(TRAVEL) TRAVEL SHARE: Travel with Unlimited Pocket Wi-Fi Rental @ Changi Recommends


hello! I goanna share with you my experience on what I use for my phone when I travel overseas.

Recently, I just went to Bangkok, just 1 month ago and most of the time I have use this Wi-Fi which I found out from some of those people who post it on FB and I decide to just try it, because I found it convenient and easy to use too!

Not a lot of people know about this Wi-Fi from Changi Recommends, I would like to share around with traveller out there. Some people may like it and some might have their own method of using.

Most of the people will thought of using phone card, but we found it quite troublesemss. After we use this once at Taiwan, we find very convenient and is super easy to use. Best is, it UNLIMITED WI-FI Usage.

We paid $25 for Taiwan trip for 6 days 5 nights.

We highly recommend travellers to rent this Changi Wi-Fi Rental.


-Just need to charge full, before you start your day journey.

-Try not to on it for the whole day, use it when you really need it, e.g. searching for maps etc.

If you want to rent for this Changi WiFi, do book it online first and collect it on the day of you departure date itself.

Check out their site for more info! Click here!



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