(Taiwan) How to Travel From Taoyuan Airport to Taipei City

Travel guide taipei

Taiwan is a Chinese Culture Place, which have a lot to shop and eat! But most is eat. There is a lot of popular food to eat and I bet you won’t want to miss it.

The best shopping is their Night Market, which have a lot of cheaper clothing and others stuff too! Definitely hunt for something back home!

If you want to have relaxing and enjoying moment, Taipei is one of the best place to go and experience things that you never get to see as a memories.

Well, let’s get going!

How to get there!

We took Jetstar Airline, arrived to Taipei Taoyuan Airport. Departure Time 7am in the morning, and reach Taoyuan Airport about 12-1plus est.

To Taipei Main Station

After check out is done, you need to get ticket to go to Taipei Main Station. That’s

where the City area of Taipei. Head to the Bus Counter located at the basement (not sure is it call basement, but there is a few counters under different bus company.

We took a bus rout map to see which is the fastest and cheaper price. They have brochure available at the counter or I can suggest you ask from the information counter before you get on any rides. (Sorry I miss out taken a picture of the station.)


Get the ticket from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Main Station. Its cost 125 NTD for each person. Which is about $5.64 sgd.


You can check with the bus person, they will guide or tell you which Q to Q. They have sign for the bus, you can just refer to it or just ask the person.


This is the outside view of Taipei Main Station.


When you walk in you will see this. This is the ticket collection counter and machine to buy tickets.


There is a information counter here, is easy to find. If you have anything can just ask the counter.

Metro Station (MRT STATION)


Look for this sign to the “Metro Station”. Which is their MRT Station.

Take the escalator down, you can look for the ticket counter to get the tickets.

How to get Tickets

Have 2 ways to get the rides.

By Easy Card Rides



For us, we brought their MRT card, which is call the Easy card. In Chinese I not very sure how to say, it shown in the picture above 🙂

This is for long term travel card. You can use to take their MRT to any station.

They also provide a guide on how to use the card and top up etc.

Not to worry cause they also have English translate too!

You can keep the card too!

By Token (Single Ride)

Is up to you if you want to get the card or the token.

For the token is for single rides. Is easy to use too!

You can get the token from the machine, not to worry, cause is in English.

purchase the token, scan when you go in and deposit the token in the coin slot when you arrive at your destination.

Now you have reach Taipei City ! It’s time to enjoy ! Happy trip ! 






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