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What are the considerations before having a dog/puppy?


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Hellos! So i have been busy with my work and stuff this few months. Busy finding new job. So far things have been settled.

So i gonna blog another blog post about dogs! Recently i just bought a dog from one of my friend! I’m so happy and glad that i’m able to keep a dog that agreed by my dad? like suddenly and when she came to my life, i was like wow. I don’t even care what breed or whatever and i just want to keep her. I just love dogs and i can’t help it.

So before i fetch her over, i need to think and consider through what i need to do and what consideration i need to have before having her.

Here are a few points to guide your through, also sharing with you some of my thoughts.

Choosing the right breed

So, you can go online and search for the breed and check out their character and requirement before having them. This is the first consideration before having a pet. If you are getting old dog, most probably will be quite easy to handle as they might have already trained, as for puppy will definitely need a lot of time, and they needs attention from you. Most of the puppy are very hyper, some are rough just like my little one. VERY HYPER AND NO JOKE. HA HA!


Time is what you need to have. That’s one of the important point to keep a dog. Remember, dog stay with you for life. Till they old.. and there is a lot of responsibilities.

Go for a Walk / Playtime

So you need to think of how you going to plan for the time to spend with her. Like you need to bring her down for walk for pee & poo.. Playing and training also needed, especially if you are having puppies. Puppies need more time to play as they really need a lot of attention from you.

Patience for training

You need to have a lot of patience to train and guide him/her through so that they will know what is right and what is wrong. But please don’t use beat or hurt your dog with something/stuff. Cause all these need to have patience for it. Because i believe they also need time to learn and understand what you are trying to teach.

Daily Grooming

As for daily grooming also the same you need to have the time to brush them and bath them like once or twice a week? Will do. This also depends on what dog breed you get. Cause different dog breed different care. This is one of the important point also. Especially for long haired dog such as Yorkie, Maltese, Shih Tzu and etc. If you want more like for monthly grooming, might want to choose short haired dog may be the best choice. Like pugs, bulldogs, boxers, dachshunds, chihuahuas etc.

Allergy sufferer in your family member

If there is member in your family who is allergy to dog, can choose to get those with no fur or short fur ones. To prevent anyone for suffering and at the same time you also can have a pet. Win win situation. 

Always remember, pets are for life time. No matter what kind of pets. Please do loved them and care for them as they deserved a little life to live with. In any case that you can’t afford your pet, please don’t give up on them. As they do have feelings too. Thank you for reading my blog, hope this really help you! 

Happy Reading! 

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