Lifestyle: Why problems never go..

So recently I’ve been working and fixing my life that causing me so much stress and almost depressed.

I would like to share my problems for those people who read my blog. Firstly I want to apologize for the long disappear from my blog due to some happening.

The problem that bring me headache was the applying of HDB flat, under bto. The apply was under special appeal, so we write appeal to HDB and apply using me and my sister name. It’s not a guarantee thing but we decide to try for the first time. As we are struggling paying cash every month for current rental flat which cost us $500 per month. Even all the household members are all working, I can say is still very hard for us to survive.

After we proceed with the request for apply a bto flat, they actually reject for the first time and so we wrote an appeal to the officer in charge. After a month or more, I received a good news says that we get approve for the house. And of course were so happy and prepared saving etc and waits for the house to come, which will be ready in Oct 2020.

Unfortunately, while waiting for the house to come.. the problems comes in here. It’s really unexpected and I can’t really accept it.

My little advise here, if you plan to apply a house under sister’s name, make sure you plan it well. I can say this is the foolishness experience I ever have in my life ba.

After apply the house, my sister found a boyfriend. And it happen to have some conflicts within the guy and his family, and he move to our house. And is in current flat which is 1 room rental flat. I was like ok. At first is like everything seems fine. But, he started to talk about the new house which is under me and my sister name after a few days.

I was so pissed. And who are you to us to talk about the house which is under my name and also my sister. What’s your intention? I started to hate him. I sees him everyday in my house. Is like what the hell, you don’t even have a house to stay? And even if you plan to stay in my current house, did you even asked for permission?

As a guy, you are so that useless? Yes you are. I really hate you a lot. You control my sister? And now you control us? You want the family to listen to you? Who the hell are you? We didn’t owe you a living dude. So why are you controlling my sister to tell her what to say and wash her brain against us? No wonder your mother don’t treat you like her son. And f* you out of the house.

So what you do to messed up my family, you did a very good job. He asked my sister to remove her name from the new house. Reason is cause they want to apply for a house by themselves.

Why I want to apply for the house in the first place? Is because I wan a family to stay together with a warm shelter. Firstly we don’t have to pay in cash monthly for rental. If we do, is pay for life and the house is still not ours. So why must we do pay so hard and the house is not ours.

It’s not easy to fight for the house. We put in a lot of efforts, ask for help and we did it. And now? You spoiled it.

As a sister of Lim’s family, you’re so selfish. Same goes to third sister.

You decide to quit your f* job to do home base nail business. How can this even give you income for life? You’re not going to care about your dad? Me and dad is still staying in the rental flat suffering like hell. And you are out there having your precious fulfilled life of yours?!!!

Seriously, what are you all thinking? What kind of job is not struggling? And it’s not only you who struggled. Why are you so selfish?

And now I need to handle all the shit by myself. Yes. I’m not suffering, For now. But I just got a job not even 1 month. And here I’m stressing how to plan for future etc, and you’re here to mess up my plan again? Well done.

I really hate all of you for being my sister.

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