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Sewing Project: How to Sew Pencil Case with Zipper for Beginner Sewing

Sewing Project_ How to Sew Pencil Case with Zipper for Beginner Sewing.png

Hello! Recently I’ve been learning how to sew. Starting with some easy projects like pencil case or mini pillows for practice.

For this pencil case all I need to know before I start is the stitches, like what are the stitches pattern that can use on each project that’s suits.

I did brought a book on teaching how to sew and all. In this book they have from projects for beginner till big projects like bags. But I just started with pencil case! I think this is quite easy for beginner but there are still some things that you need to know first or take note before you start. I mean that would be the best and is just basics knowledge to have. Agree? Well let’s share with you some guide that I know for this project!


Material needed:

1. Design Cotton Fabric of your choice

2. Lining Fabric

3. A Zipper

4. Needle and Thread

5. Sewing Machine/Hand Sew

For this pencil case, I used cotton fabric which is the most normal and commonly used for doing small projects. I really love this design, is kind of peaceful design and it looks lovely. You can get it at any of your choice from your local shop that sell fabric. :)!


Cut 4 piece of the design fabric in rectangle shape, 2 piece for the main fabric and 2 for the lining at a size of L 20cm x W 10cm or a size that you feel it’s good. (I use another fabric design to do as tutorial.) img_0728

(You may ignore the picture fabric design)

Lay one piece of the main fabric facing the good side facing up, you will need a zip with 6 or 7 “ will be just nice to fit your fabric. Put the zip to the fabric. Then lay a lining fabric on top on the zip. Use needle to mark out.

Sew on one side of the fabric together with the zip. And the same to the other side.

Note: If you have difficulties in sewing the zip, stop sewing before the zipper head/puller, then pull down the puller then sew all the way up. So you won’t get stuck with the puller. 🙂


Now you have the lining with main fabric for both sides.


Let do the zipper first, pull down the zipper lower a bit, then flip over to lining facing lining, main piece facing each other good side to good side. For the zipper fold accordingly to half.

Use needle or clip to mark out.

From the main fabric, mark out a hole using your hand with a stone shape. Mark out to all side for the sewing. Sew all the side and leave the hole out to turn over later. Trim the zipper side if needed.

Once done, turn it over. Slowly balance the fabric for bothmake the edges properly.


And you are DONE! You can test the zipper if its working good and all. You are ready to use it!

So far so good! I have made a second pencil case. I also Sew a wallet/ Pouch with zipper. Which is about the same method use. Feel free to adjust or make your own DIY designs! You can leave me comment below or share with me your project! I will be glad to know is my post helps you! Or if you want to request for more clearly tutorial do let me know! 😊


Check out the link on this beginner tools that will help you with your sewing!

Coquimbo Mini Sewing Kit for Kids, Travel, Sewing Supplies with Scissors, Thimble, Thread, Needles, Tape Measure, Carrying Case and Accessories (Black)

Singer Assorted Hand Needles in Compact, 25-Count,Suitable for Hand Sewing.

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