my friend just bought a new fur kid, Shiba Inu. It’s a mini Shiba according to her and now she is about 5-6months.

My first signed of her is she is so small, much smaller than one of her Jap splitz. So happy for her that she finally found a family who love her and hope to have more outing with her again and again haha!

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My little niece also kind of like her, I can feel she is defiantly a dog lovers. The nick name for the Shiba is call kuku, full name is Sakura.

We manage to take a group shoot with all the pups!


Oreo is defiantly more hyper than ever, she is the only one who keep the group burning and busy! Guess what she get jealous or angry at Sparks who took her toy and play. She fierce him and it’s shock us. Haha!



This video doesn’t exist

People say like owner like dog. So every owner who own their dogs, character use to be similar. It’s like so amazing but so true.

Happy Pet-ing!

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