Lifestyle: During Circuit Breaker Period

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Hello! How is everyone doing? Hope everything goes well and stay safe!

During this period, i faced a lot of ups and down. How i wish i can live my life peacefully. All the shit that we had been thru is really really tough. And ya not only me, every one in the world.

The most difficult problem i face was finding a job. And after i know is not just me alone who lose the job. Almost every where, every country is facing the same thing. Really disasters.

To be honest, i really hate the one who make this virus thing happen and now, we need to suffer. From the first outbreak till now, even though it have been better but i still can’t accept it from happening. By eating animals is really cruel. Thanks to CHINA People who made us suffer and now you are making so much nonsense to keep finding faults with country like Hong Kong? Don’t you think you are too much? Cant’t you let these people live their life? I really don’t understand.

I really hope this whole has an end.

Hope for peace and stay safe everyone!



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