Lifestyle: When you face difficulties in finding a job

Hello! Everyone! Hope you are doing well during this difficult period. Recently i lose my job and i had been struggling finding job. feeling so Stressful, disturbing, annoying, sadness all come at once.

I lose my job due to difficulties dealing with those idiots colleague and seniors. I feel so hard to work with them and i decide to quit. And they choose not to confirm me. So anyway, it’s ok.

Dealing with difficult colleagues is the most sucks feeling. I not sure will you feel the same too but this is really my best worst experience working with this company. It’s a china company dealing with security CCTV and elevator.

Worst is this covid’19 came to world wide and thanks to CHINA for creating them. I was so worried that i couldn’t find a job and the economy is super bad out there. What i did is keep sending resumes and go for interviews.

Is not easy for me because i don’t really know how to attend interview by answering question which i don’t even know what the interviewer gonna asked. To be honest, i’m so scared. But thank god the interview is thru social media like skype or whatsapp. Best is don’t even need to travel down. i believed you guys feel the same too. I keep telling myself i need to pass the interview and guess what? i did cock up a few interviews by answering their question wrongly. I’m like what. -.-“

It’s okay, forget it. Thankfully i’ve found a job now and i gonna make it thru the probation.

All the best to me and to those who same as me too.

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