About Me


Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog…

Here is my creativity space on crafts and blogging about life. What’s bring me here is, I just love to write about life and stuff.. and my purpose is to share with the world my stories and my experience in life. And cause my English wasn’t that good which I’m trying to improve now, Please bear with my English..

I’m blogging mainly on crafts which is my hobbies. I do sewing, Hama beads, some others random DIYs, and I’m so into crochet now. Will be doing crochet patterns soonest. I’m still at beginner level and will share most beginner projects and so on.

As for sewing, I also did some projects which I aimed to do in the future also. Will keep updating my blog and hope to have your support to like or share or follow me if you like my blog. I love to share some experience of my life, all the shit I’ve been thru and all the memories and stuff. Lastly, if you read my blog, you will realized I’m a animals lover which brings me here to write and share about pets like dogs. Mainly will be dogs.

Hope you like my intro and have a great day!