Games: Childhood Tamgochi Pet Game on Mobile IOS and Android


Eh-los! Remember this childhood game that you always play? In the 80s or 90s! Guess what? They are out now on mobile! I always wanted a pet game something similar to this !

Now you can easily have them on your mobile just like having a pet with you! This is the original characters of Tamagochi. Now in 3D version, colourful animals pets! Now available for IOS & Android.

Don’t have a pet yet ? Get it now and start caring and make them your first pal!

Welcome your little pet to their home!


Go thru a short tutorial with your very first pet “Mametchi”



They go toilet too! Ha Ha!


You can bath them!img_2501


Get level up and you will unlock a new pet each time! The next to unlock is a surprise pet, means you can get different pet. Mine I have a “Futabatchi”.


They have a Tamagochi Stage from Babies to Adults. Mainly is just bath, feed and bring them out to play! Play minis games to gain level up.


Tap on the toilet bowl to pass out, the bathtub to take a bath.

img_2504Give them a good rest!


They have quest for each Pet, check out the mini camera on the top corner to see what you need to do to complete the task!


Complete the task and get rewards!


When it’s time to grow, your Tamagochi will evolve to another stage.




And again!


When you reach the adult stage, you will enter a school. Will be added some task to complete.

This game is fun for your kids to play, let them take over the 80s – 90s back to your childhood day. Hope you enjoy your game!




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