(LIFESTYLE) Happy Father’s Day ! 180517

Photo 18-6-17, 11 30 46 PM

Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there!

Years after years passed so fast down the road, we’ve been facing so many obstacles throughout and finally, slowly we are fighting for the best! Having a good life ahead is so important. And we finally feel the happiness towards us.

Being a father is hard. But being a single father with 3 kids alone is so hard. We feel all the love that he gave to us since we young and he’s our proudest dad in my life.

He always gave us the best that he could. And now it’s time for us to give him the best and a great life ahead.

Thank you daddy! For giving us the best thought, the best life and the best parenting care. I bet i would’nt live my life without you. You give us the best reliable life throughout this years.

I’m so glad that i got you back and i won’t wanna lose you ever again. All the past that i’ve been wasted and almost lose you. I was so regrat that i didn’t choose my life carefully and i promise THIS won’t happen again.

Now that i’m back with my life together as a family. I’m just so lucky to have you which i thought i almost lose you and to make you feel that you almost lose me, as daughter.

I bet now we are all as happy as a family and we gonna cherish each other forever.

Daddy, thanks for giving us the best and you are always my best dad! You and granny are my best kin!

The one that dots me alot.

We love you daddy!

Wish all father’s out there a Happy Father’s day and Have a Life long ahead!



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