Travel Guide: Cat Village In Taiwan, Taipei

Cat Village

This is the Cat Village located in Taipei, further up in Shi Fen. The easiest way is to grab a cab down here from Shi Fen or Jiu Fen.


Here is small mini shop, that sell all sort of Cats Souvenirs which are all so adorable.





They have a special thing to do here is to keep the memories there. This little bamboo thingy can write down your wishes for the Cat Village and keep a memories by hanging at the road side like how other people did it too!


The most cute thing I saw is the bridge. They actually use their own creativity to decorate the bridge with lots of cat images, hanging balls that looks like Poke Ball! But actually is Cat bell that you always get to see in the pet collar.



Along the bridge, they have food and treats for the cats. Is for the cats to rest and play around with. While walking along the bridge, we can see those cats hanging around. The feeling like Peaceful and I love the way they did for this animals. With a kind heart for the animals here.





Here is a little village, people of the cat owner stay in here I guess. They have a little shop here too.






When you come here, they will ask you if you want to buy a Stamp Book. This is the book that allows you to Stamp and keep it for memories! Cool uh! If you want to keep this wonderful memories, don’t forget to get a booklet for the Stamp on every station in the book! Not only here, all around Taipei! Find your spot! (I only manage to knew it from here, so I have missed a lot of station stamp.)





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