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Pets: Outing at Happenstance Cafe

Outing at Happenance cafe

Hello! I’m reposting here We went to Oreo’s best friend bark-day @ happenstance Cafe located at Serangoon area. We actually found out Serangoon area have a lot of pets cafes. This on is located at some small street 35 opal crescent, S 328425.

This is my first time been to dog cafe with my fur kid and 3 others to celebrate sparky’s (jap splitz) bark-day!

I can say it was a good experience for me cause Oreo have never been out since she was a pup (Shih Tzu). Because of that she never really meet any dogs outside but only in house. I feel dogs need to hang out together and make furry friends. This is their usual life just like humans.

Outing at Happenance cafe
Outing at Happenance cafe

I’m so glad that i save her and get to keep her since before she turn 1 year old.

She have never like to communicate with other dogs but surprisingly, she does well with kids? When we reached the cafe, she just don’t dare to play with other dogs but other does find her to play and she insist to play with them. And here came 2 kids, and she started to go forward and play with them instead of with other dogs. Ha Ha!

Maybe she just love to play with kids ? or she just hate other dogs? Ha Ha! I’m just happy that she did make a move to go up and play with them.

So they finally have fun together! Let me also introduce you their food here. They have Salads, spaghetti, small bites like fries etc. And of cause they provide dog food  with as usual flavor like chicken, duck, beef etc.

Check out their menus:

Outing at Happenance cafe
Outing at Happenance cafe
Outing at Happenance cafe

The food seems good and tasty but the price is a little expensive for a café level. But i will rate the food 9/10. 1% is the waiting time. They kind of forget my order. Overall is still acceptable. 🙂

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